Tavern Club May 2017

Starting May 8 to May 22 the Boylston Street entrance for Boylston Place will be closed. Please come to the Tavern Club through the State Transportation Building or through the Tavern Club parking area.

Special Event

Open Mic Night and Buffet Supper
Thursday, May 4, Beginning up in the Theatre at 6 pm

Watson Reid and Chris Whitlock call for contributions to the Open Mic Night – Thursday, May 4. If you plan to perform, please email Watson and Chris the title of your song, story, or other entertaining act as soon as conveniently possible. Singers may choose to accompany themselves, bring an accompanist or request one or more members of the house band (Mike Scott, Chris and Watson) to back them up. Singers will perform from the front of the stage without using microphones. Last minute decisions to perform are also very welcome. We look forward to a great evening of informal entertainment. And if you don’t plan to perform, do come, bring guests, to the entertainment and buffet supper on the top floor. Reserve with Tony Fay.

Watson Reid watsonreid@mac.com
Chris Whitlock christopher.whitlock@fmr.com

Annual Meeting

Monday, May 8
5.30 Meeting in Theater
Nominating Committee Report Reports from Committees

7.00 Dinner (Black Tie, Medals)
Presentation of New Member medals

8.00 Continue in Theater
25- and 50-year medals Memorial Papers

Arts Round Table

Lunch Wednesday, May 10 12.15 for 12.30pm
Frankie Fitzgerald

David Greenway will introduce Frankie Fitzgerald, Recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, and the Bancroft Prize (Fire in the Lake: the Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam). She will talk about her new book, The Evangelicals: The Struggle to Shape America.

Colorful figures from Jonathan Edwards to Billy Graham to Tammy Faye Bakker to Ted Cruz are included in Fitzgerald’s narrative of the place of evangelicals in our history, and their likely place in our future. In her review of the book, Jill Lepore said “A landmark study of the history of American religion and its zig- zagged relationship to American politics”.

Guests welcome.  Reserve with Tony Fay.

Art Opening

Monday, May 15, 5.30-7.00

Nick Greville’s Exhibition of his acrylic and oil paintings opens on May 15th. His paintings cover a wide variety of subjects and range from abstracts to representational. Nick took up painting 12 years ago, Mass Art and the Museum School for the first 3 years helping him redirect from the investment world.

Committee on Elections Meeting

Monday, May 15, 5:30 pm, Library

Book Club Lunch

Wednesday, May 17, Noon for 12.30

Bob Osteen and Ed Tarlov will discuss Siddartha Mukrrjee’s The Gene, a very readable account of the science of life. This wonderful book by the author of The Emperor of all Maladies encompasses the ethical and philosophical challenges posed by our new understandings of the basis of life. Two of our Tavern doctors will elucidate the wonders of this cornerstone of modern science.

Guests welcome. Reserve with Tony Fay.

Special Event Thursday, May 18

Evening with Joseph Lelyveld

Cocktails 6.00, Dinner 7.00, followed by talk and discussion

The speaker on May 18th is Joseph Lelyveld, a former executive editor, and correspondent of The New York Times and author of a recent book on the tumultuous final year and a half of Franklin Roosevelt’s life, His Final Battle. Those months coincide with climactic battles of the most destructive war in human history, presenting our longest serving president with thorny strategic, political and personal choices bearing on his ability to continue in office at a time when he had little actual choice, despite a dire medical diagnosis that wasn’t revealed until twenty-five years after his death. His hopes for a stable international order in the post-war era he’d not live to see led him into a prolonged courtship of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator, involving secret, arduous journeys to Tehran and the Czar’s summer palace at Yalta in the Crimea. By that time, the Red Army had occupied the whole of Poland and Roosevelt’s confidence in his ability to reach a durable accord with Moscow was on the wane. Yet he remained a convincing president until his death in Warm Springs, Georgia six weeks after his return, only a few weeks before the Nazi surrender.  Joseph Lelyveld’s narrative untangles the many threads of this story, the various facets of a president who could be simultaneously shifty and visionary.

Guests welcome – Reserve with Tony Fay.

