February 2018 News

February 2018 CalendarGallery Opening
Monday February 5, 5:30-7:00

Arbor, oil on paper
“Arbor”, oil on paper

Kate Dahmen’s exhibition is a study of lush landscapes, flowers, plants, and still lifes in light filled spaces.  She works in oils and watercolors.  Guests welcome at the Opening, Members only to Dinner.

Arts Round Table Lunch
Wednesday February 7, 12:15

Wither the Humanities?

The Arts Round Table will welcome Diana Sorensen to informally discuss the state of the humanities at Harvard and elsewhere. Diana is the James F. Rothenberg Professor of Romance Languages and Literature and of Comparative Literature at Harvard. As Dean of Arts and Humanities at Harvard in 2009, she led a task force to study the decline of humanities majors among undergraduates, ways to re-invigorate the curriculum for a new generation, and the creation of “gateway” courses to forge a stronger relationship between the arts and the sciences. As a professor of the humanities at Harvard, Diana will share her views and experience of these initiatives as they have played out over subsequent years. Guests welcome.

Valentines Day Dinner
Wednesday February 14

bear sitting by tree

Roses are red, lilies are white
Come feast at the Tavern
On Valentine’s Night

Lobster bisque
Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve

Beef tenderloin with horseradish sauce
Roasted carrots, pearl onions, beets, Brussels sprouts
Scalloped potatoes with fennel
Saint-Amour, Domaine des Pins les Pierres

Brownies with whipped cream and raspberries

Cocktails at 6:15; Dinner at 7:00
$75 per person tout compris
Guests very welcome

MeistUrsingers Lunch 
Thursday, February 15

Downbeat 12:20, followed by lunch.  If you like to sing, you are welcome!  Remember to sign up if you can stay for lunch.

History Lunch with Fletcher Hodges
Wednesday February 21, 12:15

“Around the World in Eighty Years”
The United Nations officially recognizes 196 countries around the globe.  However, Fletcher Hodges, a member of the Century and the Explorers Club and also the brother of Taverner Art Hodges, thinks that 215 is a better number.  He has visited 202 of these and hopes to knock off the other 13 if he can last long enough.  Some of his favorites so far: Bolivia, Ethiopia (the hottest spot on the planet), Pakistan, and Albania, among others.  He hated North Korea, but escaped unharmed. Come and enjoy the fantasy of being a modern day Phineas Fogg or would that be passe-partout-éventuellement ? Guests welcome.

Arts Round Table Lunch with Wanda CornWanda Corn
Thursday February 22, 12:15

The Arts Round Table will welcome Wanda Corn, curator of Georgia O’Keeffe: Art, Image, Style at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, now through April 1. As the first exhibition to explore the relationship between the artist’s work and her meticulously crafted self-image, it includes many of her personal articles of clothing (some handmade) along with selected paintings from New York and New Mexico and portraits of the artist by several noted photographers that helped to define her iconic public persona.

Wanda Corn, a professor of art history at Stanford University, is a pioneering and influential historian of American art and culture, with a particular interest in issues of gender and the relationship between the fine arts and material culture. Wanda will take us on her journey from concept to realization of this groundbreaking exhibition. Guests welcome.

Poetry Lunch with Deborah Warren
Tuesday February 27, Noon

Deborah Warren of Nahant will lead our discussion of her own poetry. Her work has been published in the New Yorker, the Paris Review. Poetry, and the Yale Review as well as in her books Dream With Flowers and Bowl of Fruit, Zero Meridian, The Size of Happiness, and a translation of the Latin poet Ausonius.  Her awards include the Robert Frost Award, the Richard Wilbur Award, and the Robert Penn Warren Prize. Copies of her poems will be provided at this gathering. Guests welcome. Reserve with Tony Fay.

Book Club Lunch with Peter Haines
Wednesday February 28, Noon

The Tavern Book Club will convene to discuss Ron Chernow’s  book Ulysses Grant. Peter Haines will lead us. This fascinating volume will likely change your view of this underappreciated hero whose military genius, courage, and commitment to the ideals of Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War, and as two-term President greatly helped the newly emancipated during Reconstruction and led our country through that turbulent period. Guests welcome. Reserve with Tony Fay.

Future Book Club lunches will feature Michel Lewis’s The Undoing Project, and Daniel Khaneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow, led by David Scudder, and Alice Cornwell on her short stories.

The Committee on Elections will meet on Monday, February 26 at 5.30 in the Library.
Members are reminded to check the Book in the Library for new candidates.

Committee on Elections

  • Ed Tarlov, Chair
  • Katharine Boden
  • Mark Green
  • Rob Loomis
  • Polly Drinkwater
  • Jock Herron
  • James Houghton
  • Nick Clark
  • Rusty Tunnard
  • Elaine Woo

Membership proposal procedure:

  • Let Ed Tarlov, Chair of Elections Committee know of your intent.
  • Write a flavorful letter to Ed indicating how the individual would enhance the Tavern Club, and have another Taverner write a strong seconding letter.
  • Provide the names of four Taverners who know the candidate and whom the Elections Committee may contact for further support.
  • Bring the candidate–ideally several times–to Tavern functions.

Visit https://tavernclub.org/gallimaufry/proposing-a-candidate-for-membership if you have a candidate for membership.

The Committee will then begin its due diligence and keep the proposer informed.

In Case You Missed It:

Charades Night, January 6 – A record crowd gathered for drinks and billiards before assembling in six teams for the third Tavern Charades Night.  Organized and orchestrated by James Houghton and assisted by Tavern Clue-Givers and Tony Fay, members and guests were rarely stumped by four rounds of charades, two traditional, one musical, and one sculptural.  Creativity and good cheer prevailed.  A Moroccan buffet supper followed.

SAVE THE DATE March 8 Tavern Song Retrospective

Jim Terry writes:

I’ve picked around 30 songs from the 31 Christmas and Narrenabend musicals produced, separately or together, by Frank Hatch, Sr., Frank Hatch, Jr. and Brad Trafford from 1939 to 1983. It’s a delightful bunch of songs.


Richard Budd McAdoo
Lexington, on Jan. 6, 2018


— Nancy Maull, Secretary

For a complete, downloadable copy of the February 2018 Tavern Club Newsletter, click here.