May 2013 Calendar

Art Gallery Opening
Monday, May 6, 5:30-7:00
Paintings and collages by Jennie Summerall.

Monday Night Dinner May 6
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

MeistUrsingers will reconvene in the fall.

Annual Meeting
Monday, May 13
Elections and Reports 5:30
Dinner 7:00
Awards and Memorial Papers 8:00.
Members only; black tie & medals.

Poetry Table
Tuesday, May 28, on the topic of recent U.S. Poet Laureates (postponed from February). Who are these people? How are they chosen? What is their role? Most important, what are they writing? Is it any good? And why are so many of them named Robert? Guests welcome!

Elections Committee
The Elections Committee will be meeting on Monday, May 20 at 5:30 in the Library. Seventeen (17) new members have been elected since April 2012. We welcome nominations of good prospective candidates at any time. Please contact Sandy Righter, Chair, Committee on Elections.

Monday Night Dinner May 20
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Book Club Without Borders
On Wednesday, May 22 the Book Club will convene to discuss Amity Schlaes’s new book Coolidge. Coolidge used his best instincts to guide America through a period of unprecedented technological innovation and prosperity and may have heretofore been under appreciated for his accomplishments.

Those interested in an expanded experience may also wish to peruse Sylvia Nasr’s very relevant The Grand Pursuit, an exposition on economic history from Malthus through Karl Marx and onward. Chris Smallhorn will lead our discussion. Guests welcome!

History Table
Wednesday, May 15 at 12:30. Looking forward into history: What might the History Table provide in the coming year? What times, themes, topics or speakers? A table where possibilities and suggestions will abound. All History Minded Taverners Welcome!

In case you missed April’s History Table, Peter Rand regaled an audience of more than 20 Taverners and guests with stories about the dashing hero of his forthcoming book, Conspiracy of One: Tyler Kent’s Secret Plot against FDR, Churchill, and the Allied War Effort. A code clerk for MI5, Kent copied classified documents and spent the war years in a British internment camp. The discussion ranged from the complex politics of wartime London to the vicissitudes of a fascinating life, which ended up in a trailer park in San Antonio, Texas. Guests welcome!

Special Event – Thursday, May 23
Blues at the Tavern
Taverner Chris Whitlock has gathered up some of the Boston area’s mainstay blues musicians to present a celebration of this humble genre, with special guest appearances by Taverners Watson Reid and Eli Newberger. The program will cover the classics of this American art form – from acoustic roots to roadhouse rock, Chicago to the Delta. Showtime on time at 6:30, with dinner and discussion to follow. Guests welcome.

Special Event – Thursday, May 30
Literary Evening

This year’s Literary Evening, organized by Ed Tarlov, Frinde Maher and Peter Rand, will bring to life the writings and cartoons of James Thurber. This promises to be an uproarious event. Guests welcome!


Dear Taverners,
Last Friday Lunch of the Month – May 31
As the Emerson Project moves along, David Lawrence will take over from Brian DeLorey as Chairman of the Emerson Working Committee. As Brian puts it, David knows how these buildings actually get built. Brian has put a lot of effort in this project, and will remain quite involved in the committee, as he knows the players in this project quite well. There will be many Taverners who will have free advice for David, and our role will be to keep them at some distance.

All the best,
Ernst von Metzsch


“Once a Knight….” brought laughs, song, cheers and even tears from the Tavern Narrenabend audience. Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale was abstracted, modified, distorted, twisted and blended with strains from Greek mythology by Anne Carter and set to imminently sing-able music with echoes of Gilbert and Sullivan, Richard Rogers and the Episcopal Hymnal by Jim Crissman. Palamon, Bill Strong and Arcite, Andy Calkins, vied for the hand of the lovely Lady Emelye played by Jim Terry. Life altering decisions (he thought) were in the hands of the Duke of Theseus, Nick Clark, while, in fact, the gods (Venus – Jane Shaw, Saturn – Sandy Righter, and Mars – Rusty Tunnard) manipulated men’s fates through the agency of the “young” suit of armor, Mary Scott. Bob Osteen sang for the “old” suit of armor. Andy Doherty played a smarmy jailer. Courtiers were Nat Coolidge, Sam Dennis, Steve Clark and Charlie Welch. Ladies-in-waiting were Katharine Boden, Jane Manopoli, Elizabeth Hunnewell and Jennie Summerall. George Meszoly sold popcorn during the joust. Deb Bornheimer and Anne Carter provided costumes; set design and backdrops by John Tittmann; set construction by John Tittmann, Peter Haines,  Katharine Boden, and Peter Aitken; lighting and special effect by Mac Davidson and David Lawrence; projection and poster by Chris Whitlock; brass was played by Peter Aitken, Neale Attenborough and Jeff Peters; videographer was David Chanler; Deb Bornheimer prompted. The show was directed by Peter Randolph and Bob Osteen.

Musical Retrospective
The students in Boylston Place fell silent in awe and wonder on the night of April 25 as the sounds of joyous music, laughter and applause wafted out the windows of Number 4. Inside, Maestro Jim Terry was leading his 14th Annual Retrospective of songs written for past Tavern Club shows. This year The Maestro had reluctantly been persuaded to present some of his own music from the 15 shows he had written – wonderful, varied, delightful tunes brilliantly performed by 28 stalwart Taverners, many of whom had played the original roles. The star performers included Sam Dennis, Bob Peabody, Abbie Trafford, Brigid Williams, Nat Coolidge, Sandy Righter, Peter Randolph, Ned Roberts, Brian Rosborough, Tony Zane, Gon Leon, Peter Aitken, Jim Crissman, Harry Lodge, Frinde Maher, Chris Smallhorn, Andy Calkins, Tom Halsted, Elizabeth Hunnewell, John Bethell, Jeff Peters, Rudy Kass, Garry Fisher, Mike Anderson, Joan Yogg, Bob Osteen, Belinda Rathbone, and Mary Scott. All in attendance agreed it was one of the finest Tavern evenings ever.


Update on the Boylston Place Foundation, including a Tavern Highlights Tour of paintings and other items of interest.
Monday, June 17.

Play Ball!
A baseball (softball?) game between the Tavern Club and St. Botolph Club to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the previous game between the two clubs, tentatively scheduled for sometime in June, depending on organizing the athletes, players, fans, and voice of the play-by-play.

Fete Champetre
This year our Fete Champetre will be held on July 11 at the home of Peter and Helen Randolph in Wareham, 1 hour and 10 minutes south of downtown Boston by car. Their 1884 large, summer “Cape cottage” sits on a bluff looking down Buzzards Bay to Naushon. If the weather is kind, there will be walking, beaching, swimming, kayaking, Sunfish sailing, water skiing, tennis or simply basking on the lawn reading a good book for those who choose to come early. As an added treat, Eli Newburger and his band have been engaged to provide us with some of their joyous jazz, Dixieland and old show tunes music. An event not to be missed. Sign up early.


Howard Lapsley
Oarsman, Legendary raconteur
Bermuda racer, Lover of theatre & film
Hockey pop

Kent dur Russell
Russian icon guru, Adventurous traveler
Engaging conversationalist, Eclectic collector
Talented storyteller

Jon Ording
Gifted cabinetmaker, Sympathetic listener
French and German Lit scholar
Kind neighbor, Erudite dinner partner

Mary F. Rhinelander
The Olive in the Martini
Painter, printmaker, and book illustrator
Jack Kerouac enthusiast
Delightful conversationalist
President Phil’s great-niece!


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