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Tavern Club September 2018 Calendar

Monday, September 10
Gallery Opening: John Tittmann Paintings

Drinks and conversation in the Gallery at 5:30.

John Tittmann writes:

Oil, watercolor, pencil:  each medium is different, each the same.
The work is based in observation of the world.
And the attempt to depict it with simplicity and clarity.”

Tavern artists:  If you would like to show your work in the Gallery, have a chat with Nick Clark. (

Tuesday, September 18
NEW! Play Reading Lunch

Take part! Take a part in the new play-reading luncheon series. (Recognizing that such sport has been a Tavern hit in the past, we bring it back by popular demand.  Who knows where this will lead?) . Consistent with democracy and the Tavern Way, the play readings will unfold in a participatory, amusing, and relatively ungovernable manner.    If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact George Heaton, who is taking the role of “Impresario”. (

The first meeting will be Tuesday, September 18, at the usual luncheon time.  Make a reservation, convene in the library, and we’ll take it from there.  The first play will be short and funny, calculated to bring out your inner-ham.   Scripts will be available, and appropriate role assignments made at the event.  There will be time to consider the future, so bring your ideas!

The following fall Play-Reading Luncheon dates have already made it into the calendar: October 16, November 13, December 11 (all Tuesdays).

Wednesday, September 19
History Lunch with John Kaag

At the History lunch on Wednesday September 19, John Kaag, author of American Philosophy: A Love Story (with all sorts of Tavern connections) and the soon-to-be-released Hiking with Nietzsche will engage Emerson, James and Nietzsche to bring philosophy and the “big questions” back to life.

In his writing and his teaching – he chairs the philosophy department at UMass Lowell – John has been acclaimed for making philosophy a “life-elevating adventure”, an experience that might well resonate beyond the History lunch itself, which begins at 12.15.

Guests welcome.

Thursday, September 20
MeistUrsingers Lunch

Welcome to all Taverners who like to sing! Downbeat at 12.20, lunch afterwards (Reserve with Tony Fay).

Thursday, September 20

The fall season kicks off with Chris Whitlock and his band to get us into the swing of Thursday special events at the Tavern. Come for a Blues Night buffet and then sing and dance to your favorites with the Whitlock Beat. Who can forget Ride, Sally Ride at the Tavern? Drinks and billiards at 6, buffet at 7 and music to follow. 

Guests welcome.

Monday, September 24
Committee on Elections

The Committee will meet at 5.30pm in the Library.

Proposing a new member

First, let the Chair of the Elections Committee, Ed Tarlov, know of your intention. ( or 617-337-6440) You, the proposer, then mail or email a flavorful letter to the Chair, telling the Committee about the candidate. You solicit a seconder to write a supporting letter. You then request supporting letters from four additional Tavern members, sending those four names to the Committee.  Supporters’ letters are sent directly to the Elections Committee.  To acquaint the candidate and members, you may arrange a gathering, inside or outside the Tavern Club. Bringing the candidate to the Tavern Club to meet members and get the flavor of the Club is also an important part of the process. The Elections Committee will then carry out its due diligence and keep in touch with the proposer as the process unfolds.

Wednesday, September 26
Noon, Book Club Lunch

Laury Coolidge will lead our discussion of John Barry’s important historical biography: Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul: Church State and the Birth of Liberty. Barry’s book  describes how Williams’s radical beliefs caused  him, like Pilgrims and Puritans before,  to flee to New England, where annoying of Pilgrim/Protestant  authorities necessitated his subsequent winter overland flight to establish Providence, named to honor the divine assistance given to him and other Christians in their persecution. His courage fueled his persistence and he returned to England to obtain a charter for his colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.  As an early proponent of liberty of conscience, he boldly insisted that what is true for Christian Europeans was true for others, including Native Americans.

Guests welcome – Reserve with Tony Fay.

Thursday, September 27
SPECIAL EVENT: Anthony Amore

Who stole the Rembrandt? Anthony M. Amore, security chief at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, will reveal the vast network of scams and thefts in the art world. In his book, The Art of the Con, Amore becomes the Sherlock Holmes of art crime: forgeries, fakes, stolen masterpieces and plundered works. Art lovers are easy targets—they want to believe what they see. Is that Rembrandt on the wall “real”? And whatever happened to the Vermeer? Ann Hawley, former director of the Gardner Museum will lead the discussion.  Guests welcome. Drinks at 6, dinner 7. 

Triennial Art Show 2018
November 8 – December 31, 2018

Thursday, November 8 Cocktails at 6:00. Dinner for Members and their guests will follow at 7:15.

We hope every member will submit something of his or her own creation for the show – only ONE item from each exhibitor; the other stipulation is that the piece be visual art – painting, sculpture, print, drawing, photograph and so on. Please keep the dimensions of two-dimensional work under 25 x 25 inches. Please direct all questions to Nick Clark ( and/or Peter Haines (

Pack your piece as you see fit, label with your name, the title, medium, plus price (if any) and bring to the Club between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm (preferably) any day from Monday October 22 to and including Thursday November 1, 2018 but no later. Until hanging, all pieces will be stored in the Billiards room and adjacent space.

Call for new Tavern Compositions
— a Songfest next Spring

WANTED: Taverners with words for music and music for words!

If you ever thought you had a way with words or a tune or two in your head but no place to put those little gems, we have an Opportunity for you! We invite you to join in the creation of the first Tavern Prospective Show.

The idea: This is the opportunity to create and/or perform an original composition for performance at the Tavern Club without the formidable burden of writing and mounting an entire Christmas or Narrenabend show.  Perhaps this effort will lead you to just such projects after you have dipped your toe in the waters of creation.  Perhaps you and other Club writers will find new partners and new performers of all types for future productions. And in any case it should be fun for all!

The plan: We invite all aspiring lyricists to create song lyrics over the summer. These poetic efforts can be rhymed and metered -or not!  Submit them to Elaine Woo or Al Lafarge and we will compile them centrally.   In the fall, interested Club composers will review the collected lyrics and select up to 30 to set to music.  In the spring – we tap the collective talents of the Club performers and voila! Our First Tavern Club Prospective Revue.

The invitation: to all!

Elaine Woo ( and Albert Lafarge (

In Case You Missed It:

We gathered on a too-beautiful evening at a bend in the river where the Greenways, David and JB, perch, their tent set against the sunset with flowers and unneeded cans of OFF.  Magical moments occurred, with festively attired Taverners and guests and lovely music in the background. (George Perkins led a gang of musicians and singers.)  The seafood feast was consumed and the French song sung, perhaps even more skillfully than ever before thanks to the efforts of Sandy Righter and others.  The Tavern summer commenced thereupon.


Adelbert Ames
May 31,2018, Marlboro, VT


H. Peter Aitken
August 1, 2018, Sandwich, 

— Nancy Maull, Secretary

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