March 2013 Calendar

Monday Night Dinner March 4
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

The MeistUrsingers will gather at 12:20 on March 7 and 21, with Mystery Maestros conducting. Please let Tony Fay know if you are staying for lunch.

Simagepecial Event Thursday, March 7
Tod Randolph on the Tavern Stage, daughter of Tavern thespian Peter and Helen Randolph, Tod will perform Cassandra Speaks, a play written by Norman Plotkin, as Dorothy Thompson on the day of her third marriage, bringing to life her extraordinary career as "First Lady of American Journalism". Ms. Thompson, married to Sinclair Lewis, was the first American journalist expelled from Nazi Germany, and was hailed by TIME magazine in 1939 as the second most influential woman in America next to Eleanor Roosevelt.

Excerpts from reviews:
From Berkshire on Stage:
“Actor Tod Randolph and writer Norman Plotkin have plucked Dorothy Thompson from the dustbin of history and brought her amazingly, even brilliantly, to life again.

In the 1930’s and ‘40’s, Thompson was known as the “First Lady of American Journalism”. Time Magazine named her the most influential woman in the country, second only to Eleanor Roosevelt.

“Randolph does more than just act out her part, she glides into it, virtually donning Dorothy Parker’s skin in one of the most complex performances I have seen in years. It is an astonishing tour de force”.

From the Berkshire Eagle:
“Plotkin delivers a fascinating, complex, fully formed and dimentioned human being who is all too aware of her own shortcomings and wrestles with them even as she wages more fierce battles against the background of world war.”

“Thompson has an articulate representative in Randolph. An absolute master of her craft, Randolph has a way of working herself beneath the skin of her characters. She burrows deep within Thompson here. The result is at once revealing and compelling”.

Guests welcome – Cocktails 6.00,
Performance 6.30, Dinner to follow.

Monday Night Dinner March 11
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00.

Monday Night Dinner March 18
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Guest Will Englund, foreign correspondent for the Washington Post based in Moscow, recipient of the 1998 Pulitzer Prize, old friend of David Amory. Members only.

History Lunch
Wednesday, March 20 at 12:15. The Tavern is pleased to welcome back distinguished historian Eve LaPlante in a special Women’s History Month program. Eve is the author of Marmee & Louisa, The Untold Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Mother, and My Heart Is Boundless, Writings of
Abigail May Alcott. Eve will help us explore the lives of Abigail May Alcott and daughter Louisa May, two Boston women who coped daily with stultifying social strictures in the age of transcendentalism and who led hard lives until the success of Louisa’s Little Women in 1868. Guests welcome.

Elections Committee
The Elections Committee will be meeting on Monday, March 25, at 5:30 in the Perry Room. February 25: The name of a candidate for membership is in the book in the library for members’ review.

Monday Night Dinner March 25
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Poetry Table
Tuesday, March 26. We will take up the topic of recent U.S. Poet Laureates. Who are these people? How are they chosen? What is their role? Most important, what are they writing? Is it any good? And why are so many of them named Robert? Your poetry chair.

Bimageook Club
Wednesday, March 27 at 12:00. Bisi Starkey will lead a discussion of the classic travel books by Patrick Leigh Fermor: Between the Woods and the Water and A Time of Gifts, relating his 1933 walk from the Hook of Holland to Istanbul.

Himageistory Lunch & Arts Roundtable
Thursday, March 28 at 12:15. Leila Ahmed, the Victor S. Thomas Professor at Harvard Divinity School, will be our special guest. We will informally discuss her latest book, A Quiet Revolution: The Veil’s Resurgence from the Middle East to America, a study of the rise of political Islam and the ever-changing meaning of the veil, or hijab, for Muslim women. Having grown up in Cairo in the 1940’s, Leila brings personal insight to help Westerners understand this “quiet revolution,” which is  rooted in the colonial past and the excesses of
the Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak regimes. A timely sequel to Chris Lydon’s report from Egypt in January, and for all who want to better understand today’s Middle East. Guests welcome.


Anne Carter and Jim Crissman combine comedic talents to take Tavern theater to transcendent new levels for Narrenabend. In Once a Knight an all-star cast explores the many dramatic opportunities that Chaucer passed up in his much-neglected Knight’s Tale.
Medieval England meets capricious Greco- Roman gods in a one-sided contest in which the gods hold all the cards. Don’t miss this outstanding production, which is limited to a one night run on April 4!

