Tavern Club July 2017


Monday and Tuesday, July 3, 4

Monday, July 10
Monday Night Dinner

Friday. July 14
CLUB CLOSES for Summer

Wednesday, August 16
Book Club Without Borders

Fête Champêtre
Thursday, July 13, 6 pm

The Tavern Fête Champêtre, occasionally Maritime, is a Tavern tradition going back to the Club’s earliest days.

From the rowdier revelries of the early years…. “Who will ever forget the fishing weekend when dear old Fred Lund managed to fall head first into the brook, at a spot still knows as “Lund’s Leap”, to be pulled out by his feet by the watchful Murray Forbes …”  or “On another occasion there was the dreadful sight of a column of black smoke – when cocktails had lured the chefs from the barbecue pit – as the whole sheep luncheon burst into flames”   to the clambake tradition of more recent years, Taverners gather on Thursday closest to Bastille Day, often graciously hosted by a Taverner and spouse, and do their best to bring Elegance and Good Conversation to the messy business of steamers and lobsters.

This year the Fête will be hosted by Binna and Robin Thompson in the beautiful grounds of their home in Lincoln, commencing with cocktails at 6 pm on Thursday, July 13, at 34 Bedford Road, Lincoln, MA 01773.  The ambiance will be enhanced by the music of Watson Reid, Chris Whitlock, Andy Calkins and Mike Scott … the Marseillaise will be sung for no good reason, and the Tavern season will end with good comradeship and who-knows-what impromptu entertainment.  Please reserve NOW, guests very welcome, as the lobsters have to be trapped. Call or email Tony Fay, 617 338 9682, manager@tavernclub.org.  Directions will be emailed.

Committee on Elections

Ed Tarlov, Chair
Katharine Boden
Mark Green
Rob Loomis
Polly Drinkwater
Jock Herron
James Houghton
Nick Clark
Rusty Tunnard
Elaine Woo

Do you have a candidate for membership? https://tavernclub.org/gallimaufry/proposing-a-candidate-for-membership

As a reminder for general information here is a précis of the process for proposing a new member of the Tavern Club: Let Ed Tarlov, the Chair of the Committee on Elections, know of your intent. Then if the path seems clear, write a flavorful letter proposing the candidate and your reasons for doing so. Ask two Taverners who know the candidate to write supporting letters and identify if possible four other Taverners who know the candidate whom the Committee may contact. If the candidate is not known to Taverners it is very acceptable to introduce him or her to Taverners, within or outside the Club itself. The letters can be sent by email. The Committee on Elections will hold the first of its 10 monthly meetings in September.

Halloween Plays Competition

The Tavern Club’s ancient and venerable Halloween One Act Plays Competition will take place Wednesday for guests, and Thursday for Taverners, October 25 and 26, 2016. Mark your calendars now.

Three original plays are performed, written by Tavern authors, under pseudonyms. The best play, as selected democratically by audience vote immediately after the performance, wins the coveted Bruin, and its author’s true identity revealed.

All who are interested in participating on the boards, backstage or front stage, should contact John Tittmann, the Plays Chair, at the email below.

All Taverners are encouraged to write a one-act play and submit it under a pseudonym to the Plays’ Committee for consideration. Three plays will be selected from all submitted. Submit the play no later than the close of Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

There are only three rules:

  1. Exactly four actors.
  2. About 10 minutes long.
  3. Only one pseudonym per author. (Submit as many plays as you’d like, but please use only one pseudonym. It’s a competition for three authors, as much as for three plays!)

A few pointers to make your play appealing:

  • Keep the lines short. Learning lines is hard;
  • Short passages are easier to remember than long speeches.
  • Keep reliance on props and sets to a minimum.

