January 2019 Calendar

Happy New Year!

Monday, January 7 at 5:30; Gallery Opening

 Photographs by John Ames, who writes:

“My show is called “One Mile Radius”. It consists of street photographs taken within a one mile radius of the club. I’ve had a lifelong interest in photography and since my wife Sarah and I retired from running our art gallery/antique shop in Camden, Maine, I’ve become more serious about working with a camera.”

Guests welcome at the Opening;  Monday Night Dinner members only at 7 p.m.

Wednesday, January 9, 12:15; Arts Round Table Lunch

Taverner Elliot Davis will speak to us about building the collection for the Art of the Americas Wing of the MFA over the past eighteen years. Since coming to the MFA to chair the department in 2000, Elliot has overseen the opening of the new  wing and the acquisition of some 4,300 works of art for the Museum from North, South, and Central America.

Elliot has recently left the MFA to take up her new appointment, in March, as director of the Norton Museum of Art in Palm Beach.

Guests welcome. Reserve with Mr. Fay.

Tuesday, January 15, Noon; Play-Reading Lunch

We will open the year with the French play that “killed off the nobility” (according to Danton):  Beaumarchais’ The Marriage of Figaro. And the expansion of the play into Mozart’s greatest opera (according to our impresario, George Heaton) will grace the background.  The library curtain will lift on the Overture around noon, followed by reading and lunch.  As the last line of the libretto says:  “Corriam tutti a festeggiar!”  Please reserve with Mr. Fay.  (Future play-reading dates are Feb 12, Mar 12, and April 16.) 

Wednesday, January 16, Noon; Book Club Lunch

Jock Herron will lead our discussion about an important book at the heart of the Green Revolution and environmental science: Charles Mann’s The Wizard and the Prophet: Two Groundbreaking Scientists and Their Conflicting Views of the Future of Our Planet. William Vogt, an ecologist, is the prophet and Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, an agronomist, is the wizard. Their conflict was over earth’s capacity to accommodate growth. This timely and fascinating book engages opposing views on a very wide range of topics important to all of us. Guests welcome. Reserve with Mr. Fay.

And so you have time to read it, our February 20 book discussion will be “The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World” discussed by Laury Coolidge.

Thursday, January 17 and 31, 12:20; MeistUrsingers

Welcome to all Taverners who like to sing! Downbeat at 12:20, Reserve with Mr. Fay if you can stay for Lunch.  MeistUrsingers are “working” on music for their annual Concert on April 25.

Special Thursday Evening Event, January 17; Charades

Start the New Year with laughter. Come to Charades Night on Thursday, January 17. How would you act out Gone with the Wind? Hum to the tune of Yesterday?   

Charade Maestri James and Connie Houghton will lead us in an evening of fun and creativity as we join different teams to compete in the Great Charades Playoff.  An informal buffet will invigorate the players. This is an evening for all ages. Bring friends and family.  Reserve early with Mr. Fay.  

Wednesday, January 23, 12:15; History Lunch

Robert Cutler, long time Taverner and the first head of the National Security Agency (1954), is the subject of a biography, Ike’s Mystery Man, by his great-nephew, Peter Shinkle, a seasoned print journalist, who used the Tavern Club Archives during the research phase. Published by Random House, the book has received excellent reviews and offers us yet another angle on the Eisenhower/Dulles Cold War era. 12:15 Reserve with Mr. Fay. Guests welcome. 

Special Thursday Evening Event, January 31

World Diplomacy with Stephen Walt

Walt is a professor of international affairs at Harvard’s Kennedy School. No stranger to controversy, Walt very publicly opposed the U.S. invasion of Iraq and later, with his colleague John Mearsheimer, published The Israel Lobby in 2007. Walt’s newest book is The Hell of Good Intentions: American’s Foreign Policy Elite and the Decline of U.S. Primacy.

More information to follow, but please sign up soon with Mr. Fay. Guests welcome.

In Case You Missed It:

The Christmas Feast proceeded with its time-worn and yet ever-wondrous confusion of solemn and absurd. Songs were sung by MeistUrsingers in front of the still unlit Yule Log. Bear (George Meszoly) and Santa (Elliot Davis) appeared.  Margery Kennelly delivered a Blessing and Warren Ross a Christmas Poem.  

Buttons were awarded to Nick Clark, Brett Donham, Martha Eddison and Elaine Woo, and the faux Boar’s Head paraded. New members Joe Glenmullen and Benjamin Taylor were presented with their medals and the Perry Address was delivered. Staff were thanked, but the truth is that we can’t ever thank them enough.

The Christmas Play, The Button Hunter, a spoof on our very own Tavern Club, was brilliantly penned both book and lyrics by Andy Doherty, in his writing debut for the Tavern Players. Tuneful and artful music, written by Jim Crissman and played by an able orchestra that included Jim, Hal Churchill on clarinet, Jeff Peters on french horn, Brigid Williams on recorder and Gabrielle Wolohojian on the violin, filled the hall to the delight of all.

Crisp direction by Bob Osteen, whose clear command of pacing and comic timing kept the mock-epic tale of over-achievers in a tidy and effortless form. The play’s protagonist, Chadwick Tryhard (George Perkins), desperately wants to be awarded gold buttons for achievement.  Unclear on what he can do to win them, Tryhard receives advice, ridicule—and love, even—from other “Taverners,” (Rusty Tunnard, Elaine Woo, Mary Scott, Sally Spence, Nick Clark, and George Heaton).  Eventually, he learns that his efforts have been thwarted by the High Priestess of the Billiards Committee (Jane Shaw) who took offense when Tryhard actually knew how to play Billiards. In a fitting nod to the Christmas season, Santa Claus (Elliot Davis) arrives to grant Tryhard’s wish, bestowing the long-sought buttons upon him, to thunderous cheers from the actual Taverners assembled.

Lighting was perfectly managed by Gabrielle Wolohojian and David Lawrence.  The set, a facsimile of the Tavern itself, was crafted by Warren Ross and Mary RhinelanderMitch Adams helped with prompting, and all important back-stage cat herding. Anne Carter found wigs and costumes, Gabrielle came up with glowing buttons, and the poster was by Katharine Boden. (Members can log onto http://www.TavernClub.org and see photos by John Tittmann under “Gallimaufry”).

Coming in February:

Monday, February 4, Gallery Opening at 5:30
Paintings, Nancy Maull

–Nancy Maull, Secretary

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