2015 March Calendar

Thursday, March 5

image Those whose relationships have yet to recover from inappropriate or tepid assurances on Valentine’s Day 2015 will be pleased to know that they may redeem themselves with loved ones by bringing them, and others too, to the postponed Annual Eli Jazz Festival. Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres 6:00, Music 6:30, Dinner 7:45

Eli Newberger has again gathered his group (Bob Winter, Piano; Jimmy Mazzy, banjo; Ted Casher, clarinet and tenor sax; Herb Gardner, trombone; Jeff Guthery, drums; and (in place of Bo Winiker), great New York trumpet and cornet player, Randy Reinhart – and of course Eli on tuba). They will regale us with classics from Porter, Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart, Loesser, Fats, Piaf et al.

The evening will be full of surprises, soloists and vocal groups whom we may recognize. There will be songs that our children do not know so bring them along with your regular Valentine and as many friends as you wish. Arrive at 6:00 pm on Thursday, March 5, take a libation upstairs at 6:30 and expect to dine at 7:45, with Eli and the Sextet on hand until whenever.

March 12 – April 3


The Tavern Triennial Art Show 2015, to be held in honor of Rob Ward, will open on Thursday, March 12 at 6:00; Dinner for Members and their guests will follow at 7:15.


We hope every member will submit something of his or her own creation for the show – only ONE item from each exhibitor; the other stipulation is that the piece be visual art – painting, sculpture, lithograph, drawing, photograph, film and so on. Please keep the size of two dimensional work under 25″ x 25″ if you can. We would love to see something from every Taverner. Please direct all questions to Joe Barbieri, pittori@gmail.com, and/or Peter Haines, peter.decamp.haines@gmail.com.

Pack your piece as you wish, label with your name, the title and medium, plus price (if any) and bring to the Club between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm (preferably)  any day from Friday February 27 to and including Monday, March 9, but no later. Hanging for the exhibition will start on Monday March 9. Until the hanging all pieces will be stored in the Billiards Room and adjacent space.

Wednesday, March 18 at 12:30.

Llewellyn “Louie” Howland will introduce us to his new biography No Ordinary Man: W. Starling Burgess -Inventor, Naval Architect, Poet and Aviation Pioneer.

A beautiful, sumptuous and enthralling book about a great and gifted American, known widely in these parts and internationally, and spoken of today with a degree of awe. Louie’s book from David Godine has sold out in this edition, so come hear Starling Burgess’s story from the author.

Monday, March 16, Library, 5:30

Thursday, March 12 and 26, 12:20pm

The MeistUrsingers gladly welcome newcomers who like to sing. Call up, sign up, just come! Mar. 12 and 26, April 9. Concert: April 16


Monday, March 23, 4:30pm

Officers, Directors, Committee Heads and all addressees of the President’s email dated January 28, 2015, should attend, and might also refresh themselves on the attachment to the email. Those who plan to stay for Dinner please remember to sign up.

Monday, March 30

Albert ever alliterative Lafarge calls for Monday, March 2 and the Poems of Marianne Moore.

Why Marianne Moore?

  1. In this age of Hard Trying, Nonchalance is good;
  2. she wore a tricorn hat; and
  3. she wrote “To a Snail”, “To the Peacock of France” and “To Statecraft Embalmed”.

We shall read a few of these – and bring your own favorites. Meet at Noon, Lunch at 12:30. Guests very welcome.


No March Book Club, will re-convene in April.



Thursday, April 2

A musical life of Andy Warhol, the sudden emergence of Pop Art and one of its leading progenitors. Book by Belinda Rathbone, Music by Bob Linderman, Directed by John Tittmann, with Andy Doherty playing the artist. The twelve players and the behind the scenes talent have lost a month of rehearsal to our New England winter, but never fear, Taverners, Narranebend 2015 will easily attain usual Tavern standards.

Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday April 1.

Wednesday, March 18 at 12:30

Brian DeLorey will introduce Guest author Phyllis Lee Levin who will discuss her new book The Remarkable Education of John Quincy Adams. Drawing on his voluminous diaries the book offers a broader portrait of “Old Man Eloquent”, his great gifts as lawyer, diplomat and linguist, as well as his self perception and occasional misanthropy, and his long marriage to Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams. Ms. Levin is also author of Dearest Friend: A Life of Abigail Adams” and “Woodrow and Edith, as well as being a veteran of the NY Times.

Convene at Noon, Lunch at 12:30 pm.

April Book Club: Jack Cobb will be host at Lunch to discuss Adam Nicolson’s new book The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters, reflections on why Homer’s great poems have meaning and value for life today.


Annual Meeting, May 11


Literary Evening, May 28


Attention all Taverner artists!  We solicit submissions for illustrations – large, small, paintings, drawings, sculpture, any appropriate media  – for an exhibition that will be a central feature of Dante’s Inferno Night – this year’s annual Author event.

The deadline is May 21, a week before Inferno Night, May 28.  For inspiration, check out the Robert Pinsky translation, The Inferno of Dante, which has stunning illustrations by Michael Mazur.

For further information consult any member of the Inferno Committee:  Jack Cobb, Frinde Maher, Peter Rand, Barclay Tittmann.

Fête Champêtre will be held on July 16 at Ron Fleming’s establishment in Newport.

Message from Honorable Keeper of the Rolls Jim Terry:

Could Members kindly review their listings in the Tavern Photo Directory, and inform of any changes since the last edition, such as and particularly new email addresses, but also spouses, nicknames, photos and so on. Now is the time.

From the President:

Parking Space at the Tavern

Members are reminded :

  • During evening events parking space is for the use of our staff.
  • At lunchtime Members may park at the Club, but check with the Steward to see if there will be space available. While at the Club hold on to your keys.
  • Non Members should NOT park at the Club, even if visiting for an event.
  • Under no circumstance should members expect staff to move their cars.
  • Members may obtain passes from the Steward for the Boston Common Garage; these allow a very reduced rate for evening events.

The Library

Libraries of those who read a lot are generally a mess, but the Tavern Library is getting messier than required to maintain an appearance of literacy. We shall undertake an effort under the leadership of the Librarian to improve this, and we might see some results in the next few months. In the meantime we ask Members who have borrowed books to return them as soon as possible. A Recording Book has been placed in the library drawer (the same drawer as the book wherein appear the names of new Candidates approved by the Committee on Elections). If you borrow a book please use this Book to record its title, your name, and date when borrowed. Books should be returned within a month.

Recently (before Christmas) the book The Boston Raphael donated by Belinda Rathbone disappeared. Belinda has alerted us to this situation, and also observes that two of her earlier works signed and given to the Club Library cannot be found. It would be gracious if those who have the books would return them.

The Tavern Library accepts and seeks any printed works by Taverners, provided each has a warm dedication to the Club.

Donation of a book written by a non-Taverner should be approved by the Librarian, as the Library accepts such books only if they contain material involving the Club or its Members.

Christopher Smallhorn

For a complete downloadable copy of the 2015 March Tavern Club Newsletter click here.