September 2014 Calendar


It is twenty-five years since Lady Members arrived at the Tavern Club, and on Thursday October 16th we shall celebrate the anniversary. Members are invited to don their finery and join in a Tavern Evening, which means songs, chatter, reminiscences and all the usual Tavern stuff; some will sing, some will toast, some will just chatter away, but ALL will participate, including some of those whose efforts made this possible.

So, Taverners all, note this date: October 16, when we shall convene at 6:00, dine at 7:00. Send the Dinner Jackets and Dresses out, polish up medals and buttons, and call Tony Fay, etc. More will follow in good time.



Art Gallery Opening
Monday, September 8, 5:00-6:30

Taverner Wendy Shattuck’s daughter

Sophie Plimpton’s exhibit   "Threading Chapters". Guests welcome


Monday Night Dinner September 8
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Arts Round Table Lunch
Wednesday, September 10, 12.15

The Arts Round Table will welcome award-winning author Leo Damrosch who will talk about his most recent book, Jonathan Swift: His Life and His World, a biography of the  great 18th century satirist and author of Gulliver’s Travels. Leo Damrosch visited the Tavern Club four years ago when he addressed a Thursday night audience on his prior book Toqueville and his World. Guests welcome.

Monday Night Dinner September 15
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Elections Committee
Monday, September 22, 5:30 Library

Monday Night Dinner September 22
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

New Members’ Lunch
Tuesday, September 23, 12:30

A Lunch for new Taverners, those who joined the Club in this past 2013 to 2014 year. We shall meet at noon or thereabouts and sit down for Lunch at 12.30pm. Please try to come, and let Tony Fay know if you can. Purpose of the Lunch is just “to get to know each other” and some of the Club Officers will be present; this is helpful to new Members who then know to whom they may address any complaints. The Lunch will be for New Members only, though Members admitted in 2013 who did not manage to attend their new Members’ Lunch will also be very welcome. Please join us.

Book Club
Wednesday, September 24, 12:00

The Tavern Book Club will meet to discuss Judge Hiller Zobel’s book, full of verve and wit – The Boston Massacre – a definitive account of possibly the most mis-named and distorted episode in American colonial history. Hiller is working on a new edition and will be fresh from his latest research.

Guests welcome.

Thursday, September 25, 12:20

The MeistUrsingers gladly welcome newcomers who like to sing and do not mind our rigorous rehearsals(!), and newcomers means all and sundry Taverners, including those who have lately joined the Club. Call up, sign up, just come!

Monday Night Dinner September 29
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Long Term …

Halloween Plays
October 29, 30

Scripts were due on September 2, so a reminder to any who have forgotten to mail in their offerings to get it done FAST!


  • October 9 and 23
  • November 6 and 20
  • December 4

Book Club

On the premise that to understand America one must understand our Civil War, the Book Club will meet  on Wednesday October 29 at noon when Carol Bundy will lead our discussion of her book The Nature of Sacrifice, an account of the brief intense life of Charles Russell Lowell, mortally wounded at the battle of Cedar Creek in 1864. This is a lively account of abolitionist Boston and Lowell’s (and Carol’s) remarkable family. We will meet at the Grand Army Museum at 58 Andrews Street in Lynn, the largest Grand Army post in America and a trove of Civil War materials.

Our November 26 meeting, led by David Scudder, will focus on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century, which treats the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital and the long term evolution of inequality, a must read for those who would like to better understand the forces of economics. Being present at David’s discussion is guaranteed to move us toward that valuable objective.

Longer Term

Christmas Musical and Feast
December 10, 11

Holiday Singalong
December 15

In Case You Missed It:

Fête Champêtre
On Thursday July 17 Dick and Millie Perkins importuned their ancestors Helios and Dionysus, who visited their stately home in Topsfield, where a ruly crowd of Taverners, with spouses and companions, indulged themselves of the Gods’ blessings. Our hosts (and the Gods) were ably supported by our own Tony Fay and his gracious crew, as well as Messrs. Woodmans of Essex, in a memorably convivial evening. Apollo too called with the stringed instruments of Watson Reid, Chris Whitlock and Andy Calkins. La Marseillaise was rendered with customary incoherence, and all agreed that was the only thing we needed to improve for next year.

Boylston Place Foundation

Taverners will have noticed in their mail, snail or e, a letter from the Chairman of the Boylston Place Foundation seeking your support to pay for some of the costs of preserving Tavern Club archives, paintings, posters and other records.

Your attention and continuing generosity is much appreciated.

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