Tavern Club Newsletter July 2021

Message from the President

Dear Taverners,

The July Notice is the last of our season.  These past long months, we were kept afloat by our energetic members and loyal staff.  It was an extraordinary and gratifying time to be a Tavern Club member.

Soon, in August, we’ll be able to meet for the Fête Champêtre at Ernst and Gail von Metzsch’s place in Manchester.  

You will see that we are hopeful humans, having concocted a full fall of traditional in-person events: a Literary Night (Ovid) planned for March 2020; the long-delayed Narrenabend of spring 2020, and new Halloween and Christmas plays.  Even then, something more is needed to mark this long hiatus in our usual lives.  We could not adequately memorialize fifteen Tavern members who died in those months when we were meeting online.  As fall approaches, you’ll be mailed the memorial minutes written for those men and for one woman.  In November, we’ll honor them and together mark the past long year with a members-only dinner and toasts.  There will be some music. 

All the glory of summer is upon us. I hope that you are able to enjoy it in full measure.

Nancy Maull


Wednesday, July 14 , 5.30pm

The Secretary’s Zoom Cocktail Party  by Zoom (Bastille Day)

Allons enfants! Although we will wait until the Fête to render the Marseillaise in full-throated togetherness, let’s use the convenience of Zoom to celebrate all things French actually on Bastille Day.  From the comfort of your summer surroundings, you can Zoom into cocktails à la française. Perhaps a Kir Royale? Or, for the stouthearted, a French 75? Wear something French and be prepared to tell us about what you love about the country. Or what drives you crazy. See you at 5:30 PM on the Quatorze Juillet!

Book Club

Monday, July 26, Noon by Zoom

Bessel van der Kolk will discuss his NY Times bestseller  The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Make a start on future Book Club selections:

Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music will be discussed on Zoom by Alex Ross, New Yorker writer, on September 22 at Noon.

Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson – discussion to be led by Nancy Maull at Tavern Lunch in October

Bridge continues online.  All levels of competence are welcome, in fact eagerly sought! Just contact George.r.heaton@gmail.com

MeistUrsingers, Play-Reading, History, Poetry, Writing Gym and Arts Round Table will all resume in September, some by Zoom, some at the Tavern. 

From the Plays Committee chair, John Tittmann:

A Call for Halloween Plays

Taverners:  lurking inside each one of us is a playwright.  Take up the challenge and write your script this summer, and submit it to the Halloween One Act Plays Competition by Labor Day. 

1.      Exactly Four actors.  Clever writers might introduce more roles, but there are only four actors in each play.

2.      Length of total document, including stage directions, etc., should no more than 1250 words long.  (There’s a 10% overage wiggle room)

3.      Only one pseudonym per author.  By all means, write more than one play, but use the same name on each submission.  The idea of the competition is not just to have three plays, but to also have three different authors.

            How to submit your play:

1.      Create a Word or PDF file named by the play name plus your Nom de Plume.

2.      Using your own email, send the file of your play to:  tchalloweenplays@gmail.com  This email is managed by a discreet plenipotentiary who will forward your file only to the Plays Committee, keeping the email source anonymous.

3.      Submit the file no later than Labor Day.

4.      Watch for confirmation from the TCHalloweenPlays email to confirm that you have successfully submitted the file.


Rudolph (Rudy) Kass

Brookline, June 4, 2021


Anthony (Tony) M. Zane

New Bedford, June 11, 2021


Randall (Robin) Thompson, Jr.

Lincoln, June 12, 2021


                                                                                              Rusty Tunnard, Secretary