July 2014 Calendar

Monday Night Dinner July 7
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Monday Night Dinner July 14
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

image Fête Champêtre Thursday July 17

The annual Fête Champêtre will be held on Thursday July 17 at Millie and Dick Perkins’s place in Topsfield, MA. This is not hard to find if you follow the directions given and keep Dick’s cell number handy. We shall send out search parties for anyone missing at 7:00 p.m., and hope that most will make it soon after 6:00 p.m. Anyone finding him or herself in Byfield is on the wrong side of I-95.

Cocktails 6.00 and the traditional Lobster Buffet at 7:00, along with usual Tavern conversation, as well as a few songs abetted by Watson Reid and some friends, especially for La Marseillaise.

Sign up soon with Tony Fay – Guests welcome – (617) 338-9682, tavern.club@verizon.net.


82 River Road, Topsfield MA 01983

Take ROUTE 1 NORTH  out of town and follow it to ROUTE 95 NORTH. Take 95 N and follow it to EXIT 51, Endicott Rd., and go right off the ramp.
Stay on Endicott for 6/10 miles to River Rd. Go right on River.
You are now 6/10 of a mile from our house. Be sure to BEAR LEFT at the fork of River Rd. and Rowley Ridge Rd, leaving the large sign for Trinity Church on your right.
(If you’ve been relying on Google Maps, pay no attention to their confusing instructions at this point).
Follow River Rd. to # 82 on your right. Our red brick house is visible from the road.

There is more than one way to get to River Rd. This is not the shortest, but it is the simplest. Google Maps will get you there by another route.
Find your way to ROUTE 97 NORTH (Cabot St.) and follow it (long and winding road) to the stoplight at the intersection of Route 1 and 97.
Cross Route 1, and at the next Stop sign, (5/10 miles) turn Left onto Main St. in Topsfield.
Go 3/10 miles, through town (in the blink of an eye) and turn right onto Prospect St.
Go 5/10 miles on Prospect to the Stop sign.
Our driveway is on the left, at the intersection of River Rd. and Prospect, directly across from the Stop sign. House is red brick, visible from the road. Turn carefully, it’s a tricky intersection with sharp curves.

For lost souls in Boxford or Middleton, Dick’s cell is 617-827-4014.



For their tenth season, the Summer Shorts troupe (Peter Aitken, Anne Carter, Nancy Maull, Bob Osteen, Peter Randolph and Brigid Williams,) coached by Chrisopher Randolph, presented four short plays, with atmospheric piano interludes by Jeff Peters and mood lighting by Sam Dennis. She’s Fabulous (Jack Neary), Distractions and RMV (Christopher Durang), and Pass the Buck (Anne Carter). A full house and lively after-dinner discussion made for a great evening.



On Tuesday June 3rd the Tavern Club extended its winning streak dating from 1913 in the softball series with the St Botolph Club. This epic game, played on the storied fields of the Park School in Brookline resulted in another victory for the Taverners; nothing in the annals of Harvard-Yale, Cal-Stanford, Oxford-Cambridge rivalries quite equals this achievement. The Tavern, with a large and multitalented team managed by Casey Tarlov, defeated the disciplined Botolphers 11-7, or 11-8, or 10-6,or something like that over five or six tense innings. Mike Scott at third called Brooks Robinson to mind and Robbo at first was in no way inferior. Becky Richardson, in a long at bat, drained the St B bullpen, but the losers were game to the end. There were many heroes, and all repaired to a convivial and sentimental evening at 4 Boylston Place, where the merits of each player were discussed at length, and both the weary teams agreed that this rivalry, with its now legendary status, must be continued.

Ed Tarlov writes:

