Curt Prout

Curtis Prout a Tavern member since 1946 died December 2, 2011. The following from Diane:

Final change: CP died tonight @ 11PM.
Someone was heard saying, “I’m so proud that he got the best loving care and
enjoyed life, till the end. He partook in all his joys, big and small: home,
family, friends, pool, medicine, sailing, crosswords, spiritual things, Cha’s
mushroom soup, Harvard football(clobbered Yale), Patriots, Margaritas, Chinese
takeout, Apple Jack (cider and Jack Daniels), always gracious and grateful for
those around him- thanking everyone for their kindness.

At the very end,
after sitting together all evening, I had gone downstairs to clean the kitchen
& watch “BlueBloods” on TV. Frank was helping him prepare for bed so, as
usual, I got out of the way to let the gents do their thing. Frank suddenly
appeared saying that I had better come quick as “CP was having a stroke”. I ran
upstairs and was not sure if CP was breathing, but in a moment he was

Arrangements had already been made: his body is to be donated to
Harvard Medical School. After we called 911 and after the emergency personnel
arrived to pronounce him, we contacted the funeral home (Campbell, Lee, Moody
& Russell) to transport him to Harvard.  (Took one and 1/2 hours.  We sat
with him and waited and chatted;  decided not to try and make phone calls so I
wasn’t on the phone when they came).  Sorry it’s so late when I’m writing this.

Services will be held, but not
probably until later – spring?  That is so far undecided.  Surely your private
prayers will be heard.

I feel sad for everyone who loved him and I know
that it was reciprocated.  But one cannot but be happy he had such a great life.

Please, much as I appreciate and
sympathize with your feelings, respond to this by e-mail, as there is always a
lot to do on the day following such an event and I don’t want to be distracted
or rude if you call. Also, please call each other if you think anyone might
value this news, repeat repetitions and forgive if anyone might have been left

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