Wednesday (dress) and Thursday, April 3 and 4

Jim Terry Musical Retrospective
Thursday, April 25

Annual Meeting
Monday, May 13

Summer Shorts (Plays)
Thursday, June 13

Fete Champetre
Thursday, July 11?

A downloadable PDF of the March 2013 calendar is available here.

February 2013 Calendar

Friday Lunch February 1
Emerson Project Review: The second of five presentations, followed by discussion, on the preservation and enhancement of 4 Boylston Place.

Monday Night Dinner February 4
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00
Emerson Project Review: Presentation and discussion.

The MeistUrsingers will meet on Thursday, February 7 and 21, downbeat at 12:20, with Mystery Guest Conductors. Please bring skinny black books and let Tony Fay know if you will be staying for lunch afterwards.

imageSpecial Event
Thursday, February 7
A Few Lessons from History.  David McCullough, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes and two National Book Awards, has been called America’s greatest historian. His numerous books include biographies of John Adams, Harry Truman, and Theodore Roosevelt.
Cocktails 6:00, Talk in Theater 6.30, Dinner 7:30.

Friday Lunch February 8
Emerson Project Review: Presentation and

Monday Night Dinner February 11
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00
Emerson Project Review: Presentation, discussion, and member vote.

imageSpecial Event
Thursday, February 14.
A Valentine’s Day celebration of "Romantic Jazz", starring vocalists Ben Cox, JoAnne Dickinson, Ute Gefrerer, and Watson Reid, and a glorious jazz band led by Eli Newberger, tuba, featuring Bob Winter, the Boston Pops pianist, Jimmy Mazzy and Dudley Taft, banjos, Bo Winiker, trumpet, and Ted Casher on tenor sax and clarinet.
Cocktails 5:45, Music 6:30, Dinner 7:30.
Guests welcome. Book early!

imageArt Committee Gallery Opening
Monday, February 25, 5-7pm
Reception for Tavern artist Nancy Maull.  Nancy will show recent paintings featuring two islands: Chebeague, Maine – and the Boston Common.

Elections Committee
The Elections Committee will meet on Monday, February 25, at 5:30, in the Library rather than the Perry Room. If members wish to bring prospective candidates to dinner that night (with Secretary Amory’s permission), please contact Committee Chair Sandy Righter.
The names of prospective members are in the book in the library for members’ review.

Monday Night Dinner February 25
Cocktails 6:15, Dinner 7:00

Poetry Table
Tuesday, February 26. The Poetry Table will take up the topic of recent U.S. Poet Laureates. Who are these people? How are they chosen? What is their role? Most important, what are they writing? Is it any good? And why are so many of them named
Robert? Your poetry chair.

Special Note: Owen Andrews has chaired the Poetry Lunches since 2005, and would welcome a co-chair to plan and host some of the lunches. Contact Owen, or David Amory, if interested.

Book Club
The next meeting of the Tavern Book Club Without Borders will be THURSDAY February 28 at noon. Nancy Macmillan will lead our discussion of Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize book Bring Up The Bodies, the title taken from the call to bring the condemned up from the Tower of London. A bloody but fascinating lesson in the brutalities and passions of English History in the time Henry VIII. Those with time may wish to ease into this by reading Mantel’s other related volume Wolf Hall.

imageSpecial Event
Thursday, February 28.
Justin Martin, author of best-selling biographies of Alan Greenspan and Ralph Nader, will discuss his latest book Genius of Place: the Life of Frederick Law Olmsted. The book provides a rich history of early America, as well as the compelling life story of 19th century landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted.
Guests welcome.
Cocktails 6:00, Dinner 7:00

For a complete downloadable copy of the February, 2013 calendar click here.

January 2013 Calendar

January 7, 2013
Monday Night Dinner
Howard Turner is moving to Colorado, and this will be our opportunity to bid him farewell.
Cocktails 6:15 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m.

January 10, 2013
Thursday @ 12:20 p.m.
MeistUrsingers will meet on Thursdays, January 10 and 24, downbeat 12:20. Don’t miss our surprise Maestro! Please call Tony Fay if you plan to stay for lunch afterwards.

January 14, 2013
Monday Night Dinner
Cocktails 6:15 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m.

