2016 May Calendar


Ernst von Metzsch, President:  The President of Emerson College wrote me a letter stating that “the balance of the Proposed Agreement between Emerson College and the Tavern Club is complete and that the only outstanding issue relates to insurance coverage”. He assured me that “the College is making every effort to complete the agreement as soon as possible”. I regard this as good news and think that we should have something signed soon.

I shall step down as President at the Annual Meeting, May 9. Many thanks for your tolerance and support. I look forward to finding out if more truth is spoken at the far ends of the table than in the immediate vicinity of the President.

REmerson Report May 2016eport on the Emerson Dormitory

Brett Donham (for the House Committee):  Construction of the Emerson dormitory is proceeding rapidly. By the time you read this, the foundation and the buttressing of our basement wall will be complete. The core that houses the elevators and provides the earthquake resistance is already 4 stories high. Floor construction will start mid-May and will installed at the rate of one floor every 3 to 4 days.


May 9 at 5:30 p.m.; Meeting in the Theater

  • Consider and act upon the report of the Nominating Committee for the election of Officers, Directors, and new Members of the Committee on Elections.
  • Hear the reports of the Officers, and to consider such other matters as may properly come before the meeting.
  • Award twenty-five-year and fifty-year member medals

May 9 at 7:00 Dinner (Black tie, medals)

  • Award new member medals
  • President’s Speech

Tavern Club Retiring President

The Annual Meeting will be preceded by a Board Meeting of the Boylston Place Foundation at 5 p.m.

Arts Round Table

Wednesday, May 11, 11.00 a.m. sharp!

Thanks to the efforts of Bobo Devens, a small number of Taverners will be welcomed by Horace ”Woody” Brock to his home in Annuiquam, for a guided tour of his remarkable collection of French and English 18th and 19th Century furniture and decorative arts. His grounds feature a stone quarry and sculpture garden. Lunch will be served, but space is limited and sign up deadline is May 6. Guests are welcome but tarry not and call Tony Fay. Directions will follow in good time.

Committee on Elections Meeting
Monday, May 16, 5:30 p.m. ; Library

Round TableBook Club Lunch
Wednesday,  May 18, Noon for 12.30 – Guests welcome.

The Tavern Book Club welcomes Susan Solomon, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Science at MIT, who will discuss her book, The Coldest March: Scott’s Fatal Antartic Expedition. Professor Solomon has made many visits to the Antartic and  was chair of one the groups reporting to the International Panel on Climate Change, which shared the Nobel  Peace Prize in 2007. She is a wonderful speaker and this is a great book : an occasion not to be missed.

History Lunch
May 25, Noon for 12.15 sharp!

Elliott Davis, John Moors Cabot Chair, Art of the Americas, at the Museum of Fine Arts. Thomas Sully’s Passage of the Delaware: Forging an “Historical Portrait”.

Elliot Davis will explore the genesis of Thomas Sully’s monumental portrayal of General George Washington and the members of the Continental Army on the banks of the Delaware River, on Christmas night 1776. She will discuss the terms of the commission for the Senate Chamber of the North Caroline Statehouse in Raleigh, NC,

Sully’s conception of the scene based on a range of sources both artistic and literary, and the fate of the painting that brought it to Boston.

Guests very welcome, please call Tony Fay.

Boston Jazz Voices

SPECIAL EVENT – Boston Jazz Voices

Thursday,  May 26

Taverner Elaine Woo‘s singing group, Boston Jazz Voices, is coming to the Tavern for a performance on May 26.

Recently featured on WGBH’s “Sing That Thing,” the group is an 18-voice a cappella ensemble devoted to vocal jazz. They sing sophisticated and complex vocal arrangements with a sound that has been described as “lush and fabulous.”

They’ve been in Boston for over 25 years, with performances including Old Sturbridge Village, and the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford.  At Merrimack College they produce, host, and perform an annual All A Cappella show.

You’ve seen them on TV, now hear them live at the Tavern. http://www.bostonjazzvoices.org

No Poetry Lunch for May.

In Case You Missed It:

On April 14,  Christopher Weyant, cartoonist for the New Yorker, discussed the history, art and power of editorial cartoons as political weapons. An engaging speaker, Christopher illustrated his talk with various famous cartoons, and after dinner, he and his wife Anna Kang answered wide-ranging questions from the full house – including a tip on how to win the Cartoon Caption competition …

The MeistUrsingers Concert for 2016 took place on Thursday evening, April 28. The MeistUrsingers entertained an enthusiastic group of Taverners and their guests to an evening Concert of songs in English, German, Swedish, Old Italian and Latin (including the Tavern hymn), followed by Dinner and some informal singing by all assembled of some Cole Porter classics. Maestro Thomas Kelly led our fearless troupe, introducing each offering with his usual urbane and knowledgeable wit, though temporarily nonplussed when (thanks to Jim Terry) his unruly chorus substituted the lyrics of Viva Tommy! for Viva Tutti. Uti var Hage was memorably introduced in Swedish by Staffan Ericsson. Mike Scott and Elaine Woo at the piano led the post-prandial Porter, the food was delicious and a good time had by all, singers and supporters.

Remember: Try to sign up in a timely manner for ALL lunches and dinners; call Tony Fay at 617 338 9682 or email manager@tavernclub.org.

Art Gallery: The portraits, landscape,s and seascapes of Dick Perkins remain on view.

Long Term

June 16 – Summer Shorts – 3 short plays

The Tavern vs St Botolph Club SoftBall Game will not be played this year, leaving another twelve months for the Tavern to prepare for a reversal of the disputed result of the 2015 match.

Book Club will be reading Peter Rand’s China Boys, and Peter will lead the discussion on June 22. The summer gathering of the Book Club without Borders will be reading Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.

July 14 – Fête Champêtre  The annual Fête Champêtre will be held at “Wellesley”, the house of Mrs. Luisa Hunnewell, cousin of Elizabeth Hunnewell, on the Hunnewell estate in Wellesley.

One Floor Every 3 to 4 Days
One floor every 3 to 4 days!

New Tavern Club email address (old address will forward): manager@tavernclub.org

Christopher Smallhorn

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