2016 April Calendar


Ernst von Metzsch writes:

“The Chairman of the House Committee has alerted Emerson that there are some cracks in our wall adjoining Boylston Place #3, which are not threatening at this point but which will need to be monitored closely. There are also some cracks appearing in our confidence that Emerson really wants to sign an Agreement covering the construction with the Tavern Club. This Agreement includes undertakings by Emerson to compensate us for the inconveniences the Tavern suffers. Emerson claims they do want the Agreement signed. It has become an irritant in my dealings with Emerson, and I have communicated this to the President of the College”.

Photo: Anthony M. Fay
Photo: Anthony M. Fay

Brett Donham writes:

“On your next visit to the Club, as you start down Boylston Place, look up: you will see the world’s largest praying mantis, a giant red crane, looming over the Bruin’s haunt. This crane appears to be 22 stories high. Concrete has been poured into the foundation area and is presumably curing, after which construction of the remaining foundation walls will proceed.”

Monday, April 4
Executive Meeting 5.00pm

Monday Night Dinner – with Special Guests so please be sure to sign up before 10.00 a.m. Monday

Boylston Place Foundation Meeting
Friday April 8, at noon.

Thursday, April 14   Cocktails at 6.00pm Talk 6.30, Dinner 7.00 Guests welcome!

“The Line of Fire: Art of the Political Cartoon”

We welcome Christopher Weyant, cartoonist for the New Yorker, discussing the history, art and power of editorial cartoons as political weapons. Chris Weyant’s work has been published world wide in newspapers, books and online, and he has also worked in numerous national advertising campaigns. His cartoons are in the permanent collections at the Whitney Museum of American Art as well as the Morgan Library in New York City. In 2014 Chris was selected a Nieman Fellow at the Nieman Fellowship for Journalism at Harvard, only the second cartoonist to be so honored. He has been featured on the Today Show, Meet the Press, ABC News with Diane Sawyer, on CNN, FOX and MSNBC.

He won the Theodore Seuss Geisel Award for his first illustrated book, You Are (Not) Small written by his wife Anna King.

Arts Round Table:
Wednesday April 13, 12 noon for 12.30 Lunch


The Art of Industrial Design

Lurelle Guild wrote and illustrated numerous books on American antiques. He also designed the iconic Electrolux XXX vacuum cleaner. How did he manage to focus on the past at the same time as designing objects and products for use today as well as in the future? Design Historian and Rhode Island School of Design Professor Matthew Bird will lead us through an illustrated discussion of Industrial Design in our world, and how Lurelle Guild helped to define the profession in the 1930’s and ’40’s.

Guests are welcome.

Poetry Lunch:
Tuesday, April 19, 12 noon for 12.30pm Lunch

We shall enjoy a novelty item: an editorial composite of TS Eliot’s The Waste Land, presented in a new annotated edition of Eliot’s poems, that tentatively restores parts of the poem cut or otherwise not included in the version we are used to. This is an opportunity to appreciate the poem, and the season, anew. Guests welcome.

History Lunch:
April 20, 12 noon for 12.30

Fred Winthrop and Jock Herron will lead a discussion about the prospects for the working landscape in New England. Participants for this follow-on to Ocean’s Rising last October include another former Commissioner of Agriculture for the Commonwealth, the general manager of the last farm in Boston, the director of a leading non-profit growing fresh produce throughout Greater Boston, Mayor Menino’s former head of food policy…and other agriculturalists!

Committee on Elections Meeting
Monday, Apr. 25, 5:30pm, Library

Art Exhibit:
Monday, April 25, 5pm

Paintings by Dick Perkins. Guests are most welcome to come to the opening, and Members who wish to stay for Monday Night Dinner should inform Tony Fay. Sorry, but members only at Dinner. Meantime, Jane Shaw’s exhibit of gouache paintings remains and will be up in the Gallery until Friday April 22.

Dick Perkins

Book Club:
Wednesday, April 27, 12 noon for 12.30 Lunch

We shall discuss Anthony Powell’s At Lady Molly’s. Ike Williams will lead our discussion of Powell’s brilliant comic portraits. and consider whether Powell merits comparison with Proust, as some attest.

Acknowledging the need for devotees of the Book Club to beg, borrow or steal, as well as read, future subjects of Book Club discussion, please be aware that at the May 18 meeting we shall welcome Susan Solomon, MIT Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Science and National Medal of Science award winner. Professor Solomon was Co-Chair of Group 1 of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, whose report was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. She will discuss her book, The Coldest March: Scott’s Fatal Antartic Expedition, which was a NY Times notable book when published in 2001.

So – sign up now and do bring guests.

MeistUrsingers’ Rehearsals
April 7 and 21

MeistUrsingers Concert; Thursday, April 28, 6.30pm

Alle Psallite com luya
I Want to Harmonize
On the Water
Uti var hage
I Love You Truly
Viva Tutti
Sweet and Low
Gloria ad modum tubae
In Taberna Mori

Don’t miss your only chance to hear the MeistUrsingers in Swedish! Sign up now for this glorious event and support your not-over-rehearsed fellow Taverners and their long-suffering Maestro Tom Kelly. After dinner, a Singalong with Mike Scott at the piano.

In case you missed it!

The thoroughly engaging BSO Assistant Conductor Moritz Gnann visited the Club on March 3 and entertained an enthralled and large audience upstairs in the theater, as well as after dinner, with his experiences in interpreting, among other operas, The Magic Flute, Lohengrin, and Oresteia.

This year’s Narrenabend Play continued the Tavern’s recent spate of blockbuster productions – Genghis! Abbie Trafford and Jim Terry teamed up to create this epic story. Under the direction of Peter Rand, it takes us from Mongolia to Eastern Europe.

The cast, with what may have been a record number of first-time performances, was extensive. The misunderstood Genghis played by Bob Osteen supported in his conquest of the civilized world by his wife, Elaine Woo and family: James Houghton, Carole Monica, Brigid Williams, Gabrielle Wolohojian, and Nancy Wilson. The rest of his Mongol Hoard Sam Dennis, Art Hodges and Nat Coolidge. And no Mongol could travel without his ponies, played by Mary Scott and Stephen ScoreFrank McGuire, Jane Shaw, Jeff Peters, Natalie Williams, Staffan Ericsson, Jane Manopoli, Nick Greville, Roger Warner and Jerry Mitchell rounded out this amazing cast.

The efforts behind the scenes were also epic in scale and ingenuity. David Lawrence nursed the lighting system back to its feet and saw it through the production. The sets by Mary Rhinelander were masterpieces. Martha Eddison pulled together the fabulous costumes and the production staff of Sam Dennis, Bobo Devens, Bill Truslow, David Chanler, Carol Bundy, John Bethell and Jane Shaw helped see the show to completion. And last but not least, the show poster was by Brigid Williams. Huree!

April Newsletter Genghis

Long Term

Book Club June 22
Peter Rand will lead the Club in talking about his book China Hands.

May 9 –  Annual Meeting

June 16 – Summer Shorts

July    – Fête Champêtre The annual Fête Champêtre will be held at “Wellesley”, the house of Mrs. Luisa Hunnewell, cousin of Elizabeth Hunnewell, on the Hunnewell estate in Wellesley.

New Members:

Joel Ives
Rector, Church of our Saviour, Brookline,
Wit, good sense, generous, game for anything

Mike Roylance
Performed at DisneyWorld for 12 years
Great teacher, and sense of humor

Christopher Smallhorn

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