June 2018 News

June 2018 Tavern Club Calendar

Monday, June 4, Library Clean-Up

Sweeping Bear

The Library Committee is looking for friends to help with the final clean-up and organization of our library books. It will be a work party, starting at 5:30 on Monday June 4 and going until dinner at 7:00.  Please bring dusters, rags, paintbrushes, and gloves. Contact Sam Dennis for more detail: sdennis@PAFAA.com.

Thursday, June 7,  Summer Shorts

Summer Short Bear

Summer Shorts, our annual performance of short plays, will turn to matters of the heart and soul.  Four of Hearts comprises neighborhood scenes of love: tolerant, murderous, familial, and in loss.  East of the Sun sets out a fairy tale to mask (and then unmask) the heart’s damage and hope of repair.  Come for drinks at 6, the plays at 6:30, dinner and discussion around 7:30.  Guests welcome.

Arts Round Table

Wednesday, June 13, Arts Round Table

The Arts Round Table will visit the home of Ann and Graham Gund in Cambridge to view their collection of modern and contemporary art. Acquired over the course of several decades, the collection includes works by well-known artists, including Robert Rauschenberg and Dale Chihuly, as well as Boston artists such as Judy McKee and Michael Mazur. The Gund house, designed by Graham, provides the dynamic setting for their eclectic taste. Space is limited, so sign up early! Details to follow soon.

Monday, June 18, The Committee on Elections

The Committee on Elections  will meet in the Library at 5:30 on Monday, June 18.

Note: There is a new name in the Book in the Library.

Wednesday, June 20; 12:15, History Lunch with Betsy West

June History Lunch

Co-director of the recently-released, surprise box office hit RBG (“on stellar track” per Variety), Betsy West will discuss her experience bringing the notorious (and altogether remarkable) Ruth Bader Ginsberg to over 350 screens nationwide. As Fred Friendly Professor of Professional Practice at the Columbia School of Journalism and former head of Prime Time News (including 60 Minutes) at CBS, Betsy is uncommonly well-positioned to talk about ‘fake news’, the prospects for TV journalism, the Sundance experience, collaborating as director/producer with Gloria Steinem on the PBS series Makers, and a thirty year career in journalism and more, all with great humor.  Guests welcome.

Draft FourWednesday, June 27; Noon, Book Club Lunch

Brian Rosborough will lead the Tavern Book Club’s discussion of John McPhee’s Draft Four: On the Writing Process. This little book includes strategies to overcome writers’ block and to find captivating details. McPhee, a New Yorker writer since 1965, is the author of many other books with subjects ranging from: the depths of human interactions in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the deep details of birch bark canoes, and the history and cultivation of oranges.

Guests welcome.

In case you missed it …

Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General and former professional basketball player, was our guest at the Tavern on May 3.  She talked, most engagingly, about finding her way into political life–before and after the presidential election of 2016.  She entertained every variety of question from the full house of members and guests.  Sure-footed and thoughtful, with graceful humor, she was a hit.

Our third Film Night, on May 24,  screened The Florida Project.  The Film Committee had the new technology working (hail Anson Wright),  and the food and tables decorated  (Martha Eddison Sieniewicz  did it).  P.K.  Simonds and John Finley led the discussion with the full value of their experience and intelligence. It was a true discussion.

Tavern Club Annual Meeting

The 134th Annual Meeting of the Tavern Club was held on May 14.  After a convening prayer by David Eckel and a toast to the absent members, new Taverners John Ames, Joseph Hammer, John Henderson, Tina Rathborne, and Deborah Warren were awarded medals and the Perry Address read.  After dinner, the formal meeting began in the theater.  The Nominating Committee put into nomination officers for the coming year.  These were approved by the membership:  President Robert Osteen, Vice President Edward Tarlov, Secretary Nancy Maull, Treasurer Deborah Bornheimer, and Keeper of the Rolls Carol Bundy.  New Directors John Gilmore, Anne Hawley, and Arthur Hodges were approved as were new members of the Elections Committee Mary Scott, John Williams, and Grant Winthrop. The reports of the officers and the chair of the Boylston Place Foundation were heard.

A fifty-year gold medal was awarded to John Bethell and twenty-five year medals to Gregory Nagy, Edward Tarlov, and James Walker.

Memorial papers were read for Taveners Thomas Halsted (by John Bethell), Richard McAdoo (by James Storey), and Hugh Shepley (by Edward Roberts).


Fete Champetre

The Tavern Club Fête Champêtre

The Fête Champêtre will held on July 12, at David and JB Greenway’s house, 634 Charles River Street, Needham, MA.  (Directions will be given later).  David writes:

There is a swimming pool, croquet, and a tennis court, the latter, like your host, somewhat worse for wear. Come anytime after 3 pm; Feast (clambake) begins at 5 pm.  Guests welcome.

Call for Halloween Plays Competition:

Taverners one and all!  Summer is upon us, and it’s a great time to be writing your Halloween Play!  So sharpen your quills, find a hammock, and beseech the muses.

Send them in by Labor Day, September 3.

There are only three rules for the Tavern play competition: 

  • Four actors.  (There can be more parts, but there are only four actors in each play.)
  • 10 minutes long.  (Usually a page per minute.)
  • Only one pseudonym per author.  (Submit as many plays as you would like, but use the same name for all.  The idea of the competition is not just to have three plays, but also to have three different authors.)

Call for Art

Triennial Show in November Triennial Art Show 2018

The Tavern Triennial Art Show 2018 to be held in honor of Joe Wheelwright opening in the fall. We hope every member will submit something of his or her own creation for the show – only ONE item from each exhibitor; the other stipulation is that the piece be visual art–painting, sculpture, print, drawing, photograph and so on.

— Nancy Maull, Secretary

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