November 2014 Calendar

Thursday, November 13

Abeer Allam, a current fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, will speak on the impact of social media in the Middle East. She will begin with a map to introduce diverse ideas of what is meant by “the Middle East” and will then talk about the impact of social media on political & social change in the region with particular attention to examples she has personally covered as a journalist working in Egypt, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. This is sure to be a captivating evening and a great opportunity for Taverners and guests to learn more about shifting power relations throughout the Middle East and at the same time to appreciate how each of the region’s countries and key cities presents highly distinct contexts, practices, and outcomes when it comes to the impact of social media on political developments.  Abeer would also touch on the role played by social media in the wave of protests and revolutionary movements in the so-called Arab Spring. She will give a 30 minute address followed by an in-depth Q+A.

Cocktails at 6:00 p.m., presentation in the theater at 6:30 followed by dinner at 7:30 with further opportunity for discussion. Guests welcome.

Monday Night Dinners
November 3, 10, 17, 24
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00 p.m.

Thursday, November 6 and 20, 12:20 p.m.

The MeistUrsingers gladly welcome all who like to sing, including those who have lately joined the Club. Followed by lunch for those who can stay (sign up with Tony Fay).

Arts Round Table Lunch
Wednesday, November 12 at 12:15 p.m.

The Artist’s Studio:  Promises, Rituals, Delights, and Frustrations

Presenters:  Joseph Barbieri, Mac Dewart, Mary Rhinelander

In William Kentridge’s first 1012 Norton Lecture in Sanders Theater, he talked about how his studio favors his creative process.  There was a bit of ritual involved, including fixing a pot of tea, looking around reflectively, doodling, cutting scraps of the paper and shuffling them into cartoons movies, making up stories, taking pictures, letting things evolve.  It seemed to resonate with the many artists in the audience, and for the non-artist, it was daring, revelatory, and inspiring.

We welcome Taverners and guests to join us in a discussion of artists’ studios and the elements that support and deter their work (e.g  music, silence, meditation, tea, alcohol, the company or absence of others, last night’s dreams, the anxiety of producing a corpus of work in advance of a deadline, mentoring and being mentored, and the prospect of proposals for funding and of sales.)

Below:  The poster for “In Praise of Shadows,” William Kentridge’s first Norton Lecture, showing the artist at work.


Elections Committee
Monday, November 17, 5:30 p.m., Library

Poetry Lunch
Tuesday, November 18, 12.30 p.m.

The Tavern Poetry Lunch will meet to read aloud and celebrate a few poems by Elizabeth Bishop. Members and guests are invited–man or moth, moose, fish, armadillo, rooster. Albert LaFarge will initiate discussion on behalf of co-chair Owen Andrews; photocopies of a few poems will be provided from the Library of America edition (2008).

History Lunch
Wednesday, Nov. 19, 12:15 p.m.

JOHN TYLER, editor of The Correspondence of Thomas Hutchinson, will discuss the dilemma faced by the last civilian royal governor of Massachusetts in the rapidly intensifying crisis between Great Britain and her colonies in the decade and a half before the American Revolution. Tyler will also share his knowledge of the craft of documentary editing and its unexpected pleasures.

Art Gallery: On view in the Gallery in November:  Tavern Treasures, paintings, sculpture et alia.

Long Term

December 1 : At Monday Night Dinner – Special Guest: Cynthia Sam, granddaughter of Tavern sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt (1867-1917), friend and rival of fellow Taverner Augustus St Gaudens, and creator of the Tavern Medal. Discussion of Tavern sculpture and B. L. Pratt in particular.

Tuesday, December 2, Book Club Lunch – David Scudder will lead our discussion of Capital by Thomas Piketty. David will explain to us how this new book, important in the field of economics, helps us to understand the increasing disparities in wealth in the modern world. The book is heavy going but David’s analysis and explanation of its major points will give new meaning to the term “enlightenment”. This will be an occasion not to be missed and will fulfill the part of the Tavern Club credo which promises to “Educate the Over Learned” . Put this on your schedules now as the busy holiday season approaches. Guests welcome.

Longer Term

Christmas Musical and Feast
December 10, 11

Leslie Dunton-Downer has teamed up with Jim Crissman – “Curator Extraodinaire” will take us around the world interviewing possible candidates for a curator that can breath life and profits into a struggling arts foundation.

Holiday Sing-along Dinner
December 15

Mid-Winter Feast
January , 2015

Remembering Henry Lee Higginson, former President of the Club and founder of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Triennial Art Show
April 2015

Get to work!

In Case You Missed It:

2014 Silver Anniversary Dinner

On October 16 the Club gave a Dinner for Lady Members to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of their arrival. The evening was Merry and Joyous, and it is fair to say that the Lady members worked hard and sang beautifully for their Supper. Chef Salem excelled himself, the wines were beyond reproach, and the Males too performed admirably. Toasts were drunk, deeds remembered, and the heroes of that distant time extolled. It would be invidious to mention any one individual, as all agreed that they had a Good Time, and that we should not wait 25 years before doing this again.

Lamb chops were granted free to the Ladies, with the proviso that the golden celebration is on the Ladies, to keep it gender neutral and politically correct.


Thanks, once again, to all who submitted entries. The Plays Committee had a challenging time choosing the three finalists. Winner of the Bruin: “At the Taj”, written by John Paul Britton, directed by Brigid Williams. Her cast: Eleanor Andrews, Andy Calkins, Abbie Trafford, JoAnne Dickinson and Bessel van der Kolk.

Tarzan and Cleopatra” was written by Carol Bundy, directed by Katherine Boden, performed by Jon Ording, Sam Dennis, Anson Wright, Vivian Spiro and Andy Doherty .

Mary Rhinelander directed “Calypso” also by John Paul Britton starring Jane Shaw, Sally Wheatland Fisher, Peter Williamson, Carol Bundy and Ben Cox.

Backstage support: Peter Randolph, Belinda Rathbone, Tweed Roosevelt. Lighting by Mac Davidson and audio work by Watson Reid. Deb Bornheimer helped us out with costumes. Brian Rosborough captured it all on video for posterity. Michael Scott and Eli Newberger provided musical interludes and John Bethel produced the program.


Jerome Preston Jr.
September 24, 2014
Damariscotta, Maine


Christopher Smallhorn

For a complete, downloadable copy of the November, 2014 calendar click here.

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