January 16, 2013
History Lunch
On Wednesday, January 16 Heather Cox Richardson, Professor of History at BC, joins us for a discussion of her upcoming book on the history of the Republican Party, from the birth of Abraham Lincoln to the death of Ronald Reagan. Much to consider: for example, William Buckley’s God and Man at Yale was a turning point. With lively discussion to follow. Members and guests welcome.

January 17, 2013
Thursday Night; Mid-Winter Feast
Our special guest will be James M. Storey. We shall celebrate Jim’s long life in the Tavern, in many roles and as a playwright, songwriter, performer, as well as just plain good company. We shall sing a few songs, tell a few tales, some undoubtedly about Jim, our former President, and have a good time. Members only, Black Tie, no medals.
Cocktails 6:00 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m.

January 23, 2013
Wednesday; Book Club
To help 2013 get rolling, the Tavern Book Club will meet Wednesday, January 23. Tom Halsted, formerly of the US Department of State, will lead our discussion of the new Ron Chernow book Washington, a very thoroughly researched account of our remarkable first President and his background and turbulent times.

January 24, 2013
Thursday @ 12:20 p.m.
MeistUrsingers will meet on Thursdays, January 10 and 24, downbeat 12:20. Don’t miss our surprise Maestro! Please call Tony Fay if you plan to stay for lunch afterwards.

January 24, 2013
Thursday; Special Event
On Thursday, January 24, four days after Obama’s inauguration, Edward Widmer, Director and Librarian of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University, will speak on “Cities on Hills: Boston, Washington, and the Second Inaugural Address”. Dr. Widmer served as a senior adviser to President Bill Clinton and as Director for Speech writing at the National Security Council. He is currently an adviser to Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton in New York. While earning his A.B., A.M. and PhD at Harvard, he and friends from the Harvard Lampoon formed the tongue-in-cheek rock band, The Upper Crust, which made the cover of Boston Magazine. A scholar and prize-winning author, Dr. Widmer is a witty, erudite, and engaging speaker.
Cocktails 6:00 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m.; Guests Welcome

January 28, 2013
Monday; Elections Committee
The Elections Committee will meet on Monday, January 28 at 5:30 p.m. Members wishing to bring prospective candidates as their guests for dinner that night should be in touch with Sandy Righter, Chair, and also clear it with Secretary David Amory.

January 28, 2013
Monday Night Dinner
Cocktails 6:15 p.m. Dinner 7:00 p.m.

January 29, 2013
Tuesday; Poetry Lunch
The topic will be Anne Bradstreet, the first English-language poet to flourish in North America. She came to Massachusetts Bay at the age of 18, in 1630, on the Arabella, among Boston’s first colonists. She is remarkable not only for writing excellent poetry at a time when few women felt empowered to do so, but for writing amid the hardships, privations, and trials of seventeenth century life in New England. Poems such as “The Author To Her Book,” “Verses Upon the Burning of Our House,” and “Before the Birth of One of Her Children” testify both to her skill and to the reality of a woman’s life here at that time. Guests welcome.

January 30, 2013
Wednesday; Joint Arts and History Lunch
Recently returned from Tunis and Cairo, Chris Lydon (former Taverner) will report on his interviews and observations of the struggles for artistic expression and human rights and the legacies of repression and political Islam. Here is a portion of his most recent dispatch: “After three weeks in Cairo, I can’t imagine (or remember) feeling so safe, night and day, on the crowded streets and alleys of a modern, mostly impoverished mega-city  And still the sidewalk stream is a confounding mix of expressions. I read mostly wit, welcome and cordiality in the men who notice this white- haired American in his Open Source T-shirt. Yet so many North African women also testify that these Egyptian men — so funny and forgiving in legend and in my experience — can also be the most frighteningly aggressive grabbers and gropers.”

A downloadable PDF of the January 2013 calendar is available here.

Christmas Tale

There was a time when
Gold had no guilt
And care lines
Were carved by hope.

There was a time when
A brittle sun added
Tea-dance cadenzas to the day
And lights awed the dark.

There was a time when
Smiles were a stream of moments
And magic drove a fire engine.

There was a time when
Wool-scratch went unnoticed
And a table cloth was more than laundry,

When love was simple
And time was a friend.


December 2012 Calendar

December 3, 2012
Monday Night Dinner
Cocktails 6:15 Dinner 7:00

December 6, 2012
MeistUrsingers | The MeistUrsingers will meet on Thursday, December 6, downbeat 12:20. Please let Tony Fay know if you are staying for lunch. There may be special music to prepare for the Christmas Carol dinner Monday, December 17. Please bring handouts and red books, if you have them.

