January 2014 Calendar

Monday Night Dinner January 6
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Arts Roundtable
Wednesday, January 8, 12:15 to 2:00.

All the World’s a Stage: The Theater of the Appellate Court. We’ll hear from Hon. Rudolph Kass, a Taverner renowned for his mind and deft hand, about how the characters play their roles and the strutting and fretting in the appointed hour, before, during, and after the promulgation and dissemination of informing scripts, texts and exegeses, with examples from his own oeuvre.


Mid-Winter Feast
Thursday, January 9
The first Tavern 2014 Special Event:
Mid-Winter Feast with Guests
Harry and Elenita Lodge.
Members only, Black Tie, no Medals. Cocktails 6:00, followed by Dinner, Stories, Songs, Chatter.

Monday Night Dinner January 13
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

History Lunch
Thursday, January 16 at 12:15.


Author Stephen Kinzer, whose new book is The Brothers, returns to the Tavern to talk about John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles, who led the United States into an unseen war that decisively shaped today’s world.

Poetry Lunch
On Monday, January 27, Taverner
Carol Bundy will lead a discussion of the poems of George Herbert.

Elections Committee
Meeting on Monday, January 27, at 5:30 in the Library. If you have a candidate, do get in touch with Sandy Righter, Chair, about procedures. The Committee suggests that “subtlety and an air of mystery" be maintained with prospective nominees.

Monday Night Dinner January 27
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

The MeistUrsingers will resume rehearsals with Tom Kelly on Thursday, January 30, at the new time of 11:45. We will be preparing for our April concert. Please let Tony Fay know in advance if you plan to stay for lunch.

The Tavern Book Club, recumbent under heavy snow, has followed our ursine mascot into hibernation and will emerge, tousled and hungry, in March, its diet to be determined.


As has been reported, the Emerson Project was stopped by Emerson as of August 1, 2013 due to unanticipated difficulty Emerson encountered seeking approvals from the BRA for the new building they were planning to build utilizing Tavern owned real estate and air rights the Club had granted Emerson the option to purchase.  As Emerson did not exercise the option prior to October 31, 2013 as required in the option agreement, the Tavern retained the deposit of $50,000.  Emerson has been seeking approval for a smaller building to be located on 1-3 Boylston Place, already owned by Emerson.  Emerson has also continued to discuss with the Tavern the possibility of utilizing portions of the Tavern property to enable a larger building to be built on Boylston Place to more address their development objectives.


image Christmas Feast: Heralded by the MeistUrsingers led by Jim Crissman, enlivened by the Bear (Sam Dennis) and Santa (R. J. Lyman), graced by John Finley IV and poem’ed by Harry Lodge, gold buttons awarded to Rudy Kass and Sam Dennis, and New Members bemedalled Peter Erichsen, Andy Doherty, Mac Dewart and Charlie Storey – a delicious repast and a glorious time was had by all.

The Tavern Christmas Play: The Queen’s Revels written by Barclay Tittmann, with the delightful musical musings of Jim Terry, was performed on December 12. Andy Doherty made his directorial debut. The Tavern Players once again gave memorable performances: Jane Shaw as Queen Elizabeth; Nick Clark as Lord Burghley; his anxious-to-be-wed daughter played by Polly Drinkwater; Peter Randolph as the aged Lord Oxford was the love interest of Lady Anne Vavasour, played by Nancy Maull. Add to the mix of crossed lovers Bob Osteen as the too handsome Henry Wriothesley, and the collective servants – Sam Dennis, Rusty Tunnard, Elizabeth Hunnewell and Katharine Boden; Henry Becton as the helpful page and Jeff Peters as the multi-talented and mysterious Doctor Dee. The cast was supported by the backstage heroics of David Chanler, David Lawrence, Anne Carter and Deb Bornheimer. And last but not least the orchestra: Gene Dahmen, Garry Fischer, Brigid Williams, Christoph Wald, and Hal Churchill. Finally, this all happened on John Tittmann’s inspired sets, and was memorialized by Ernst von Metszch’s poster.

Christmas Caroling
On December 16 our traditional evening of Christmas carols singing was a very festive event.Tom Kelly and the MeistUrsingers inaugurated this special event several years ago, and it has become so popular that again this year it was completely sold out. Tom led the MeistUrsingers in performing some enchanting songs by Taverners Garry Fischer and Tony Hutchins, and then conducted the assembled members – with Jim Terry on piano – and their guests in lusty renditions of both favorite and more obscure carols.


Valentine’s Day Concert
Thursday, February 13

Valentine’s Day Eve Jazz Spectacular, Thursday, February 13, with Eli’s All-Stars — Bob Winter, Boston Pops pianist; Jimmy Mazzy, banjo; Jeff Guthery, drums; Eli Newberger, tuba; Bo Winiker, trumpet; and Ted Casher, clarinet and tenor sax — will play their astonishing, virtuosic jazz and accompany our own divas and gentlemen songsters. (Note to requesters: La Vie en Rose will be reprised!).

Please sign up early. This will be a sellout!

The Great Debate
Wednesday, March 19

The Tavern Debate: Two crackerjack four- person teams will face off, on the Oxford Union format against each other, the audience to vote on the outcome. A team of seasoned Taverners, well experienced in the Arts of Persuasion, has been assembled as a committee to select the subject to be debated Suggestions for the subject are solicited. Please forward these to Ed Tarlov at edward.c.tarlov@lahey.org so that he can place these before the Debate Committee. The subject of the debate and the identities of the debaters will be revealed at a short interval before the debate. This Battle of Wits promises to be a high point of Tavern entertainment in the New Year.


A brief Report from the Boylston Place Foundation Committee: The Committee reports that 60 people have given to date $115,707.66. We are very grateful to all who have contributed. Outlays to date, largely in cleaning and restoring paintings, will also shortly begin to underwrite archival research and improvement, as well as mundane things like purchasing better files. Onwards, and good wishes to Taverners and supporters of the Club.

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