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July Tavern Club Calendar

The Tavern Club Fête Champêtre

Fete Champetre

The annual Fête Champêtre will held on July 12, at David and JB Greenway’s house, 634 Charles River Street, Needham, MA. If you are still hoping to sign up, call Tony Fay as lobsters take some catching (617 338 9682). Also, if you’ve signed up but find you can’t make it, let Tony know as soon as possible as some members may be wait listed.

David Greenway writes: “There is a swimming pool, croquet, and a tennis court, the latter, like your host, somewhat worse for wear. Come anytime after 3pm.” Drinks at 6, dinner at 7. Music will be supplied by an ad hoc Tavern band and singers. The French song will be sung.

Coming from the east take the Mass Pike to exit 16, Route 16, west to Wellesley Center. Coming from the north or south, take 95 and get off at route 16 west. From the West get off at exit 13 off the Mass Pike, take route 30 to route 9 to Weston Road, to Wellesley Center.

From Wellesley Center you take a 90 degree turn onto Grove Street at the stop light, hard left if coming from the east, right if coming from the west, leaving Tutto Italiano to port, and Anderson’s Jewelry to starboard. In 2 miles you come up to the stop sign – not the yield sign that you will have already passed. Where Grove St. ends Charles River Street crosses the T. Turn neither left nor right at the stop sign, but drive straight ahead down the driveway between two green hedges. Take the SECOND RIGHT on the driveway. There will be signs for parking, but if you have trouble walking ignore the signs and park next to the house. (Some GPSs tell you to turn onto Charles River Street off of Grove. Pay no attention and go straight down the driveway.)

Book Club Lunch, Wednesday, July 11, Noon

Draft Four

Brian Rosborough will lead the Tavern Book Club’s discussion of John McPhee’s Draft Four: On the Writing Process. This little book includes strategies to overcome writers’ block and to find captivating details. McPhee, a New Yorker writer since 1965, is the author of many other books with subjects ranging from: the depths of human interactions in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the deep details of birch bark canoes, and the history and cultivation of oranges.

Guests welcome.

Summer Book Club August 22

While the Tavern Club is closed for summer recess, the Book Club will continue to go Overseas–to Nahant–where on Wednesday August 22 around noon we will meet at Suzanne and Ed Tarlov’s house at 35 Cary St for lunch and discussion of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. Gabrielle Wolohojian and Andy Doherty, with their considerable experience with the subject, will lead the discussion. Readers will discover (or remember) Raskolnikov’s agitated energy–his fear of being discovered as a murderer and his underlying urge to reveal himself. One Taverner commented she has never, since reading it, been able dispassionately to look at an axe.  Please let Ed know if you plan to come so he can plan for lunch–  edward.tarlov.md@gmail.com

Guests welcome.

Further in the future the Book Club will meet around noon on Wednesday, September 26 when Laury Coolidge will lead discussion of Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul, a captivating account of the development and tensions separating Church and State, a battle that continues.

The Committee on Elections

The next meeting of the Committee on Elections will be Monday September 24 at 5.30 in the Tavern Library.

Proposing a New Member

First, let the Chair of the Elections Committee,  Ed Tarlov, know of your intention. (edward.tarlov.md@gmail.com or 617 337 6440)  You, the proposer, then mail or email a flavorful letter to the Chair, telling the Committee about the candidate. You solicit a seconder to write a supporting letter. You then request supporting letters from four additional Tavern members, sending those four names to the Committee.  Supporters’ letters are sent directly to the Elections Committee.  To acquaint the candidate and members, you may arrange a gathering, inside or outside the Tavern Club. Bringing the candidate to the Tavern Club to meet members and get the flavor of the Club is also an important part of the process. The Elections Committee will then carry out its due diligence and keep in touch with the proposer as the process unfolds.

In Case You Missed It

Summer Shorts returned on June 7 with theatrical musings on love and loss. Four of Hearts, by Richard Chaney, saw Anne Carter, Jane Shaw, Nancy Maull, Bob Osteen, George Perkins, Peter Randolph and Sallie Spence on a bench in Balboa Park, but not all at once.