How to submit your play:

  1. Save your play document under your pseudonym to a pdf file.
  2. Using your normal email, send the pdf of your play to the (new) Tavern Club Halloween Plays Competition email: tchalloweenplays@gmail.com
  3. This email account will be managed discreetly by blind Cistercians to transfer the submissions to the Plays Committee preserving the anonymity of the authors. By using your normal email, we can eventually link the pseudonyms to the authors.
  4. If this seems difficult, ask a teenager for help.

Book Club

While the Tavern Club is closed this summer the Tavern Book Club will hold its now traditional overseas meeting – in Nahant – on Wednesday, August 16 at noon at Ed and Suzanne Tarlov’s home at 35 Cary Street

We plan to have a double header – on  two related books:  Hillbilly Elegy, a current bestseller memoir by JD Vance tracking his life from  among shifting unstable familial relationships through the

Marine Corps, Yale Law School, and beyond.  A hillbilly will be in attendance. The second book, Nancy Isenberg’s White Trash – the 400 year Untold History of Class in America – was written during the 2016 election season and is an elegant and provocative synthesis of this country’s class stratification over four centuries.

Lunch will be provided. Guests welcome. Please let Ed know if you plan to attend (edward.tarlov.md@gmail.com)

The Book Club will meet again on Wednesday September 20 at noon when Professor Howard Anderson will discuss The Golden Parachute – a history of Harvard Business School by Duff McDonald.

In Case You Missed It:

Billiards Night: The Club hosted the St. Botolph Club’s billiards team in a face-off that left all wondering who won.  Ed Tarlov and Jeff Peters were the Tavern’s forgiving and cheerful leaders.  All played.  Many shots were fired but no prisoners were taken.  The prize for the evening really should have gone to Ned Roberts, who read a wonderful but probably obscure poem about pool.  Or billiards.

Summer Shorts: The Summer Shorts players (Aitken, Carter, Maull, Osteen, Randolph and Williams, with accompaniment from Peters), lighting by Boden, coaching by Christopher Randolph and introduction by John Tittmann, performed four short plays to a full house : Customer Support (Andrew Bliss), The Kingdom of the Spider (Nick Zagone), Filler (Philip Hall) and Vertical Constellation with Bomb (Gwydion Suilebhan).  The audience was surprised, amazed, etc., but never bored.


Tuesday, Sept. 5; Club reopens

Thursday, Sept. 7; Chris Whitlock’s Blues Band

Wednesday, Sept. 13; Arts Round Table. Brett Donham kicks off the Tavern’s Reformation Quincentennial with Reformation architecture

Tuesday, Sept. 19; Poetry Lunch on Virgil

Wednesday, Sept. 20; Book Club

Wednesday, Sept. 27; History Lunch. Sargent’s Women by author-guest Donna Lucey

Thursday, Sept. 28; Moroccan Feast

Oct. 25/26; Halloween Plays

Monday, Nov. 6; Executive Committee

Thursday, Nov. 23-24; Club closed

Dec. 13/14; Christmas Feast, Play

Monday, Dec. 18; Christmas Carols

Dec. 19-Jan. 2, 2018; Club closed

Tuesday, Jan. 2; Club reopens

New Member:

George Perkins
Architect and Classics Major
Plays piano, clarinet, sitar, and composes
Sailor, Gardener
Formed Harvard’s first punk rock band


Guests are warmly welcomed at lunches and special events, and Monday Night dinners with Secretary’s permission.

Spouses of Taverners (and their guests) are welcome for lunch at the Club on any day with or without member spouse.

Call 617.338. 9682 or email manager@tavernclub.org Tony Fay AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE to reserve for all lunches, dinners, special events.

To access the Tavern Club website:

  1. Go to https://tavernclub.org,
  2. Click on “Register” (top right) even if you’ve already registered.
  3. Register if you have not yet done so.
  4. If you have registered, scroll to the very bottom of the Registration page, and click on
    the tiny little “Log In” box.
  5. That’s all!

Have a wonderful summer!
Nancy Maull, Secretary

To download a copy of the July 2017 Calendar, click here.

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