December 6, 2012
Special Event | Finbarr O’Reilly is the chief photographer for Reuters in West and Central Africa, and is currently a Nieman Fellow at Harvard. He is known not only for his photographs of the human tragedy in Africa, but also his humane and sometimes humorous images of everyday people.

Finbarr is an excellent speaker and will show photographic slides representative of his award-winning work in Central and South Africa. He will answer questions and encourage discussion during dinner.

Cocktails at 5:30, slideshow at 6:30, dinner at 7:30.

December 10, 2012
Art Committee Gallery Opening Reception for Tavern artist Peter Decamp Haines from 5 to 7. Peter will show cast bronze sculptures. His pieces are simultaneously modern and archaic, meticulously crafted for the hand and the eye.

December 10, 2012
Monday Night Dinner
Cocktails 6:15 Dinner 7:00

December 12, 2012
Arts Roundtable | Are we getting tired of the word iconic? On Wednesday, December 12 at noon the December Arts Roundtable will return us to the real meaning of the word with our special guest Kent Russell, director of the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Mass. Kent will bring examples from the collection for us to study closely, along with art historical expertise and the surprising story of this six-year-old museum. Formerly director of  the Higgins Armory in Worcester, Kent’s scholarship and museum experience range from medieval to contemporary. The conversation is sure to wander. Guests welcome.

On November 14th Taverners were treated to a tour of the stunning and informative chromolithograph exhibition at the Boston Athenaeum, led by the curator, as well as a tour of the Library’s state of the art conservation lab.”Chromo-Mania!” will be on view through January 12th.

December 12, 2012
Dress rehearsal for guests of the players

December 13, 2012
Tavern Christmas Feast | (Members only, Black Tie and Medals) The gala event of the year – you need to sign up NOW! Festivities begin with Cocktails at 6 p.m. MeistUrsingers will serenade the Company, the Yule Log will be burned, Santa and the Bear will cavort, new Members will be inducted, and all will be entertained by THE CHRISTMAS MUSICAL – Taverners will light up the stage with this year’s Christmas Play “Scandals and Tweets”. The book is written by David Scudder, music arranged and conducted by David Chanler, and the play directed by Brian Rosborough. A whimsical retrospective on the Rupert Murdoch affair with press minions and aggrieved celebrities appearing before a distinguished bench of wigged Lords, summoned to Old Bailey to mete out the testimony and reach a judgment.

December 17, 2012
Carol Singing Dinner | On Monday, December 17 a Tavern tradition begun by Jim Terry, conducted by Tom Kelly: a festive dinner for members and guests followed by enthusiastic renditions of familiar carols. Cocktails 6:15, followed by dinner and carols beginning at 7:00. Guests very welcome.

December, 17, 2012
Elections Committee | The Elections Committee, which will meet on Monday, December 17 at 5:30, is fond of a quirky phrase about elections from one of our reciprocal clubs: “…the Committee…seemed to have values that put warmth and friendship and a love of the arts ahead of achievement (or lack thereof) ahead of everything else. Some members are very talented, and it is very nice when talent turns up in a member, but it is not an essential requirement. It is a happy accident.” This could well be us.

Keep those good proposals coming!
SR et al.

A downloadable PDF of the December 2012 calendar is available here.

Club Closed April 16

The Club will be closed on Monday April 16 for Patriot’s Day. The Elections Committee will meet Monday, Aprli 23 followed by regular Monday Night Dinner. Bring candidates to meet the Committee on April 23.

Velentine Jazz Concert

From David Chanler: I almost have the CD and DVD masters ready for copying for the recent Gershwin concert. Feel free to let members know to contact Tony if they want one. I’m suggesting as a reasonable price for the club to charge: $7 for the CD and $12 for the DVD.

