December 2014 Calendar


December 10,11

The Christmas play presented this year is written by Leslie Dunton-Downer with music by Jim Crissman. “Curator Extraordinaire” will take us around the world interviewing possible candidates for a curator that can breath life and profits into a struggling arts organization. The extraordinary cast features Peter Aitken as Gloria, the Chair of the ailing Boston Arts Foundation; Andy Calkins as the renowned head-hunter; Mary Scott, Jim Terry and Peter Randolph play the shortlist candidates. Rounding out the supporting cast are Nick Clark, Tweed Roosevelt, JoAnne Dickinson, Elizabeth Hunnewell, Bobo Stevens and Polly Drinkwater.

The crew helping out with this production includes lighting by David Lawrence; sets production by Peter Haines, Mary Rhinelander and Bill Truslow; Deb Bornhiemer and Anne Carter are tirelessly assembling the costumes and Mary Rhinelander will be creating her first Tavern Poster. Wednesday night Dress Rehearsal is open to the cast and their families. Thursday Night members only. Black Tie and medals. Reserve now!

December 1

clip_image002Following the Opening of the Gerakaris Family Art Show at 5.00-6.30 pm to which all are welcome (details below), there will be a unique Monday Night Dinner with a Special Guest, Cynthia Sam, granddaughter of the great Tavern Sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt (1867-1917), who also designed the Tavern medal – so we all carry a memento of BLP to Tavern Dinners such as the Christmas Feast. Ms. Sam will talk briefly about BLP and may bring more of his work. The Club owns four, and these will be displayed in the Dining Room, including a bust of Henry Lee Higginson (1834-1917) lately brought up from the cellar.

Gerakaris Art Exhibit
December 1, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.

Little did anybody suspect when Peter Gerakaris modeled for the Bear of Boylston Place, that ‘Baby Bear’ would 28 years later join forces with Mama Bear and Papa Bear for an exhibition at the Tavern Club, but Peter, Mary and Taverner Dimitri Gerakaris will exhibit a selection of their paintings, drawings, photos and sculptures.

Members are encouraged to bring non-Taverner guests and please urge them to sign the guest book (so our Foundation has incontrovertible proof that non-members do, indeed, have access to viewing our artwork). All will first be greeted downstairs with the hospitality of hors d’oeuvres and libations.


Peter Gerakaris modeling 28 years ago for the Bear of Boylston Place Gateway

Note: Guests very welcome to the Art Show, but Members Only for Monday Night Dinner.

Book Club Lunch
Tuesday, December 2, 12.30 p.m.

David Scudder will lead our discussion of Capital by Thomas Piketty. This is a weighty tome and for those who do not get through it, not to worry as David has promised a summary. The subject of inequality is on the minds of politicians, economists and to some extent the general public. Professor Piketty’s book attempts both original research on the subject of economic inequality (with considerable success) and general analysis, together with recommendations to attack the problem (with rather less success).  As a starting point for review of this vexing problem for society as a whole, the book has much to recommend it, despite its length and complexity.  David plans to address both the general problem of inequality, not just in economic terms, and also the contributions this significant book has made to economic thinking. Guests welcome.

Arts Round Table Lunch
Wednesday, December 3, 12:15  p.m.

“Transforming the lives of children through art:  How RAW works in Lynn.” Through challenging questions and bold art projects RAW ART WORKS deeply engage youth through their process, product and potential. RAW empowers children as they explore their identity, overcome their challenges, envision a positive future, and develop a plan for how to get there.

RAW’s continuum of programming culminates with Project Launch, a college access program in which volunteer mentors and RAW staff support youth artists and their families through the often complicated college and financial aid application process.

Join Mary Flannery, Founder, and Kit Jenkins, Executive Director, in lively discussion on how they have spent the last 25 years creating a palette for under-served youth. They have recently watched their film school become internet stars after being featured on MTV, Good Morning America, the Today show, and many more. Guests welcome.


Poetry Lunch : Tuesday, December 9, 12.15 In preparation for the Christmas season, the Tavern Poetry Lunch will read and discuss  Christmas Poems written by Taverners over the years, some ancient and some recent. Some of the poets will no doubt be in attendance. This will be a memorable opportunity   to appreciate Tavern poets and their efforts to capture the spirit of the season. Guests welcome.



Carol Singing
Monday, December 15

The annual Christmas carols sing-along is a wonderful opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit and perhaps to introduce some friends to the Tavern Club.

Cocktails 6:00, Dinner 7:00, followed by Carol Singing in the dining room.

In Case You Missed It:
Abeer Allam

On November 13 Abeer Allam, the Gulf editor for the Financial Times who reported from Saudi Arabia for three years, gave a fascinating presentation on how modern media such as Twitter and Facebook are being used by the younger generation in the Middle East to effect social and political changes. She also discussed the nearly total disenfranchisement of women in Saudi Arabia today and the recruitment from foreign countries of both male and female fighters by the organization known as ISIS.

Boylston Place Foundation

The Boylston Place Foundation funded the conservation of Sarah Whitman’s portrait of Henry Lee Higginson, which had forlornly overlooked the Perry Room and now shines as brightly as new. The Foundation is also sponsoring the restoration of Bela Pratt’s bronze bust of Henry Lee Higginson rediscovered in the Tavern basement this summer. Both will be on proud display at the Winter Feast January 15, 2015.

Long Term

Mid-Winter Feast
January 15

Remembering Henry Lee Higginson,former President of the Club and founder of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


Musical Retrospective
January 29

Triennial Art Show

Get to work!

The Tavern Club seeks, needs and welcomes new members; all members are encouraged to introduce friends and acquaintances whom they believe would enjoy the Club, would use the Club, and whom other Taverners would like to know. Early in the New Year members will receive a reminder of the simple steps to be taken in order to bring potential new members into our friendly elections process. Merry Christmas to all!

New Member:

Elaine Woo
Lively, bright debater
Alto mainstay of “Boston jazz Voices”
Understands nature of collaborative creativity
Talented and infectiously funny
A welcome addition to Tavern in-house medical team


Howard M. Turner (Howie)
Colorado, November 2, 2014


Christopher Smallhorn

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