Tavern Club November 2017

Tavern Club November 2017 Calendar Overview

Poetry Lunch, Tuesday, October 31, 12.15

Bob Osteen will take the lead in a discussion of Schubert’s settings of the Schwanengesang (Swan Song) poems by Heinrich Heine. Guest welcome.

MeistUrsingers Lunches  Thursday, November 2, 16 and 30

Downbeat 12.20, followed by lunch.  If you like to sing, you are welcome!  Remember to sign up if you can stay for lunch.

Book Club Lunch   Tuesday, November 7, Noon

Taverner Bessel van der Kolk will discuss his NYT Science Best Seller The Body Keeps the Score, (now translated into 18 languages), based on his extensive research and long clinical experience as a neuro-psychiatrist treating combat soldiers, refugees, and abused, neglected and abandoned children around the world.

This marvelous book incorporates our understanding of how life experience shapes mind and brain. It explores our capacity to re-wire and re-organize the impact of trauma, which the Centers for Disease Control has called “the largest public health issue in America.” Guests welcome.

Arts Round Table Lunch:  Wednesday, November 8, 12.15

The Arts Round Table will host special guest Gerald Shea, author of The Language of Light, a history of deafness, in which he explores the struggle of the deaf to be taught in their own unspoken tongue, the deeply biased attitudes toward the deaf in Europe and America, and the genius and eloquence of sign language. A corporate lawyer, Shea is partially deaf due to a childhood illness and thus speaks from personal experience as well as extensive research on the subject. Guests welcome.

SPECIAL EVENT: BLUES NIGHT   Thursday, November 9

The Tavern will cut loose as Chris Whitlock returns with his “All-Star Rhythm and Blues Review”. Hugely successful last year, Chris’s musicians are back for an informal evening of music and café-style dining. And what’s more, the Tavern Billiards Committee will host billiards during the cocktail hour.  Play, practice, demonstrate or learn how.

A special buffet of appropriately themed food will complement the evening as Taverners shake, sway, or swagger to an evening of Blues, Motown and Funk.

The event starts at 6:00 pm with cocktails, buffet, and billiards. Concert at 7.00pm in the theater followed by coffee and dessert upstairs on the theater level. OPEN TO MEMBERS AND GUESTS – RESERVE NOW!

SPECIAL EVENT: Film Night  Tuesday (Note!), November 14, 6 pm, Guests welcome

Please come to the Tavern’s second Film Night on Tuesday, November 14th, to see Shakespeare In Love, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, Colin Firth, Ben Affleck, Judi Dench, Geoffrey Rush and others. Not only will you enjoy a wonderful film, but you’ll indulge in that time-honored pastime of Shakespeare enthusiasts everywhere: peeling back layers and layers of meaning. Leading the discussion will be TV writer and producer P.K. Simonds and Shakespeare buff Martha Eddison. The movie starts promptly at 6 pm, followed by dinner and discussion.H

History Lunch: Wednesday, November 15, 12:15

Honoring Luther on his 500th anniversary, the History Lunch will celebrate printing and publishing with David Godine, the founder and longtime head of David R. Godine, Inc., considered by many the exemplar of fine, independent publishing today. A collector, a printer, and a publisher, David’s influences include Leonard Baskin, the late Taverner Philip Hofer, the collector Lessing Rosenwald and, at some remove, perhaps even Luther. Guests welcome.

North Bennet Street School Tour of NBSS Exhibition: Tuesday, November 2

Taverners and others interested in the art of book-binding are invited to the North Bennet Street School where the Designer Bookbinders Society’s 3rd International Competition is opening in early November, running to mid-December. These finely crafted books have been brought from the Bodleian Library by Simon Eccles, a member of Designer Bookbinders and part-time Boston resident. Bring a brown bag lunch and friends. Contact Katharine Boden at KCBoden@mac.com.

Art Gallery : The Arts Committee calls for Tavern artists interested in showing work in the gallery.  The Committee particularly encourages those who’ve not exhibited work here recently.  Contact Nick Clark at nickc71547@gmail.com.

