April 2021 Tavern Club Newsletter

April 2021 Tavern Club Calendar


Guests welcome to all Zoom events. Monday Night Dinners and Friday Lunches served in the Club. Reserve for all events with Mr. Fay, manager@tavernclub.org.

The Committee on Elections draws your attention to the new Name in the Book, also accessible by logging in to www.tavernclub.org. (Gallimaufry, Candidate for Membership)

Wednesday, March 31 & Thursday, April 1 at 5:30 pm via Zoom: Narrenabend 2021, Pandemic Edition.
So you thought the Tavern has been closed during the pandemic? Tune in to this year’s Narrenabend production to find out what’s really been happening at 4 Boylston Place while we’ve all been stuck at home.

Monday, April 5:  6:30 pm Monday Night Dinner at the Tavern

Thursday, April 8 at 6:00 pm  A Tavern Talk: Mayhem in the Courts: How Covid disrupts Law & Order.

A discussion between Tavern lawyers Gene Dahmen, Mark Green, Gabrielle Wolohojian, Andy Doherty, Bill Strong. What are the legal issues raised by the pandemic? Courts closed. Offices shuttered. What has happened to the wheels of justice? Everything from changing how to notarize documents to deciding who gets out of jail because of the virus. Is it possible to have a socially distanced jury—or require a vaccinated one, or even a masked one? Cross-examine on Zoom? Take depositions remotely? Where has been the greatest harm? What are the lessons to prompt future reforms?  Come join the debate or just listen in.

Monday, April 12:  6:30 pm Monday Night Dinner at the Tavern

Tuesday, April 13: Writing Gym by Zoom, all welcome  9:30 – 10:15 am

Impromptu writing workshop to engage our muses, share thoughts, and a virtual cup of coffee.

Wednesday, April 14 via Zoom, the Arts Round Table will take an armchair field trip to the Naga Gallery on Newbury Street, where Taverner Joe Barbieri will give us a tour of his new exhibition of paintings, “Lucky Ducks and Lambent Landscapes.” Joe will enlighten us with the meaning of his latest imaginary bird/man portraits and the painterly technique of his lush Maine summer landscapes.

Monday, April 19:  6:30 pm Monday Night Dinner at the Tavern

Meeting of Committee on Elections at 5:30 pm by Zoom.

Tuesday, April 20:  Play reading at noon via Zoom

George Heaton writes: Having been tantalized and traumatized by the wonders of Camus’ “Caligula,” Acts 1 and 2, at our last session, we will race toward the bloody end next time, doing Acts 3 and 4.  There are lots of wonderful roles, and lots of great ideas — although they are mostly, as Camus would have it — “absurd.”  The Vintage Paperback continues to be our edition, and it is also available on Kindle.  Please sign up with Mr. Fay, and with any questions, contact george.r.heaton@gmail.com

Wednesday, April 21, 5:30 History Cocktails — Making Art, Making History or How We Survived a Pandemic.

Elliot Davis will put our Getty Challenge efforts into a longer historical context of creating Tableaux Vivant in response to paintings, and bring the topic up to date with the international phenomenon during COVID that inspired the Getty Challenge.  Our guest presenter, Julia de Peyster will be presenting a range of her COVID creations.  She will share her collaborative process in lockdown — a serious, whimsical, and sometimes uproarious time with the whole family arranging the scenes, lighting, and editing the works. Ultimately, she became part of a global community and will give us a glimpse of thousands of fellow tableaux-ists, making up a worldwide online community. Tavern Club artists, ad hoc amateurs, and art connoisseur consumers please join us as we admire the ingenuity and creativity of survival while at the same time being very happy it is history!

Thursday, April 22: The 2nd annual Tavern Prospective at 5:30 on Zoom

Eight lyricists, seven composers, and twelve performers have created a  “Tavernway” Show with more than a dozen songs for our pandemic times: Love in the Time of Covid.  A tango of Ambivalence. Nostalgia for Little Human Miseries of the pre-Covid-19 era (boring vegan cousins, traffic jams).  What about the Robot who stole the election? Always some good rock: Love Storm. And more. The creative team, led by Elaine Woo and Al LaFarge involves a wide swath of Taverners, including David Scudder, Belinda Rathbone, Martha Eddison, Roger Warner, Leslie Dunton-Downer, George Steel, George Perkins, and many more. And there’s something new this year in Prospectives: a single poem by Anne Carter Aitken will be set to music by each Tavern composer. Don’t miss this!

Wednesday, April 28: Book Club at noon via Zoom

Ed Tarlov writes:  Dr. Harvey Molotch will discuss his book Beyond Security: How We Go Wrong at Airports, Subways and Other Sites of Ambiguous Danger. Starting with public restrooms and continuing to an analysis of airline safety, 911, Hurricane Katrina, and other examples, this beautifully written book delineates what many people have been wondering. It turns out that safety is provided by bystanders rather than by officials on duty.

So welcome to what will be a provocative and interesting account of the environments we all passed through in the days we could go out.

Harvey Molotch taught Sociology and Metropolitan Studies at both New York University and the University of California, Santa Barbara. In 2019, the American Sociological Association gave him its highest award – for Career of Distinguished Scholarship. His book, Beyond Security, received the Prose Award from the Association of American Publishers

Bridge continues online.  All levels of competence are welcome.  Just contact George.r.heaton@gmail.com

In case you missed it in March:

March 4: Tavern Film Festival the Retrospective:  George Perkins and Jim Terry brought us a  selection of musical numbers from over a century of Tavern music with the innovative twist of individually (and imaginatively) produced Zoom performances done by an impressive list of Taverners. Singers were Margery Kennelly, Joel Ives, Staffan Ericsson, Mary Rhinelander, George Steel, David Godine, Abbie Trafford, Sam Dennis, Shaw McDermott, Jim Terry, while the unsung heroes were the film producers and Tavern musicians who accompanied.

March 11: Conversations with Tavern doctors, who answered the questions that you were too embarrassed to ask and the press has been too superficial to explore. The panel expertise including virology (Victor Peña-Cruz), immunology (Hal Churchill), patient care (Mary Scott), and psycho-social issues (Watson Reid).

March 18:  Ambassador Nicholas Burns, now a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, wowed us with a thoughtful and articulate discussion of the current state of U.S. politics, from President Biden’s agenda and priorities to the reshaping of our foreign policy

March 25:  What would a Tavern month be without a Tom Kelly performance?  This month, we were treated to a medieval mystery tour starting at Monte Cassin monastery in southern Italy and winding up at Harvard’s Houghton Library, in pursuit of missing pages from an ancient musical manuscript.

— Rusty Tunnard, Secretary

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