March Newsletter

Thurs. Mar. 1: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal

Thurs. Mar. 1: Special Event: Anne Hawley

Mon. Mar. 5: Monday Night dinner

Wed. Mar. 7: Arts Round Table Lunch: Tom Kelly

Mon. Mar.12: Monday Night Dinner

Thurs. Mar. 15: Book Club Lunch

Thurs. Mar. 15: Special Event: Joseph Koerner

Mon. Mar. 19: Monday Night Dinner. Elections Committee

Wed. Mar. 21: History Lunch: Jim Righter

Thurs. Mar. 22: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal

Mon. Mar. 26: Monday Night Dinner

Wed. Mar. 28: Narrenabend Guests Night

Thurs. Mar. 29: Narrenabend Members Night

Mon. April 2: Poetry Lunch

Mon. April 2: Monday Night Dinner

Thurs. April 5: Art Opening:
Ernst von Metzsch Special Event. Thursday, March 1. Taverner Anne Hawley will be our guest speaker to talk about news from The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner 7. Talk to follow. (Now sold out, sorry)

MeistUrsingers Rehearsal: Thursday, March 1. Now is the time to learn the material for the concert April 24. Downbeat at 12:20. Lunch to follow.

Monday Night Dinner: Monday, March 1.Cocktails 6:15. Dinner at 7.

Arts Round Table Lunch: Wednesday, March 7. Tom Kelly will lead the Arts Roundtable in a discussion of “Teaching Music to College Students” with the question “Is There Any Hope?” Our own musical maestro of the MeistUrsingers, Tom is better known in the real world as the Morton B. Knafel Professor of Music at Harvard. Bringing his deep knowledge of the subject and inquisitive mind, Tom is sure to engage us in a lively discussion. Lunch at 12:30. Guests welcome.

Monday Night Dinner: Monday, March 12. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner at 7.

Book Club: Thursday, March 15. The Tavern Book Club will discuss “How to Live, Or the Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at Answers” by Susan Bakewell. Barclay Tittmann will lead our discussion of Montaigne’s useful and practical philosophies. Lunch 12:30.

On Wednesday April 11 at noon Tweed Roosevelt will be our moderator for discussion of “The Eloquent President:

A Portrait of Lincoln through his Words” by Ronald C. White. Tweed has taken a special interest in historical Presidential matters. This wonderful book may bring tears of appreciation to your eyes.
Guests welcome – Call Tony Fay at 617 338 9682.

Special Event: Thursday, March 15. We will welcome the distinguished Harvard art historian and teacher, Joseph Koerner, to talk about his anticipated major opus on Hieronymus Bosch. Cocktails at 6:15. Dinner at 7. Talk to follow.

Monday Night Dinner and Elections Committee: Monday, March 19. Bring your candidates to meet the Elections Committee. Cocktails at 6:15. Dinner at 7.

History Lunch: Wednesday, March 21. Architect, Jim Righter (spouse of Sandy), will speak on HH Richardson and Harvard (another talk in our occasional History and Architecture series).

MeistUrsingers Rehearsal: Thursday, March 22. Downbeat at 12:20.

Monday Night Dinner: Thursday, March 26. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner 7.

Dress Rehearsal and Guests Night. Wednesday, March 28. Family and invited guests of the cast. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner at 7. Play to follow.

Narrenabend. Thursday, March 29. the Tavern Players will present “The Demoiselles d’Avignon,” a musical comedy about the creation of the most important painting of the 20th century. Meticulously researched as it is, librettist Belinda Rathbone with composer/lyricist Bob Linderman allowed their imaginations to fill in the gaps. Set in Paris in 1907, the key characters in this period drama are – Picasso (Stephen Score), his wife Fernande (Abbie Trafford), their American friends, Gertrude and Leo Stein (Jim Crissman, Bill Truslow), Alice B. Toklas (Owen Andrews), as well as a small côterie of Picasso’s best friends (Ned Roberts, James Houghton, Nick Clark, Jerry Mitchell), and an alluring bevy of artist’s models (Sandy Righter, Lisa Schmidt, Bobo Devens, Brigid Williams, Jane Manopoli). The scene will be set by Jennie Summerall, with costumes by Anne Aitken, and lighting by David Lawrence, all under the expert direction of Peter Rand. Cocktails 6:15. Dinner at 7, followed by performance. Black tie, vests and medals. Members only.


Poetry Lunch : Monday April 2. Wilfred Owen and First World War Poets

Art Opening: Thursday April 5. Ernst von Metzsch will have a “retrospective of my painting career which started in 1979 and is still sputtering on. It includes landscapes, still lives and portraits as well as two Tavern posters. The style is representational, somewhere between Grandma Moses and Edward Hopper in style and execution.” Show opens at 5:30. Light buffet at 7.

