Newly elected members are presented with a medal depicting a seated bear and the motto “Bear With Us”, and are offered a copy of the latest history of the Club, The Tavern at 125. Club neckties and waistcoats are available for purchase. Ask Mr. Fay.

Colors of Club Waistcoats

1884                Charter Members : green

1884-1893       Non-Charter Members: red with green lapels

1894-1903       red

1904-1913       yellow

1914-1923       light blue

1924-1933       purple

1934-1943       salmon with lemon lapels

1944-1953       burgundy

1954-1963       green

1964-1973       red

1974-1983       yellow

1984-1993       light blue

1994-2003       purple

2004-2013       salmon with lemon lapels

2014-2023       burgundy

Colors of Club Medal Ribbons

Colors of ribbons of pewter Club Medals match the waistcoat colors.

25-year Silver Medals have blue ribbons

50-year Gold Medals have red ribbons