May 2020 Calendar

A Note from the President

A Note from the President

Alas! The Club remains closed and it is not clear when we can open. Judging by Governor Baker’s comments, it appears that June will be the earliest possible time and that is probably optimistic.

Businesses, restaurants, and cultural institutions will probably be opened in order of perceived importance of the function and the safety of the employees and customers. I expect social clubs with demographics such as ours to be low on the list of staggered openings. The Narrenabend play will be deferred until a future date to be determined by the Plays Committee. The Annual Meeting will be canceled for May and re-scheduled for Monday, September 21. Summer Shorts is canceled. The Fete Champêtre is still scheduled for July 9.

I am only aware of two Taverners who have been hospitalized with the virus. Fortunately, they are recovering. The staff are all well. Tony is watching over the building and trying to get some minor repairs done. We received a lovely note from Salem thanking us for continuing to pay his salary. We intend to pay the staff through June and hope to have the Fete in July. Your dues and meals assessment (dues by another name), which you continue to pay, allow us to continue paying the salaries of the staff. Several concerned members have asked if we needed to take up a collection for the staff. My answer is – not yet. They are being compensated as if the Club were functioning. We have cash on hand to cover it and a restricted gift for emergencies.

The virtual activities that Nancy, Ed, Anne, Abbie, and others have initiated have been well received and indicate how eager we are to see, talk, and have a glass of wine with our friends. We all look forward to returning to 4 Boylston Place. Nothing else is quite the same.  — Bob

A Note from the Secretary

We have had some excellent Tavern in the Sky events and plan more. We invite you to join us.

Anne Carter, Anson Wright, Frinde Maher, Rusty Tunnard, Gabrielle Wolohojian, and Sallie Spence have volunteered to provide technical help on the events.  If you are an uneasy Zoom user, contact one of them for help in advance.

Here is what we have for May.  Please look at your weekly emails from Anne for reminders and detail.  I hope to see you soon. — Nancy 

Tavern in the Sky
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Tavern in the Sky

Mondays “Not Monday Dinner”
Join us for drinks and conversation from 5:30 – 6:15.

Reserve with Mr. Fay,  Zoom information will follow your sign up. Host: Nancy Maull and others; Technical Help: Anne Carter

Thursday, May 7
Play-Reading at Noon

The Play’s the Thing!  And the Movie is Great!  So join the Play-Reading Luncheon series, next making a virtual meal of Tom Stoppard’s screenplay for the film “Shakespeare in Love.”  It’s a lovely, surprising, heartwarming script, with plenty of roles for many players.

The curtain will go up at noon on Thursday, May 7.  Please let “impresario” George Heaton know in advance that you will be part of the troupe so that parts can be assigned, (  Anson Wright will be the Zoom “host,” to be contacted with any technical questions (  And if you want to read it in advance, be sure to get Tom Stoppard’s screenplay for the movie, not the other versions for the stage.

Wednesday, May 13
Arts Roundtable at 5:30

On Wednesday, May 13 the Arts Round Table will meet for a Zoom cocktail hour at 5:30 to review the fabulous fifteen entries to the Getty Challenge along with their creators. We hope all entrants will be there to explain their inspiration and process, with the help of a moderator. All others are invited to attend and listen in.  The host is Belinda Rathbone and technical help TBD. Sign up with Mr. Fay,

Stephen Score: Girl with a Pearl Earring, after Vermeer
Stephen Score: Girl with a Pearl Earring, after Vermeer

Thursday, May 14
Game Night in the Evening

The two Andys, Calkins and Doherty will lead a Zoom game online. Stay tuned for details.

Monday, May 18
Elections Committee meets online at 5:30

Wednesday, May 20
History Zoom-tails with Ted Widmer at 5:30

HISTORY ZOOM-TAILS: Join us for Ted Widmer talking about his new book, Lincoln on the Verge, in whichTed uses Lincoln’s 13-day pre-inauguration train journey from Springfield to Washington to offer us a picture of the United States on the precipice of war. He also gives us a portrait of Lincoln, his character and his leadership. To understate: Ted’s book offers an interesting perspective given our present situation. The Washington Post reviewed the book as “A Lincoln classic…superb…. So much has been written about Abraham Lincoln that it’s rare when a historian discovers an episode in his life that, if fully developed and interpreted, yields important new insights. Ted Widmer has done just that…”.  Host is Carol Bundy with technical help from Frinde Maher.

Reserve with Mr. Fay,

Friday, May 22
Cocktail Cruise with Tom Kelly 5:30-6:30

Tom Kelly on Performance

What is Performance? Considering what we mean when we say “perform,” and what we DO when we perform, this talk looks back at some famous moments in the past—opera, theater, film—and considers what the future of performance might be. Lots of visual and musical illustrations.

Reserve with Mr. Fay,

Wednesday, May 27
Book Club at noon

Professor Allan Ropper will discuss his book How the Brain Lost its Mind. This beautifully written and timely book, subtitled Sex, Hysteria and the Riddle of Mental Illness, explores the relationship of the mind to the brain, through the lens of classical diseases that cause insanity.

Reserve with Mr. Fay; Host: Ed Tarlov; Technical: Anne Carter


The Tavern Bridge Club is playing remotely via Bridge Base once or twice a week. Joiners welcome, contact Deb Bornheimer,



Send us your painting or drawing of the view outside your window and we’ll use it in an email or Notice.  These are by Brigid Williams, created on her iPhone.


Gabrielle Wolohojian has most generously volunteered to make some special edition Tavern face masks. If you would like one, email Mr. Fay,, and if there is a surge of orders, Gabrielle will recruit volunteer sewers.

Nancy Maull, Secretary

From Dimitri Gerakaris

I just came across the image of a piece I displayed at the Tavern members’ art exhibit ten years ago next month!  I know many did not know what to think about it, but being prophetic is a mixed bag.

I realize now the roll of TP (original!)  is worth more than the rest of the piece.

Be well! Dimitri


The Solace of Quantum (analog version)  ©Dimitri Gerakaris May 2010
The Solace of Quantum (analog version) ©Dimitri Gerakaris May 2010


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