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January 2018 Tavern Club Calendar

Tavern Club Oral History Project or The Low Ebb On File
January 17 12:15 for 12:30

For those interested in learning more about the Tavern Club Oral History Project, this will be the opportunity. Initiated a year ago, this effort attempts to provide a more granular layer of Tavern Club experience than the traditional TC Histories. Our goal is to let voices speak for themselves as we capture the Tavern Club in different eras and from different points of view. Having completed our first five projects, we’d like to share our experiences and grow the project — help us figure out how to do that! Interviewers [Belinda Rathbone, Jane Shaw, Frinde Maher, Carol Bundy] and interviewees [Peter Aitken, Peter Gunness, Tony Zane, Robin Thompson, Jim Terry, Jack Cobb, Jim Storey] will talk a bit about the experience. We want feedback from those who have already participated and new ideas from those who haven’t yet.  There is no protocol for the interviews, as might be predicted.  So far, each of our interviews is unique—perhaps reflecting the singularity of our interviewees and their interviewers.

Bear Charades Night

Charades Night
January 18

The Third Annual Tavern Team Charades Night, Thursday, January 18.

Drinks, dinner and fierce competition for members and guests beginning at 6 pm.  Please call James Houghton at (617) 488 9279 with questions and/or call or email Tony Fay at the Club to sign up, (617) 338 9682, manager@tavernclub.org.

MeistUrsingers Lunches
Thursday, January 11 and 25

Downbeat 12.20, followed by lunch.  If you like to sing, you are welcome!  Remember to sign up if you can stay for lunch.

The Committee on Elections will meet on Monday, January 22 at 5.30 in the Library.

Members are reminded to check the Book in the Library for new candidates.

Committee on Election Members include:

Committee on Elections

  • Ed Tarlov, Chair
  • Katharine Boden
  • Mark Green
  • Rob Loomis
  • Polly Drinkwater
  • Jock Herron
  • James Houghton
  • Nick Clark
  • Rusty Tunnard
  • Elaine Woo

Visit https://tavernclub.org/gallimaufry/proposing-a-candidate-for-membership if you have a candidate for membership.

Poetry Lunch
Tuesday, January 23, Noon

For the Poetry Lunch, we’re happy to announce a visit by Susan Barba. Born in New Jersey, Susan earned her doctorate in Comparative Literature from Harvard and now resides in Cambridge. Her writing has appeared in Poetry, Raritan, the Hudson Review, the Yale Review, Harvard Review, Boston Review, Words Without Borders, and elsewhere. She is a senior editor for New York Review Books. We’ll read a few poems from her new collection, Fair Sun,  published last year by our recent guest David R. Godine. Guests welcome.

Book Club Lunch
Wednesday, January 24, Noon

A Gentleman in MoscowTaverner Peter Rand will lead the Tavern Book Club’s discussion of Amor Towles’s beautifully written novel A Gentleman in Moscow. The book follows Count Rostov’s 30-year house arrest in Moscow’s Metropol Hotel for writing a subversive poem. Rostov weathers gripping adventures in the company of an Eloise-like little girl, and it becomes clear that the man makes the home, not the other way around.

Guests welcome – reserve with Tony Fay

Next month the Book Club will meet on February 28 when Tavern military expert Peter Haines will lead our discussion of Ron Chernow’s monumental biography of Ulysses Grant.

Future Book Club lunches will feature Michel Lewis’s The Undoing Project, and Daniel Khaneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow, led by David Scudder.

In the spring Alice Cornwell will lead a discussion of her work in progress­­—a collection of short stories revolving around themes of home and family.

The Christmas Play, Dulcinea! brought down the house.

The play, conceived by Barclay Tittmann, (his 13th Tavern play), was set in 17th century Spain.  The story wove a glorious blend of Cervantes’ Don Quixote and Mozart’s Don Giovanni.  The delightful lyrics were penned by his longtime collaborator, John BethellElaine Woo’s original music was brought chromatically to life by all on stage.  All was pulled together by director Eleanor Andrews.  Sancho Panza (George Perkins) ran his Tavern with perfectly timed humor, aided by Aldonza (Anson Wright).  The chorus of villagers (Brigid Williams, Sandy Righter, Owen Andrews, John Finley, and Nic Greville with an ear trumpet) enlivened the scene.  The plot took a dramatic turn when Don Juan (Tom Kelly) sporting riding boots and sword, enters Sancho’s Tavern in pursuit of the mythical Dulcinea.  He was accompanied by his llong-suffering loquacious, servant, Leporello (George Heaton).  Further drama ensued when Dona Elvira (Joan Yogg), Don Juan’s wife, and her companion, Senora Isabel (Belinda Rathbone) arrived in pursuit of Don Juan.  Between acts, two enforcers  (Sam Dennis and Steven Score), sent by the Spanish Inquisition (who expects them?), sang one of the funniest songs ever performed on our stage, only to be pursued off the stage by a bear (John Rabinowitz).  And finally, the tables were turned on the dangerous Don Juan when he was slyly tricked by Sancho’s Taverners into reuniting with his wife.  The behind-the-curtain crew outdid themselves with Costumes by Deb Bornheimer, Sets by Warren Ross and David Lawrence, Set painting by Mary Rhinelander, Lights by Gabrielle Wolohojian and David Lawrence.  Prompting by Jane Shaw kept the whole show flowing without a missed beat.  Ernst von Metzsch painted the poster.

Christmas Feast
December 14

This year’s Feast was enlivened by a beautifully turned-out Mrs. Santa (Martha Eddison) and the Bear (Warren Ross).  Joel Ives intoned Grace, Albert Lafarge read his Christmas Poem, Gold Buttons were awarded to Warren Ross and Abbie Trafford, and New Members Mitch Adams, Alice Cornwell, George Heaton, Margery Kennelley, Leslie Marshall, Hilary McGhee, Sallie Spence McGregor, George Perkins, John Rabinowitz and Gil Rose were inducted. Tony Fay, Chef Salem and the Staff provided a seamless and sumptuous Feast.

Caroling Night
January 18

Tom Kelly and Jim Terry led a full house of Taverners, families, and guests in enthusiastic after-dinner singing of carol favorites, again featuring the spontaneous choreography of The Twelve Days of Christmas.  The evening began in the theater with drinks and the MeistUrsingers’ holiday songs, all composed by Taverners:  The Solstice Star, Cold on the Mountain, and Small the Wreath.


Save the date for an Extraordinary Valentine’s Day Dinner, February 14

Gallery Opening in February: Kate Dahmen

Narrenabend, March 28/29

MeistUrsingers Concert, April 26

Tavern Club Medallion

New Members:

Gil Rose
Head of Boston Modern Opera Project, Composer, Conductor, Performer, Producer, Professor of Music

Mitchell Adams
Model shipbuilder, Musicophile, Accomplished veteran of Massachusetts politics

Leslie Marshall
Author, Magazine editor, Newspaperwoman, Musician

Hilary McGhee
Actress, Traveler, Psychotherapist

— Nancy Maull, Secretary

For a complete, downloadable copy of the January 2018 Tavern Club Newsletter, click here.

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