October 2013 Calendar

This month the MeistUrsingers will meet October 3 and l7 at12:20 in the theatre as usual, under the baton of Maestro

Tom Kelly.  New singers are invited to join, and if you plan to stay for lunch, please let Tony Fay know in advance.


image James CarrollThursday, October 3
Cocktails 6:00, Talk at 6:30 before dinner.
Award-winning Boston Globe columnist and former Taverner James Carroll, author of ten novels and seven works of non-fiction, will speak on From Bonhoeffer to Bergoglio: Religion after the Holocaust. Mr. Carroll is Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence at Suffolk University, and covers a variety of topics, including religion, for the Globe. In light of the recent and unprecedented liberal statements from Pope Francis, Mr. Carroll’s presentation is extremely timely and will certainly invite some fascinating discussion. Guests welcome.

georgenickArt Committee Gallery Opening
Monday, October 7 from 5 to 7

Reception in the gallery for artist and Taverner George Nick, a very special occasion for the Tavern. Guests welcome.

Monday Night Dinner October 7
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Arts Roundtable
Wednesday, October 9 at 12:15

Anita Walker, Executive Director, Massachusetts Cultural Council, will speak on The Past and Future of the Arts in Massachusetts. As a path-breaking arts funder and policy-maker, Ms. Walker has both the perspective and the guts to talk intelligently and clearly about the big challenges arts leaders are facing across the State.  She will give us the big picture as she sees it, from exciting initiatives and effective models of leadership and governance to her perspective on the arts’ social value and yield.  Guests welcome.

History Lunch
Wednesday, October 16 at 12:15

Oral History, Memoir, Personal History:

Common Thread. Francie King, who specializes in working with people who are writing their memoirs and personal histories, will lead an informal discussion on the common threads among oral history, memoir, and personal history, why personal history in particular is valuable, and how to get started on one. We will read excerpts from personal histories of interest. This is an opportunity for all Taverners who may have thought about recording their lives, and all others who are interested. Guests welcome.

Elections Committee
Meeting on Monday, October 21 at 5:30 in the Library.  Please send proposed candidate information to Sandy Righter, Chair.

Candidates already under consideration may be brought to dinner that night with the approval of David Amory, Secretary, and by notifying Sandy Righter in advance.

Monday Night Dinner October 21
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Book Club
Join us at noon on Wednesday, October 23 when Tony Schemmer, a new Tavern member and musical aficionado, will enlighten us about Harvard Professor Christoph Wolff’s Mozart at the Gateway of his Fortune: Serving the Emperor 1788-1791.  Guests welcome.

Also, please note that Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays fall on or around the normal 4th Wednesday of the month, so we’ve rearranged our November and December dates.

On Wednesday, November 6 Chris Smallhorn will be our moderator for the beautifully written evocative Speak Memory of Vladimir Nabokov


David House – Thursday, October 17
Cocktails 6:00, Talk at 6:30 before dinner.
image Illegal electronic media searches for travelers returning to the United States will be discussed by David House, a human rights activist and former information economics systems developer at MIT. Approximately 35,000 travelers a day are pulled aside for a secondary inspection by Customs and Border Protection, and during the past two years about 15 a day have been subjected to electronic media searches. On September 10 the New York Times reported that Mr. House and the ACLU recently won their case against the Department of Homeland Security for the unlawful seizure of his laptop, camera, thumb drive, and cell phone during his reentry from Mexico.  Mr. House was singled out merely for assisting in fund raising for the legal defense of Pvt. Bradley Manning, who was recently convicted for providing over 700,000 government files to WikiLeaks. Mr. House is writing a book about his experiences and his hope to create a youth-based political organization to support greater transparency in government. He has become disillusioned with Manning and with WikiLeaks, which he says now appears more focused on destroying America and ruining lives than challenging policy. Guests welcome.

Poetry Lunch
Monday, October 28, Taverner

Owen Andrews will lead a discussion on Seamus Heaney. This will not be a formal exploration of his work, but an opportunity to read over and share poems of his that members particularly like. Owen will bring five or six to get things started, and copies of any poems by Heaney whose titles are emailed to Owen by Friday, October 25 at owenandrews1@gmail.com. Guests welcome.

Monday Night Dinner October 28
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00


clip_image002Halloween PlaysThursday October 31
From the Plays Committee Chair

Chris Whitlock: The Tavern play season begins in earnest this month with our three finalists in hot contention for the coveted “Bruin”-

What’s In The Cards by Fortuna Merlin
Directed by Sam Dennis

The B’s Knees by Iva Paine
Directed by Stephen Score

Bank Job by E.M. Darling
Directed by Mary Scott

Thanks again to those dedicated members who labored this summer over a script. I am indebted to you all, and many thanks to the volunteer directors and cast members who have already signed on. Please remember, should you get a call asking if you can participate, the correct answer is “Yes!”

  • October 30 performance for cast friends and family and a straw vote.
  • October 31 for Members only – black tie and medals – and the vote to determine the final winner.

Cocktails 6.15, Dinner 7pm, followed by Performance.


Internationally renowned cabaret singer UTE GFRERER, wife of Taverner Christoph Wald, opened the 2013-2014 special events season at the Tavern on September 26 with a stunning performance of a wide variety of songs from Paris and Broadway, accompanied on piano by William Merrill.

Her repertoire ranged from poignant chansons such as "La Vie en Rose", made famous by Edith Piaff, to comic gems like "The Boy from Tacarimbo" and "The Girl in 14G". The set up of the theater with small tables for four and the subtle lighting provided by Chris Whitlock created an intimate atmosphere. David Chanler’s expert sound reinforcement enabled Ute to move between tables and the stage with great dramatic effect.


Since the Emerson Project was stopped by Emerson as of August 1st, there have been ongoing discussions between Emerson and the Tavern Club. Initially, the discussions were primarily about Emerson’s interest in an extension of the Option to allow more time for their pursuit of the Emerson Project. More recently, the discussions have focused on Emerson’s need to move ahead with a smaller project on just 1, 2 and 3 Boylston Place to allow them to most quickly address facilities issues in the Little Building.

Most recently, the discussions have explored the most mutually beneficial way to address Emerson’s needs and the needs of the Tavern Club, building upon the cooperative relationship developed between the parties over the past six months. Those discussions are continuing.


George N. Hurd, Jr.

September 2, Milton, Massachusetts

David Amory

For a complete, downloadable copy of the October, 2013 Newsletter click here.

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