March 2019 Calendar

March 2019 Calendar

Monday, March 4

Gallery Opening

During the almost forty years Joe Barbieri and Aileen Erickson, husband and wife, have been together, they have pursued their careers as artists.  Currently, Aileen makes acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and small assemblages. The subject matter is beach objects and landscapes. Shown here is one of her assemblages, called “Starting Over.” Joe’s work consists of two different subjects. Both are done in oil on canvas. Shown here is one of his anthropomorphic birds, “OMG!”  His other subject interest is landscapes of Maine, Italy, and Antigua, where he and Aileen have often painted together. 

The gallery reception is from 5:30-7 p.m.  Guests are welcome at the reception.  Dinner for members who have reserved with Mr. Fay commences at 7.

Thursday, March 7

Evening Special Event – The First Tavern Prospective Concert

Wanted: Taverners, family, and friends are needed to complete the all important last phase of the Tavern song-writing project – namely as audience at this first show.  Our writers have written, our composers have composed, our singers and musicians are polishing performances to a Tavernly gloss (taking care not to peak too early). We look forward to a discerning audience with whom to share and afterwards to discuss the creative experience.  Come make the process complete!  Cocktails at 6, dinner at 7, show at 8. Everyone welcome.

Please reserve with Mr. Fay.

Tuesday, March 12

Play Reading Lunch at 12:15 p.m.

A Jamesian Moment!  Who knew that Henry James was plunged into deep depression after his play “Guy Domville” was hissed off the London stage?  (This according to Leon Edel.)  Surely Taverners will give it a better review–come contribute yours!  There are three acts and about a half-dozen roles.  Meet for Act I in the Library at 12:15, and then proceed to lunch and more.  As always, notify Mr. Fay.

Wednesday, March 13

History Lunch at 12:15 p.m.

Taverner Thomas Hansen will speak on the war journals of Jünger, A German Officer in Occupied Paris: The War Journals, 1941-1945, recently translated into English by Thomas and his wife, Abby.

Jünger’s journals cover the period from the time he joined the staff in Paris in February 1941 and include his visit to the Russian front. They end in 1945 as he and his family endured Allied bombing raids on their village in Germany and finally witnessed American tank divisions roll through their damaged town on their eastward course.

Jünger’s reflections are remarkable chiefly because he was an articulate observer of life and nature.  He recorded his interaction with the French, particularly writers, artists, and other figures who attached themselves to the German cause during the occupation.  We learn of his genuine Francophile excitement at the beauties and secrets of Paris. He recounts lightly disguised romantic affairs carried out while he and his comrades carried out orders and also discussed subversive political opinions. Jünger was close to the Wehrmacht conspirators plotting to assassinate Hitler on July 20, 1944, a group he may have inspired but declined to join.  12:15 for 12:30.  Guests welcome. 

Reserve with Mr. Fay.

Wednesday March 13

Special Event Concert

The husband-wife violin duo of Christina Day Martinson (Concertmaster of Boston Baroque), and Haldan Martinson (Principal Second Violin of the BSO) will play.  Haldan and Christina will take us from their student days — when they raised funds with their glorious duos — to the current moment of a Grammy-nomination for Biber’s Mystery Sonatas.  Their program is sure to delight!

Do note that this Special Event is a Wednesday, not the usual Thursday — due to Haldan’s regular Thursday gig at the BSO.  Cocktails will start at the usual 6 PM, and the performance — in the theatre — about 6:30.  Then dinner and talk.

Guests are most welcome; please reserve early with Mr. Fay.

Thursday, February 14 and 28

MeistUrsingers at 12:20 p.m.

Welcome to all Taverners who like to sing! Downbeat at 12.20, Reserve with Mr. Fay if you can stay for lunch.  MeistUrsingers are “working” on music for their annual concert on April 25.

Wednesday, March 20

Book Club at 12:15 p.m.

On March 20 Art Hodges will speak about his newest book, which will be passed our to Taverners at the lunch.  It consists of two novellas: Knight Trail and Open Book Exam. Knight Trail has two brothers hiking the Appalachian Trail.  A somewhat difficult woman asks if she might join them for a few days.  Perhaps trouble ensues.  In Open Book Exam, four couples review a series of books over many dinners.  And bad things do happen.

