July 2019 Calendar

July 2019 Calendar

July 2019 Calendar

Club closed July 4 and 5

Club closed on July 4 and 5

Regular Monday Night Dinners July 1 and July 8

Thursday July 11  Fête Champêtre

Allendale Farm

The Tavern’s traditional Fête Champêtre is an occasion for elegant outdoor rusticating. Thanks to the hospitality of Ed and Joyce Lawrence, it will be held this year at the Allandale Farm in Brookline, 282 Newton Street.  Allandale is an historic working farm only a short drive from downtown Boston. https://allandalefarm.com/

A New England clambake under a tent with Tavern musical accompaniment.  Dress summer celebratory. Drinks at 6, dinner at 7. Guests welcome!

Reserve with Mr. Fay, manager@tavernclub.org, 617 338 9682.

July 14 Club closed until fall, re-opening September 3


While the Tavern Club is closed in August, the Book Club will meet overseas – in Nahant on Wednesday August 28 at noon at the home of Suzanne and Ed Tarlov, 35 Cary St. Taverner Carol Burnes, poet and storyteller, will discuss her poems and tell a story. Her published poems may be found in her books: Fine Lines, Roots and Wings, and An Episode of Buttons. Lunch will be provided. Guests welcome. Let Ed know if you plan to attend: edward.tarlov.md@gmail.com, or 617 347 6440.

Mark Your Calendars

September 2019


September 9, Gallery opening,  What I Made on my Summer Vacation”

Everyone remembers having to write “What I did on my summer vacation.” To take you back in time, the Art Committee invites you to submit for the September exhibition a work you created over the summer. Only ONE item from each exhibitor and that the piece must be visual art – e.g. painting, sculpture, print, drawing, collage, or photograph. Please keep any two-dimensional work under 25 x 25 inches.

September 10, Arts Round Table Field Trip

The Arts Round Table will travel to Gloucester to see “Homer at the Beach: A Marine Painter’s Journey” with curator Bill Cross at the Cape Ann Museum. In case you missed it, Bill spoke engagingly about the show at our April lunch. Details to follow. Guests welcome.

September 18, History Lunch

The Tavern welcomes back Leo Damrosch, Professor of Literature at Harvard. He has written wonderful biographies of Tocqueville, Rousseau, Swift (a Pulitzer Prize finalist choice), and Blake.  We look forward to hearing about his latest, The ClubJohnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age. Joseph Epstein in a recent review in the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Impeccable scholarship at the service of absolute lucidity, resulting in a work that can be enjoyed by thoughtful readers both inside and outside the academy–learned, penetrating, a pleasure to read….”  Then there are the illustrations: 31 elegant color plates and numerous black and white drawings of the book’s dramatis personae are scattered through this splendid book. Guests welcome.

September 24, Play-Reading Luncheon

The Play-Reading Luncheon begins the new season on a “high note,” with a reading of Farinelli and the King by Claire van Kampen. Come armed with your “inner counter-tenor” (not to say castrato), to take on this marvelous historical play about the power of music to calm, restore us to sanity, and forge relationships.  The arias of Handel — many written for Farinelli — will add a dimension of delight.  Guests welcome.

September 26, Special Event Concert

Musicians from the Boston Early Music Festival will return to the Tavern.  Robert Mealy (violin), Avi Stein (harpsichord), and Beiliang Zhu (cello).  Guests welcome.

October 2019

October 3, Harvest Dinner

Taverners will embrace the arrival of Fall with a joyful celebration of the harvest on October 3.  Our inspiration is the world-famous gathering each autumn near Beaune, in Burgundy, where winemakers bring their favorite bottles to share with their guests for a glorious BYOB extravaganza. Come and bring a bottle or two of your favorite.  Bring a friend.  Chef Salem will prepare a delicious dinner, followed by a sumptuous assortment of local cheeses and a  season-savvy dessert along with local chocolates.  What better way to reunite with your fellow Taverners after the summer hiatus?

October 30, Halloween Plays

Call for Halloween Plays

Taverners: Lurking inside each one of us is a playwright. Take up the challenge and write your script this summer, submit it to the Halloween Plays Competition by Labor Day.

There are only three rules for the Tavern play competition:

  1. Exactly FOUR actors. There can be more parts, but there are only four actors in each play.
  2. Length of total document, including stage directions, etc., should be about 1250 words, but not to exceed 1400 words.
  3. Only one pseudonym per author. (Submit as many plays as you would like, but use the same name on each submission. The idea of the competition is not just to have three plays, but to also have three different authors.)

How to submit your play:

  1. Create a Word or PDF file named by the play name plus your Nom de Plume.
  2. Using your own email, send the file of your play to: tchalloweenplays@gmail.com. This email is managed by a discreet plenipotentiary who will forward your file to the Plays Committee, keeping the source anonymous.
  3. Submit the file no later than Labor Day.

Watch for confirmation from the TCHalloweenPlays email to confirm that you have successfully submitted the play.

Summer Reading

Tavern Club Summer Reading
And finally, SUMMER READING.  As a recent Monday night dinner ended with summer reading recommendations, we thought we’d pass a few along:

      • The Palliser novels (Trollope)
      • Buddenbrooks (Mann)
      • The Outermost House (Beston)
      • Sea Stories (Maugham)
      • Lab Girl (Jahren)
      • The Overstory (Powers)
      • The Children’s Act (McEwan)
      • The Porpoise (Haddon)
      • The Last Days of Night (Moore)
      • The Fire of Origins (Dongala)
      • Foundryside (Bennett)
      • Enders Game (Card)
      • and of course, Dune  (Herbert)

Big Dates


December 12th – Carols
December 19th – Christmas Feast


March 26th – Narrenabend
May 11th – Annual Meeting

New Member

David R. Godine

Passionate bibliophile, independent publisher
Life long learned letterpress printmaker


Llewellyn ( Louie) Howland, III
June 21, 2019, Wenham, MA.


— Nancy Maull, Secretary


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