Tavern Club October 2017

Poetry Lunch


On Tuesday, October 3, the Poetry Lunch will be led by Sallie Spence, editor of Speculum, Harvard’s quarterly journal of things medieval. Sallie, a respected Latinist, will lead us to Hell and back: “Everyone knows the story of Orpheus and his descent to the Underworld, but not everyone knows Vergil’s version and its importance to later literary texts. Come join us as we read and discuss Vergil, Georgics.4.453ff; text and translation will be provided.” Guests are welcome.

We can’t wait for the “November” Poetry Lunch so we’re having it on October 31, with Bob Osteen taking the lead in a discussion of Schubert’s settings of the Schwangengesang (Swan Song) poems by Heinrich Heine.

Arts Round Table Lunch

On Wednesday, October 11, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner, Tracy Kidder, will speak at the Arts Roundtable Lunch.  Over the years, Kidder has covered a broad array of topics in his many books and articles, ranging from railroads, architecture, the world of high-tech corporate America to the story of two international health crises–TB and AIDS–and the physician, Paul Farmer, who helped stem the tide of these infections in Haiti. “ A lot of the job of a person trying to write stories that are true is to make what’s true believable,” Kidder has said.  And at lunch, he will talk to Taverners about how he came to choose the people who are the subjects of his writing. Lunch at 12:30.  Guests welcome.


Thursdays, October 5 and 19, at 12.20.  Remember to sign up with Tony Fay if you can stay for lunch.

Gallery Opening

There will be an exhibit of paintings by Jack Cobb, including work by his daughters Vicki, Susan, and daughter-in-law Rosemary. The Exhibit can be seen beginning on Tuesday, October 10th, and the official opening will be on October 16. The exhibit will continue until October 27.

SPECIAL EVENT: Brian McGrory, Globe Editor

On Thursday, October 12, we are delighted to welcome as guest speaker Brian McGrory, who has been editor of the Globe for the past five years, during which his paper won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing. He is Boston born and was educated in the former Massachusetts colony of Maine at Bates College. A veteran of 27 years at the Globe, McGrory has been a White House correspondent, a must-read columnist, and editor of the Metro section in charge of local news before he was named editor. In addition, he has written 4 novels, and what can only be described as homage to a rooster subtitled: “How a rooster made me a family man.” Like all newspaper editors in this day and age Brian has been struggling with how to survive in world of the internet and social media in what may turn out to be the twilight of print journalism. Cocktails 6.00pm, Dinner 7 pm, followed by talk. Guests welcome.

Committee on Elections

Meets in the Library at 5.30pm.

History Lunch

Wednesday, October 18, 12 for 12:15: Vietnam and the Choices We Made. Sandy Righter will lead Tavern vets Ron Fleming, Peter Haines and David Lawrence in a conversation inspired by the PBS series. The focus will be on our own choices and experiences through that period of turmoil and tragedy. Come share your experiences or listen.Guests welcome.

Book Club Lunch

On Tuesday, October 24, the Tavern Book Club will meet at noon for Tom Kelly’s discussion of his book First Nights–a remarkable musical historical analysis of the opening night performances of Handel’s Messiah, Monteverdi’s Orfeo, Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique –who was there, who played the instruments, the concert hall, the world situation at the time and more. Guests welcome.

Almost coincident with this will be a concert in honor of Tom Kelly at Harvard at 7.30 in Memorial Church on October 21 when he will play the harpsichord in the orchestra for Monteverdi’s Orfeo.

Halloween Plays Competition

Rehearsals have begun, lines are being learned for three plays, twelve actors, one Bruin.

Come on October 26, Thursday evening (members only, black tie) for the Tavern’ s grand fall event.  Vote for the best play, and cheer on the yet to be revealed playwrights.  You need to sign up early.

In Case You Missed It

The first Tavern fall evening event, Moroccan Night, was a culinary triumph and magical transformation of the Club. Chef Salem Kmichem provided a feast centered on Chicken Tagine and paired with fine wines.  Jane Manopoli, Mary Rhinelander and Bobo Devens made the place look like Fez and Natalie Williams designed a beautiful menu card.  Bobo and Bob Turner organized the evening. In an opening salute, Bob read an A. J. Liebling’s praise of the Tavel Rosé served with the first course.  Fortunate were we who ate and drank.

Slater Museum Exhibit: Bela Pratt, Sculptor of Monument

Sunday, October 15 from 1-3pm – An exhibit opens at the Slater Museum in Norwich, Connecticut, including our Bela bust of Henry Lee Higginson, (brilliantly brushed up by Peter Haines from its ignominious exile for many years in our boiler room), The Swimmer who normally reclines in the dining room, and a portrait bus of Richard Hodgson.

Some Tavern Events to date for 2017 to January 2018

Oct. 25/26; Halloween Plays
Monday, Nov. 6; Executive Committee
Thursday, Nov. 23-24; Club closed
Dec. 13/14; Christmas Feast, Play
Monday, Dec. 18; Christmas Carols
Dec. 19-Jan. 2, 2018; Club closed
Tuesday, Jan. 2; Club reopens



No parking behind Club until further notice, due to construction


Construction has been delayed by City of Boston Inspectional Services Department. Completion expected by mid-October. Brigid Williams, Deb Bornheimer and Brett Donham are on the case with a lively mix of charm and intimidation.

Transportation Building Entrances

Due to work on the Boylston Place Alley, Transportation Building entrances will be closed November 15 to December 15.


Hugh Shepley
September 4, 2017

Bedford, Ma.


— Nancy Maull, Secretary

For a downloadable copy of the October calendar, click here.

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