The Game, on the emerald fields of Park School, took place on a beautiful early June afternoon. Eli and Carolyn Newberger on tuba and washboard provided musical accompaniement throughout the game, after Ben Cox and Albert Lafarge (who also played behind the plate) led us in the National Anthem.  Andy Calkins, Bob Turner and Mark Green pitched, Mike Scott played and coached first base, Ned Roberts, Jim Dineen and John Lannon held up the infield and Joe Barbieri, Rees Cosgrove, Peter Aitken, Watson Reid and Will Thorndike played the field. Power hitters included Eli Newberger who batted with tuba over his shoulder, Rebecca Brooks, Chris Smallhorn, Ed Tarlov, Becky Richardson, George Meszoly, John Bethell and Neal Attenborough but it was Tavern rookie Charlie Storey who hit a homer, bases loaded, over the Green Wall, (a stand of 200 foot spruces beyond deep left field) who brought in the most runs, with Anne Carter as a designated runner (a new position). The cheering section, spectacularly turned out, included Sandy Righter, Sarah Jolliffe, Polly Drinkwater, Katharine Boden, Helen Bethell , and  Juliette Reid. Afterwards both teams retired to the Tavern for post game festivities, reminiscences, presentation of the Auld Mug topped by  a softball autographed for posterity  by both teams,  and music including, as the finale,  a rousing rendition of “Take Me out to the Ball Game”.

From Committee on Elections:

Membership in the Tavern

Do you have someone in mind for membership who has already become happily familiar with the Club? Get in touch with the Elections Committee – or just go ahead with your proposal, as follows:

  1. Send nominating letter/email to Sandy Righter, Chair, srighter@earthlink.net, and provide at least four names of Taverners whom we can call for further impressions and letters.
  2. Ask another Taverner close to candidate to write a seconding letter. Once both letters have been received, the nominating process is underway.

The Committee will begin its due diligence, and Sandy Righter will stay in touch with you about how things are progressing.

Any questions, please contact a Member of the Committee on Elections (see sidebar, this page).

Boylston Place Foundation

At a meeting of the Board of the Boylston Place Foundation at the Tavern Club, on Monday, June 16, Stephen H. Clark was elected Chairman of the BPF Board. Christopher Smallhorn resigned that position, and remains on the Board as Secretary of the Tavern, replacing David Amory.

From Plays Committee:

Halloween Plays Guidelines:

  1. Run time: Submissions should be about 10 minutes in length. A good rule of thumb is a page of typed of dialogue equals about a minute. So if your submission is 3 pages or 30 it won’t qualify.
  2. Number of Actors: The plays committee has decided to relax this a little. Cast should be no more than five and no fewer than two. Ideally four. And it helps if the dialogue is distributed among them. The greater the burden of memorization you put on any individual, the less the likelihood all the lines being remembered!
  3. Production requirements: Please, no volcanoes. Excessive make-up and special effects require time and stage changes that are prohibitive due to the short production schedule.
  4. Submit your entry under an assumed name. Submissions can be emailed to halloweenplays@gmail.com. The senders email address is stripped from the file and submission to maintain anonymity. Then in a classic envelope send a letter with the name of the play and the author’s real name to the Tavern Club attention Plays Committee.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this Tavern tradition.

Chris Whitlock – Chairman, Plays Committee.

The Long View – August

Book Club – August 13, Noon

The Tavern Book Club will – as has been our custom – go overseas for our summer meeting, this time to the home of Becky Richardson, overlooking the sea at 58 Winter Street Nahant.. We will discuss and each read some of the letters of Emily Dickinson and Abigail and John Adams. These are contained in "Emily Dickinson Letters” edited by Emily Fragos and "My Dearest Friend – Letters of Abigail and John Adams" both available from Amazon. Becky is providing lunch so please let her know if you are planning to come , by emailing her at her  at rkr@tiac.net

The Long View – September

CLUB RE-OPENS Tuesday, Sept. 2

Arts Round Table Wednesday, Sept. 12

Committee on Elections Monday, Sept. 22, at 5.30 p.m. in the Library.

New Members’ Lunch Tuesday, Sept. 23

Book Club – Wednesday, Sept. 24

Our September meeting will have the unusual feature of being conducted by the author. Taverner Judge Hiller Zobel will discuss his classic book "The Boston Massacre" a second edition of which he is presently working on. This too will be an occasion not to be missed by those blessed by leisure to read and to attend discussion in the full alert state of mind that comes in mid day.

MeistUrsingers – Thursday, Sept. 25

If you like to sing, come try us out at the first fall meeting of the MeistUrsingers with Maestro Tom Kelly.  Downbeat 12:20 p.m. in the theatre.

The Longer View – October

Halloween Plays – October 29, 30

New Member:
Ann Landreth Gund
Elected June 4, 2014

Full of light and laughter
Wonderful eye for art
A reader and a thinker
Conversation marinated in wit
Lover of all things Latin

Christopher Smallhorn

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