In Case You Missed It:

Eli Newberger assembled a remark-
able group of musician/friends for a
Valentine’s concert celebrating the works of George Gershwin – Ted Casher, Bob Winter, Jimmy Mazzy, Herb Gardner and Randy Reinhart.
The gorgeous ensembles and soaring
improvisations had a sellout crowd
tapping toes and beaming with delight. Taverners JoAnne Dickinson, Peter Aitken, Peter Randolph and Jim
Terry joined the “pros” for selected numbers. Jim claimed that the support from the band was “like sleeping on a Beautyrest mattress”.

Dates to Reserve :
MeistUrsingers Concert: TUESDAY, April 24
Annual Meeting: May 14
Retrospective (Hutchins): May 3
Summer Shorts: June 7


Guests: Guests are warmly welcomed at all lunches, dinners and special events – except for Monday Night dinners, when the Secretary’s permission should be sought.

Call Tony Fay (617 338 9682) to reserve for all lunches, dinners, special events AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE – or e-mail

Members of The Elections Committee: Sandy Righter, Chair; David Amory; David Chanler; David Eckel; John finley IV; Bob Lindermann; Bob Peabody; Jane Shaw; Bisi Starkey; ed Tarlov

Contact Tony Fay for ties, vests, Membership Directories, and History Books about the Club.

New Members

Andrew Doherty
Lively lawyer, reader, literary craftsman, bird
watcher, music lover

Vivian Spiro
“Literary lights” light, journalist, conversationalist, theatre lover, artist

Peter Williamson
Teacher, actor, cartoonist, trekker, avid traveler

David Grose
Boston, February 22, 2012

Bob Osteen

Tavern Club February, 2012
Thurs. Feb.2: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal
Mon. Feb. 6: Monday night dinner
Mon. Feb. 13: Monday night dinner
Thurs. Feb. 16: Special Event : Gershwin Concert
Mon. Feb. 20: Club closed for Presidents’ Day
Weds. Feb. 22: Arts Round-table
Weds. Feb. 22: Book Club

Thurs. Feb. 23: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal
Mon. Feb. 27: Poetry Lunch
Mon. Feb. 27: Monday Night Dinner and Elections Committee
Mon. Feb. 27: Art Opening
Thurs. Mar. 1: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal
Weds. Mar. 7: Arts Round-table
20, for Presidents’ Day.

MeistUrsingers Rehearsals. Thursdays,
February 2 and 23, and March 1. Downbeat
at 12:20.

Monday Night Dinners on February 6, 13
and 27. The Elections Committee will meet
before dinner on February 27.

Arts Roundtable: Wednesday, February
22, 12 noon : the Arts Roundtable will meet
at Victoria Munroe’s gallery at 161 New-
bury St. (between Dartmouth and Exeter) to
see a group show including work by Joel
Janowitz, Linda Etcoff, and Todd McKee .
A veteran gallery owner of Boston and
New York, Victoria will take us behind the
scenes and share her insight into the world
of artists, collectors, and the ever-changing
market for art.

Book Club: Wednesday, February 22,
12.15pm. Your Tavern Book Club Foreign
correspondent in Paris, Ed Tarlov, is investigating
future books for discussion.

Global Climate Change is alive and well in
fairly balmy and snow free Paris. To better
understand some of the varied issues of this
phenomenon and the science behind it, or
not behind it, and the politics as well, the
Tavern Book Club Without Borders is
planning on Feb 22 to discuss “HOT” by
Mark Herzgaard, and the dissenting views.
The discussion will be led by Peter Aitken.
Guests welcome.
On March 15 Book Club meets to discuss
“HOW TO LIVE -Or A Life of Montaigne,
One Question and Twenty Attempts
at Answers” by Susan Bakewell. Barclay
Tittmann will be our moderator. April 11:
Ronald White’s book “THE ELOQUENT
PRESIDENT-A Portrait of Lincoln
Through his Words”.

History Lunch: canceled for February –
but some great events lined up for the

Poetry Lunch: Monday, February 27.
12.30pm. Jonathan Galassi has just published
a new translation of the Italian Romantic
poet Giacomo Leopardi (17981837).
This seems like a very good reason
to read a poet widely regarded as the first
modern lyric poet, so that is what we will
do on February 27. Leopardi’s “The Infinite”
is one of the finest poems of the last
400 years, so the lunch is worth it for that
one alone.