Poetry/Arts Round Table Lunch

Tuesday, May 23, 12.15 for 12.30

The Poetry and Arts Roundtable Lunch will convene for a special luncheon with Sir Christopher Ricks, editor-critic and Warren Professor of the Humanities at BU. We would count ourselves lucky to hear him on Bob Dylan (“I’m searching for phrases To sing your praises”)—luckier still for his wry and agile segues among, say, John Milton, Alfred Tennyson, Samuel Beckett, T.S. Eliot, William Empson, William Shakespeare, John Keats and the great English modern poet Geoffrey Hill –World Without End. Do join, and bring a friend. Reserve with Tony Fay.

History Lunch

Wednesday, May 31, 12.15 for 12.30

As part of our ongoing series on the environment, the History Lunch is delighted to host Jeremy Grantham. One of the most prescient investors of the past three decades and famous for calling market bubbles in 1989, 2000 and 2008, Grantham has zeroed in on the “carbon bubble”. A committed and fact-driven capitalist with a Malthusian take on our future, Grantham – most visibly through the twenty-year-old Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment – brings a rare and timely combination of analytical pessimism, activist optimism and commercial acumen to the challenge and opportunities of climate change. Guests welcome. Reserve with Tony Fay.

Billiards Night vs. St. Botolph’s

The Tavern Club faces off against St. Botolph’s this year on June 1 in a contest of billiards on the Tavern’s tables. All members and guests will have a chance to take a turn. No experience is necessary. Novices will be taught the basics on the spot. Drinks are at 6:00. A Victory Dinner will follow the action at 7:30. Members and guests are eligible. Don’t be shy.  Expertise is not required. Questions to Jeff Peters at gmacpeters@gmail.com.

In Case You Missed it

MeistUrsingers Concert, April 13

Tom Kelly conducted the annual concert, who performed

  •  Adoramus Te, Christe    Palestrina
  • Cherry Orchard  Henry/Bryan
  • Absolve Domine   Peter Cornelius
  • Shine on Harvest Moon  Jack/Nora Norworth
  • The Star in the Pail  McCord/Perera
  • Radway’s Ready Relief   John  Knowles Paine
  • Tavern Club Hymn (In Taberna Mori)  Francis Boott

After dinner, Mike Scott played a selection of Rogers and Hart songs for a very enjoyable round table singalong.

Andris Nelsons, April 26

The Club welcomed Andris Nelsons, the new Music Director and Conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Mark Volpe, for many years the Managing Director of the BSO.

A very full house of Club members and guests dined with the Maestro and listened to him talk afterward. Mark Volpe, having been responsible for bringing Andris Nelsons to Boston after a period of uncertainty about the leadership of the Orchestra, is clearly proud of what Andris has brought to Boston and its great Orchestra. He talked about the many things the BSO does in the Community as well as play music. The special connections between these two Boston institutions was described, and tribute duly paid to Henry Lee Higginson as founder of the BSO and builder of Symphony Hall, as well as President of the Tavern from1899 to1919. Note was made of BSO Conductors and musicians who have been Taverners, from the second Conductor Wilhelm Gericke to Mike Roylance, the current BSO tuba player. Andris Nelsons answered many questions, described his early life in Riga, Latvia.  He talked of his belief in  classical music’s ability to bring people together and his wish to bring leaders of the world together in Symphony Hall to hear music that he is convinced could help understanding between peoples.

The Club presented Andris with a photograph of Henry Lee Higginson, concluding a very happy evening.

Long Term

Special Event, June 8, Summer Shorts

4 short plays performed by the Summer Shorts Players in this their twelfth year.

Wednesday, June 14 the Arts Round Table will make a field trip to the Addison Gallery, Andover, MA for a special tour of Frank Stella.

Longer Term

Fête Champêtre, July 13

Halloween Plays: It’s never too early to think of writing a one-act play for the Halloween Competition, due the first week of September.  Rules are simple:  Four actors, ten minutes long, anonymously submitted under a pseudonym. Write as many plays as you want but all submissions by a single playwright must use the same

pseudonym. Plays are submitted to tcplayscommittee@gmail.com.

New Members:

John Rabinowitz
Actor, Piano Teacher,
Shakespeare Reading Group, Saxophonist,
Casting consultant and Boogie Dancer

André Bernard
Former President, Century Association
Author of books on publishing and writing
Collector of bookplates
Family chef, Ping pong player

Christopher Smallhorn

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