March 2014 Calendar

Monday Night Dinner March 3
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Elections Committee
The Elections Committee will hold its February meeting on Monday, March 3 at 5:30 in the Library; the March meeting will be Monday, March 24, same time and place. If members have candidates already in the process and whom they would like to bring to dinner that night, please contact Sandy Righter, Elections Chair, and clear with David Amory, Secretary.

image Arts Roundtable Lunch
Wednesday March 5 at 12.15

“The Lute in the Court of the Sun King” Miguel Yisrael, Paris-based lutenist on tour in the US, will be our special guest. He will discuss lute music in the court of the pleasure-loving Louis XIV, an avid lutenist himself. Miguel, a world-class musician who has been described as “the new prince of the lute”, will demonstrate this enchanting repertoire on his Baroque instrument. Guests welcome.

Musical Retrospective
Thursday, March 6

Jim Terry, Linc Boyden, and Jim Crissman will present a Musical Retrospective of favorite songs from Tavern plays. This will be one of the musical highlights of the season. Cocktails at 6:00, dinner at 6:45 followed by performances in the theater. Guests welcome.

Monday Night Dinner March 10
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Monday Night Dinner March 17
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

image History Lunch,  Wednesday, March 19 at 12:15.  
A relative of many Taverners, Emily Lodge will speak on her latest book, The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times.  Her uncle Harry Lodge will introduce.  Covering a period from the earliest days of the American colonies, through the Gilded Age, to the late 20th century, the Lodge women’s wide-ranging story is both political and intensely personal. Guests welcome!

The Great Debate
Wednesday, March 19

Two crack teams have been assembled:

One team will feature Jane Manopoli, John Tittmann, Mark Green, and Deb Bornheimer.

Their opponents will be Gene Dahmen, Peter Rand, Mary Scott, and Hiller Zobel.

The Subject of Debate selected by the Debate Committee from numerous Taverners’ suggestions will be The Tangible is More Important than the Intangible vs. The Intangible is More Important than the Tangible.

image The format will be along the lines of the Oxford Union Debates, with each team presenting its arguments alternately, followed by a rebuttal. On the evening of the debate each team will be assigned by lot to its side of the subject, with the audience invited to ask questions and vote at the end, as in the Halloween Plays. Competition raises the level of our performances, and this event will be audience – interactive as well!

So mark your Calendars and call Tony Fay to reserve your place for this Novel-to-the-Tavern entertaining occasion.

Cocktails at 5:45, debate in the theater at 6:30, and dinner at 7:30 followed by discussion. Guests welcome!

Monday Night Dinner March 24
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

image Poetry Lunch
On Monday, March 24, we will explore poems by John Berryman (1914-1972), an American poet whose Dream Songs and Homage to Mistress Bradstreet were mid-century literary landmarks. We’ll start with lighter fare, move to the elegiac (his friend Robert Lowell survived to elegize him: "I used to want to live / to avoid your elegy"), and end up at Boston Common (1942). Promise of lively chat and a raised spirit or two. With moderator Albert LaFarge.

image Art Gallery Opening
Monday, March 24, 5-7

Mixed media exhibit by Joy Halsted, with drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Joy Halsted, wife of Taverner Tom Halsted, is a multi-faceted narrative artist who has spent her entire life making art, in as many possible and improbable ways as she can.

Book Club
Awakening from its Ursine restorative hibernation the Tavern Book Club will convene at noon on Wednesday, March 26. Freshly back from a transcontinental driving cruise from Coast to Coast, Suzanne and Ed Tarlov will lead our discussion of two books, related and yet interestingly different: Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley: In Search of America.



Narrenabend Verdi, Wagner,…and Will!
Thursday, April 3 – members only, black tie and medals.  Wednesday, April 2 – dress rehearsal for cast friends and family.

Book and lyrics by David Scudder. Score by David Chanler, and direction from Carol Monica & John Finley IV. Peter Erichsen as Wagner, Albert LaFarge as Verdi, and Miguel de Bragança as Shakespeare star in this topsy-turvy world where characters from beloved operas flee their intendeds, and Bob Osteen adds to his portfolio of villainy as an out-of-control Iago.  John Paul Britton, Carole Charnow, Ben Cox, JoAnne Dickinson, James Houghton, Jane Manopoli, Frank McGuire, George Mezoly, Bill Truslow, and Joan Yogg are all lending their talents to this great production, with Bill Shumate as the glue that holding the show together as prompter.

Sets by Katharine Boden and Carol Monica, with help from Tom Kelly, Dick Perkins, Brian Rosborough, and Joe Wheelwright.  Poster by Brigid Williams and costumes by Deb Bornheimer.  

Cocktails 6:30, dinner 7:00, and performance 8:00.

Call Tony Fay today for reservations!


Joan Connelly, Professor of Art History and Archeology at NYU and a MacArthur fellowship winner, gave a fascinating lecture on her new book, The Parthenon Enigma on February 6. Focusing on the Parthenon’s legendary frieze, the 525-foot-long relief sculpture that originally encircled the upper reaches, Connelly described its long-buried meaning, a story of human sacrifice set during the city’s mythic founding.

On February 13 Taverners and their guests were treated to another Valentine Jazz Spectacular with Eli’s All-Stars. Bob Winter, Boston Pops pianist; Jimmy Mazzy, banjo; Jeff Guthery, drums; Eli Newberger, tuba; Bo Winiker, trumpet; and Ted Casher, clarinet and tenor sax played their astonishing, virtuosic jazz and accompanied cameo appearances by several of the Tavern’s own divas and gentlemen songsters.


There were NO contributions to our Fund this past month, and a few small outlays in the cause of TAVERN CLUB ARCHIVES, improvement thereof. We shall shortly have a formal relationship with the Massachusetts Historical Society, repository of older Club Records, and we are beginning improving some of the files remaining here at 4 Boylston. Volunteers to help in these efforts are needed and will be most welcome.


  • Narrenabend – April 3
  • MeistUrsingers – April 24
  • Annual Meeting – May 12
  • Summer Shorts – June 12

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