March Newsletter

Thurs. Mar. 1: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal

Thurs. Mar. 1: Special Event: Anne Hawley

Mon. Mar. 5: Monday Night dinner

Wed. Mar. 7: Arts Round Table Lunch: Tom Kelly

Mon. Mar.12: Monday Night Dinner

Thurs. Mar. 15: Book Club Lunch

Thurs. Mar. 15: Special Event: Joseph Koerner

Mon. Mar. 19: Monday Night Dinner. Elections Committee

Wed. Mar. 21: History Lunch: Jim Righter

Thurs. Mar. 22: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal

Mon. Mar. 26: Monday Night Dinner

Wed. Mar. 28: Narrenabend Guests Night

Thurs. Mar. 29: Narrenabend Members Night

Mon. April 2: Poetry Lunch

Mon. April 2: Monday Night Dinner

Thurs. April 5: Art Opening:
Ernst von Metzsch Special Event. Thursday, March 1. Taverner Anne Hawley will be our guest speaker to talk about news from The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner 7. Talk to follow. (Now sold out, sorry)

MeistUrsingers Rehearsal: Thursday, March 1. Now is the time to learn the material for the concert April 24. Downbeat at 12:20. Lunch to follow.

Monday Night Dinner: Monday, March 1.Cocktails 6:15. Dinner at 7.

Arts Round Table Lunch: Wednesday, March 7. Tom Kelly will lead the Arts Roundtable in a discussion of “Teaching Music to College Students” with the question “Is There Any Hope?” Our own musical maestro of the MeistUrsingers, Tom is better known in the real world as the Morton B. Knafel Professor of Music at Harvard. Bringing his deep knowledge of the subject and inquisitive mind, Tom is sure to engage us in a lively discussion. Lunch at 12:30. Guests welcome.

Monday Night Dinner: Monday, March 12. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner at 7.

Book Club: Thursday, March 15. The Tavern Book Club will discuss “How to Live, Or the Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at Answers” by Susan Bakewell. Barclay Tittmann will lead our discussion of Montaigne’s useful and practical philosophies. Lunch 12:30.

On Wednesday April 11 at noon Tweed Roosevelt will be our moderator for discussion of “The Eloquent President:

A Portrait of Lincoln through his Words” by Ronald C. White. Tweed has taken a special interest in historical Presidential matters. This wonderful book may bring tears of appreciation to your eyes.
Guests welcome – Call Tony Fay at 617 338 9682.

Special Event: Thursday, March 15. We will welcome the distinguished Harvard art historian and teacher, Joseph Koerner, to talk about his anticipated major opus on Hieronymus Bosch. Cocktails at 6:15. Dinner at 7. Talk to follow.

Monday Night Dinner and Elections Committee: Monday, March 19. Bring your candidates to meet the Elections Committee. Cocktails at 6:15. Dinner at 7.

History Lunch: Wednesday, March 21. Architect, Jim Righter (spouse of Sandy), will speak on HH Richardson and Harvard (another talk in our occasional History and Architecture series).

MeistUrsingers Rehearsal: Thursday, March 22. Downbeat at 12:20.

Monday Night Dinner: Thursday, March 26. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner 7.

Dress Rehearsal and Guests Night. Wednesday, March 28. Family and invited guests of the cast. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner at 7. Play to follow.

Narrenabend. Thursday, March 29. the Tavern Players will present “The Demoiselles d’Avignon,” a musical comedy about the creation of the most important painting of the 20th century. Meticulously researched as it is, librettist Belinda Rathbone with composer/lyricist Bob Linderman allowed their imaginations to fill in the gaps. Set in Paris in 1907, the key characters in this period drama are – Picasso (Stephen Score), his wife Fernande (Abbie Trafford), their American friends, Gertrude and Leo Stein (Jim Crissman, Bill Truslow), Alice B. Toklas (Owen Andrews), as well as a small côterie of Picasso’s best friends (Ned Roberts, James Houghton, Nick Clark, Jerry Mitchell), and an alluring bevy of artist’s models (Sandy Righter, Lisa Schmidt, Bobo Devens, Brigid Williams, Jane Manopoli). The scene will be set by Jennie Summerall, with costumes by Anne Aitken, and lighting by David Lawrence, all under the expert direction of Peter Rand. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner at 7, followed by performance. Black tie, vests and medals. Members only.


Poetry Lunch : Monday April 2. Wilfred Owen and First World War Poets

Art Opening: Thursday April 5. Ernst von Metzsch will have a “retrospective of my painting career which started in 1979 and is still sputtering on. It includes landscapes, still lives and portraits as well as two Tavern posters. The style is representational, somewhere between Grandma Moses and Edward Hopper in style and execution.” Show opens at 5:30. Light buffet at 7.

In Case You Missed It:

Eli Newberger assembled a remark-
able group of musician/friends for a
Valentine’s concert celebrating the works of George Gershwin – Ted Casher, Bob Winter, Jimmy Mazzy, Herb Gardner and Randy Reinhart.
The gorgeous ensembles and soaring
improvisations had a sellout crowd
tapping toes and beaming with delight. Taverners JoAnne Dickinson, Peter Aitken, Peter Randolph and Jim
Terry joined the “pros” for selected numbers. Jim claimed that the support from the band was “like sleeping on a Beautyrest mattress”.

Dates to Reserve :
MeistUrsingers Concert: TUESDAY, April 24
Annual Meeting: May 14
Retrospective (Hutchins): May 3
Summer Shorts: June 7


Guests: Guests are warmly welcomed at all lunches, dinners and special events – except for Monday Night dinners, when the Secretary’s permission should be sought.

Call Tony Fay (617 338 9682) to reserve for all lunches, dinners, special events AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE – or e-mail

Members of The Elections Committee: Sandy Righter, Chair; David Amory; David Chanler; David Eckel; John finley IV; Bob Lindermann; Bob Peabody; Jane Shaw; Bisi Starkey; ed Tarlov

Contact Tony Fay for ties, vests, Membership Directories, and History Books about the Club.

New Members

Andrew Doherty
Lively lawyer, reader, literary craftsman, bird
watcher, music lover

Vivian Spiro
“Literary lights” light, journalist, conversationalist, theatre lover, artist

Peter Williamson
Teacher, actor, cartoonist, trekker, avid traveler

David Grose
Boston, February 22, 2012

Bob Osteen

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