Art’s book designer, Kate Canfield, will join to talk about the process she used in choosing book covers and design.  She also designed Art’s historical novel Will’s New World, Bob Osteen’s navigation book Festina Lente, and Eloise Hodges’ recent book Wishbone.

Thursday, March 28


Many think, and with good reason, that the modern world was ushered in by the French Revolution.  Reserve your spot now for Narrenabend on Thursday, March 28, and see if you agree.  Come to see Madame! Emperor! In de Stael of the Night, penned by Abbie Trafford, with delicious music by Jim Terry.  Directed by Nick Clark, it is a musical that plays with Madame de Stael’s indomitable spirit and her tumultuous relationship with Napoleon.  Now in rehearsal, the Tavern Players promise a tour de force magnifique set in the days following the collapse of the French monarchy.  Don’t miss it!  Drink at 6, dinner at 7, and the performance follows.  Formal dress and medals. 

Please reserve NOW with Mr. Fay.

The Tavern Art Collection

Ralph Weld Gray, Cranberry Pickers, Tihonet, ca 1937; Watercolor

With the awarding of 501(c)3 status to the Club, it was incumbent upon the institution to make the art collection more accessible to the public. Since achieving this status, the club has advertised in Art New England that we are open to visits. While the response has been modest, it has fortunately triggered the need for educational materials and, perhaps more ambitiously, a comprehensive catalogue.

A committee, (Joe Barbieri, Katharine Boden, Nick Clark, and Sarah Joliffe) (with Elliot Davis accessible for consultation until her departure for warmer climes), has undertaken to have the salient works in the collection photographed and has embarked on securing a designer to create not only portable information cards for our visitors but also a publication that will offer entries on each significant work in the collection. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will this catalogue. We do hope to have something tangible by the fall . . . of this year.

Happily, this process has led to at least one interesting discovery. The hitherto unidentified watercolor of cranberry pickers, which has resided over the transom of the door leading from the downstairs restrooms into the bar, was taken out of its frame for photography, and inspection of the back revealed the legend, “Cranberry Pickers, Tihonet” and the initials “RWG.” A review of the Tavern membership identified a Ralph Weld Gray, who has four watercolors in the collection of the Boston MFA. Research on “Tihonet” identified a major cranberry operation in Wareham, MA as well as the Tihonet Fish and Game Club, where Gray, Frank W. Benson, and numerous other Taverners were members. The Tavern hosts the annual Tihonet Fish and Game Club luncheon in the spring, and in 2018, they gave the club their publication on the history of the institution.

In case you missed it:  

January 31 Special Event — Steve Walt, professor of international relations at Harvard, spoke of the decline of U.S. influence and standing among international alliances and in global conflicts.   His clear and reasoned argument was followed by a lively and well-informed interrogation by Taverners and guests.

February 14 Valentine’s Dinner — At the Valentine’s Day Dinner, Taverners dined on gourmet food and wine and sang their hearts out to old favorites from My Funny Valentine to All you Need is LoveNed Roberts hosted the evening with Jim Terry at the piano. The Tavern glittered with red runners on the tables, roses galore, (battery operated) votives and chocolate kisses. Bravo to the Food and Wine Committee–Bobo Devens, Natalie Williams, Bob Turner and Staffan Ericsson.  Special thanks to Salem Kmimech, Tony Fay, and the staff for making Valentine’s Dinner such a success.

From the Committee on Elections:

One new name of prospective member has been placed in the book in the desk drawer of the Tavern Library. You must bring forward to the Elections Committee now any objection to these or forever hold your peace.

Coming Soon:

Monday, April 1, Gallery Opening Brigid Williams:  En Plein Air

Wednesday, April 3, Poetry Lunch: Nobel Prize Laureate, Irish poet, Seamus Heaney was a Taverner while serving as the Boylston Professor of Rhetoric at Harvard. Peter Fallon, distinguished poet and translator, founder of the Gallery Press (1970), the premier publisher of Irish poets and playwrights, as well as Seamus’ closest friend, will be here Wednesday, April 3rd for a Tavern Club Poetry Lunch.

John K. Dineen
Nahant, February 4, 2019

New Members:

Carol Burnes 
Storyteller, Tamer of Words

Pieranna Cavalchini 
Curator modern art Gardner museum

                                                                     — Nancy Maull, Secretary

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