In Case You Missed It:

Brian McGrory:  On October 12, Brian McGrory, Editor-in-chief of the Boston Globe talked to and with Tavern members about the challenges of running a newspaper in the digital age.  Attentive to our audience of mostly print-buying readers, he told us about the world of news online, about the metrics that drive the creation of news, and the financial implications of a declining readership.  In all that potential gloom, he was upbeat, creative, and thoughtful.  We left feeling fortunate to live in a city with a great newspaper.

Halloween Plays

As is traditional, the Tavern Players presented three plays, written anonymously.

“Third Time Lucky,” ably directed by Rusty Tunnard, brought the assembled Taverners a TV game show where three divorcees vied for the attention of Don, the dashing bachelor, played by George PerkinsKatharine Boden played a food obsessed chef; Sam Dennis, a deep-sea diving academic;  and Jane Manopoli, a dominatrix with a whip.  The eager bachelor asked questions of three divorcees until he made up his mind because of a coincidental tattoo.

“Who’s in Charge”, cleverly directed by Mary Rhinelander, brought Taverners a dark dystopic vision of computer personal assistants taking control of human lives.  Stephanie Cabot as Alexa, Kate Dahmen as Siri, Martha Eddison as Cortana, and John Finley IV as Google, step-by-step built their case for domination.

“Take That!” directed by Belinda Rathbone, ended the evening in a heart-warming drawing room comedy.  An affable but naïve professor, played by Joe Barbieri, is the target of an opportunistic gold digger, played by Elliot Davis.  But never fear, the professor is defended from a dreadful mistake by his lawyer, George Beale, and his loyal maid, played by Jane Shaw, who it turns out is actually the one for him, after all.

In an unprecedented vote, “Take That!” and “Who’s In Charge?” ended tied for first place, and so the Bruin is justly shared by two authors whose names were revealed to be Jane Shaw for “Take That!” and Brian Rosborough, for “Who’s In Charge”.  It was revealed that Mary Rhinelander wrote “Third Time Lucky”, which was only displaced to second place by the slimmest of margins.

Sets were managed by Warren Ross and Peter Haines.  Lighting was flawlessly rendered by Gabrielle Wolohojian and David Lawrence.  And David Chanler provided a cell phone medley for “Who’s In Charge?”

–John Tittmann, Plays Chair



Christmas Play: “Dulcinea”, book by Barclay Tittmann, lyrics by John Bethell, music by Elaine Woo, Director Eleanor Andrews.

Synopsis:  What happened to Sancho Panza after his master Don Quixote died?  He opened a tavern, La Taberna Dulcinea.  What happened to Don Juan after the Stone Statue (apparently) sent him to hell?  He escaped, nd is scouring the countryside to find his latest love, the rumored (and nonexistent) beauty, Dulcinea. And what happens when Don Juan, pursued by his wife Elvira and a couple of bumbling Spanish Inquisitors and (of course) a bear, all end up at La Taberna Dulcinea with Sancho Panza?  Sign up early to find out!

Tavern Events

From the President:

To the pleasure of many and the relief of all, the various Tavern construction projects are about to come to an end. The fire stair has been completed to all of the Tavern exit portals including the new third-floor exit and only the section to the Rat’s quarters remains to be completed. When the construction equipment leaves, we will regain our parking area in the rear, now expanded by the removal of a tree. The construction of new office space, gallery, women’s dressing area and two restrooms (one handicap accessible) on the third floor is, as of this writing, complete except for a few touches of paint here and there. Because it takes a full month for polyurethane to cure we are delaying the final floor refinishing until the club is closed next summer. The women’s restroom on the second floor needs only mirrors and some paint. It was put into use the evenings of the Halloween plays. Furniture, rug, and window treatments are still under consideration. The Club owes Brett Donham and Brigid Williams a large debt of gratitude for their planning, drawing, and supervision of the project. Without them, the project would have been much more expensive and the exacting timeline impossible. Thanks, also to Deb Bornheimer who kept a professional, skeptical and experienced eye on the whole proceeding. Bob Osteen 

Transportation Building Entrances

Due to work on the Boylston Place Alley, Transportation Building entrances will be closed November 15 to December 15.

New Members:

Margery Kennelley
Portrait painter, vocalist, Episcopalian chaplain

Sallie Spence McGregor
Editor of Speculum, medieval and classical literature scholar

Thomas A. Halsted
October 7, 2017, Gloucester MA

Nancy Maull, Secretary

To download a printable copy of the calendar, click here.

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