Special Event: Gershwin Concert

Thursday February 16. Valentine’s Day
plus Two: We welcome back for a Valentine’s
Concert our own TubaMeister Eli
Newberger and his All Star Band, for a
Concert of JUST GERSHWIN. This fabulous
group comes together for Eli and for
the Tavern from New York and Boston.
The band includes Bob Winter, long time
Boston Pops Piano player, the legendary
Jimmy Mazzy, Banjo and Vocals, and Ted
Casher, clarinet and tenor sax…all from our
own Fair City; and from dreaded New
York, Randy Reinhart, trumpet and Herb
Gardner, trombone. This is a once only
concert and will include some of your favorite
songs, “Love Walked Right In”,
“Someone to Watch over Me” and so on,
but also lesser known Gershwin classics
like “Prelude in C Sharp Minor”. There
even promises to be the opportunity for a
singalong … Drinks at 6.00 pm and Concert
at 6.30 followed by dinner with the Band.

Guests: Guests are warmly
welcomed at all lunches, dinners
and special events – except
for Monday Night dinners,
when the Secretary’s
permission should be sought.


Call Tony Fay (617 338 9682)
to reserve for all lunches, dinners,
special events AS

Members of the
Committee on Elections:
Sandy Righter, Chair
David Amory
David Chanler
David Eckel
John Finley IV
Bob Lindermann
Bob Peabody
Jane Shaw
Bisi Starkey
Ed Tarlov

The names of three proposed
members are in the book in
the library.

Art Opening:Brigid Williams.
February 27, 5:30 pm

In Case You Missed It:

Mid-Winter Feast – Celebrating Henry Lee –

With his usual self-effacing charm, Henry smiled
benignly as Taverners extolled his achievements,
and he gave warm credit to his wife Joan at his
side. Master-minded by Chris Smallhorn, the
contributions included brilliant poetic parodies by
Dick McAdoo and Bob Manning, “Swan
Boats” by Ben Cox, variations on “Aura Lee”
(Peter Randolph, Jim Terry, Nat Coolidge,
Peter Aitken), “O Occhi Manza Mia” (O Occhi
Henry Lee-ah) (Nancy Maull, JoAnne Dickinson,
Peter Gunness, Sandy Righter, Jim
Terry), and reminiscences from Jim Storey,
Harry Lodge and Brian DeLorey. Henry Lee
himself regaled the appreciative audience with
memorable anecdotes, and the extraordinarily
appropriate Tavernly evening ended
with a rousing and fitting “For All the Saints.”

Flamenco Night:

Bill Russell, aka Guillermo Lorca, and
his friends in El Arte Flamenco used
pieces of the set for The Costa Fabula Curse,
Sergeant’s painting, and lighting by David
Lawrence to transform theTavern stage into
a Spanish taverna. The audience was fascinated
by the plaintive songs of Fernando de Malaga
and dazzled by the dancing of Susana de las
Flores and La Lira. The complex rhythms of the
hand clapping and dancing, combined with right
and left hand castanets with different pitches
and clicked with different beats, all done to a
vocal line intertwined with two guitars, left Taverners
who have trouble marching to 4:4 time
with “how do they do that?” looks. A capacity
crowd was treated to an unforgettable evening.

From the Keeper of the Rolls:
Tracking Down Silver Medals:
Silver Medals are intended to come back to the
Tavern upon the passing of the holder …
but not all do. If anyone can help in the
recovery of missing medals given to these Taverners,
please contact Jim Terry.

Bill Barnes
Don Belin
Chuck Getchell
Mason Hammond
George Hurd
Herb Kenny
John McAleer
Dan Nyhart
Roger Prouty
Howie Warren
Dick Wheatland
Gordon Willey
Abe Zaleznik

March Special Events.

Thursday, March 1: Taverner Anne
Hawley will be our guest speaker to talk about
news from The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum,
of which no Taverner
can or should be unaware. We believe
that by then Anne will have begun to
recover from the whirlwind of events that
surrounded the opening of the new wing.

On Thursday March 15 we welcome the
distinguished Harvard Art Historian and Teacher
Joseph Koerner, to talk about
his anticipated major opus on
Hieronymus Bosch.

Dates to Reserve :
Narrenabend: March 27, 28
MeistUrsingers Concert: TUES. April 24
Annual Meeting: May 1
Retrospective (Hutchins) : May 3


Jessica Despard Warren
(former member of the Tavern and mother of
Hugh and Henry Warren)
January 26, 2011
Essex, MA


John Crocker
December 30, 2011
Cambridge, MA