Four vignettes explored the dilemmas of gift-giving and gift-taking, the complexities of loving and being loved. East of the Sun, by Darcy Parker Bruce, found Maull, Osteen, and Brigid Williams caught in a fairytale terror, flight, and way-finding. Peter Aitken was the Narrator. Actors were marvelously supported by Warren Ross, Gabrielle Wolohojian, and Martha Eddison with special effects, lights and costume. Geoff Peters played Bartok and Debussy, great mystery-invoking music. Christopher Randolph was the drama coach and one of the probing contributors to an after-dinner discussion of the plays.

Alert for the Triennial Art Show

Triennial Art Show 2018
November 15 – December 31 2018

The Tavern Triennial Art Show 2018 to be held in honor of Joe Wheelwright will open Thursday November 15, 2018 at 6:00. Dinner for members and their guests will follow at 7:15.

We hope every member will submit something of his or her own creation for the show – only ONE item from each exhibitor; the other stipulation is that the piece be visual art – painting, sculpture, print, drawing, photograph and so on. Please keep the dimensions of two-dimensional work under 25 x 25 inches. Please direct all questions to Nick ClarkNickc715@outlook.com and/or Peter Hainespeter.decamp.haines@gmail.com.

Pack your piece as you see fit, label with your name, the title, medium, plus price (if any) and bring to the Club between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm (preferably) any day from Monday October 22 to and including Thursday November 8, 2018 but no later. Until hanging, all pieces will be stored in the Billiards room and adjacent space.

Call for Halloween Plays

Taverners one and all! Summer is upon us, and it’s a great time to be writing your Halloween Play! So sharpen your quills, find a hammock, and beseech the muses. Send them in by Labor Day, September 3rd, this year.

There are only three rules for the Tavern play competition:

  • Four actors. (There can be more parts, but there are only four actors in each play.)
  • 10 minutes long. (Usually a page per minute.)
  • Only one pseudonym per author. (Submit as many plays as you would like, but use the same name for all. The idea of the competition is not just to have three plays, but to also have three different authors.)

How to submit your play:

  1. Save your play as a PDF. Include your Nom de Plume in the file name.
  2. Using your own email, send the PDF of your play to tchalloweenplays@gmail.com. This email is managed by an anonymous and very discreet someone who will cloak the true author’s name hidden from all. This someone will take the PDF and forward it under a new email, protecting anonymity to the Plays Committee for reading and selection.
  3. Watch for confirmation from the TCHalloweenPlays email to confirm that you have successfully submitted the file.

Call for new Tavern compositions – A Prospective Songfest in the Spring

WANTED: Taverners with words for music and music for words!

If you ever thought you had a way with words or a tune or two in your head but no place to put those little gems, we have an Opportunity for you!  We invite you to join in the creation of the first Tavern Prospective Show.

The idea:

This is the opportunity to create and/or perform an original composition for performance at the Tavern Club without the formidable burden of writing and mounting an entire Christmas or Narrenabend show.  Perhaps this effort will lead you to just such projects after you have dipped your toe in the waters of creation.  Perhaps you and other Club writers will find new partners and new performers of all types for future productions. And in any case it should be fun for all!

The plan:

We invite all aspiring lyricists to create song lyrics over the summer. These poetic efforts can be rhymed and metered -or not!  Submit them to Elaine Woo or Al Lafarge and we will compile them centrally.   In the fall, interested Club composers will review the collected lyrics and select up to 30 to set to music.  In the spring – we tap the collective talents of the Club performers and voila! Our First Tavern Club Prospective Revue.

The invitation: to all!

Elaine Woo: elainewoo67@gmail.com
Albert Lafarge: albert@thelafargeagency.com

New Member:

Joe Glenmullen
Psychiatrist, author and Baroque music aficionado

Have a wonderful summer!

 Nancy Maull, Secretary

To download a printable copy of the July Tavern Club Newsletter, click here.

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