Tavern Club February, 2012
Thurs. Feb.2: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal
Mon. Feb. 6: Monday night dinner
Mon. Feb. 13: Monday night dinner
Thurs. Feb. 16: Special Event : Gershwin Concert
Mon. Feb. 20: Club closed for Presidents’ Day
Weds. Feb. 22: Arts Round-table
Weds. Feb. 22: Book Club

Thurs. Feb. 23: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal
Mon. Feb. 27: Poetry Lunch
Mon. Feb. 27: Monday Night Dinner and Elections Committee
Mon. Feb. 27: Art Opening
Thurs. Mar. 1: MeistUrsingers Rehearsal
Weds. Mar. 7: Arts Round-table
20, for Presidents’ Day.

MeistUrsingers Rehearsals. Thursdays,
February 2 and 23, and March 1. Downbeat
at 12:20.

Monday Night Dinners on February 6, 13
and 27. The Elections Committee will meet
before dinner on February 27.

Arts Roundtable: Wednesday, February
22, 12 noon : the Arts Roundtable will meet
at Victoria Munroe’s gallery at 161 New-
bury St. (between Dartmouth and Exeter) to
see a group show including work by Joel
Janowitz, Linda Etcoff, and Todd McKee .
A veteran gallery owner of Boston and
New York, Victoria will take us behind the
scenes and share her insight into the world
of artists, collectors, and the ever-changing
market for art.

Book Club: Wednesday, February 22,
12.15pm. Your Tavern Book Club Foreign
correspondent in Paris, Ed Tarlov, is investigating
future books for discussion.

Global Climate Change is alive and well in
fairly balmy and snow free Paris. To better
understand some of the varied issues of this
phenomenon and the science behind it, or
not behind it, and the politics as well, the
Tavern Book Club Without Borders is
planning on Feb 22 to discuss “HOT” by
Mark Herzgaard, and the dissenting views.
The discussion will be led by Peter Aitken.
Guests welcome.
On March 15 Book Club meets to discuss
“HOW TO LIVE -Or A Life of Montaigne,
One Question and Twenty Attempts
at Answers” by Susan Bakewell. Barclay
Tittmann will be our moderator. April 11:
Ronald White’s book “THE ELOQUENT
PRESIDENT-A Portrait of Lincoln
Through his Words”.

History Lunch: canceled for February –
but some great events lined up for the

Poetry Lunch: Monday, February 27.
12.30pm. Jonathan Galassi has just published
a new translation of the Italian Romantic
poet Giacomo Leopardi (17981837).
This seems like a very good reason
to read a poet widely regarded as the first
modern lyric poet, so that is what we will
do on February 27. Leopardi’s “The Infinite”
is one of the finest poems of the last
400 years, so the lunch is worth it for that
one alone.

Special Event: Gershwin Concert

Thursday February 16. Valentine’s Day
plus Two: We welcome back for a Valentine’s
Concert our own TubaMeister Eli
Newberger and his All Star Band, for a
Concert of JUST GERSHWIN. This fabulous
group comes together for Eli and for
the Tavern from New York and Boston.
The band includes Bob Winter, long time
Boston Pops Piano player, the legendary
Jimmy Mazzy, Banjo and Vocals, and Ted
Casher, clarinet and tenor sax…all from our
own Fair City; and from dreaded New
York, Randy Reinhart, trumpet and Herb
Gardner, trombone. This is a once only
concert and will include some of your favorite
songs, “Love Walked Right In”,
“Someone to Watch over Me” and so on,
but also lesser known Gershwin classics
like “Prelude in C Sharp Minor”. There
even promises to be the opportunity for a
singalong … Drinks at 6.00 pm and Concert
at 6.30 followed by dinner with the Band.

Guests: Guests are warmly
welcomed at all lunches, dinners
and special events – except
for Monday Night dinners,
when the Secretary’s
permission should be sought.


Call Tony Fay (617 338 9682)
to reserve for all lunches, dinners,
special events AS


Members of the
Committee on Elections:
Sandy Righter, Chair
David Amory
David Chanler
David Eckel
John Finley IV
Bob Lindermann
Bob Peabody
Jane Shaw
Bisi Starkey
Ed Tarlov

The names of three proposed
members are in the book in
the library.

Art Opening:Brigid Williams.
February 27, 5:30 pm

In Case You Missed It:

Mid-Winter Feast – Celebrating Henry Lee –

With his usual self-effacing charm, Henry smiled
benignly as Taverners extolled his achievements,
and he gave warm credit to his wife Joan at his
side. Master-minded by Chris Smallhorn, the
contributions included brilliant poetic parodies by
Dick McAdoo and Bob Manning, “Swan
Boats” by Ben Cox, variations on “Aura Lee”
(Peter Randolph, Jim Terry, Nat Coolidge,
Peter Aitken), “O Occhi Manza Mia” (O Occhi
Henry Lee-ah) (Nancy Maull, JoAnne Dickinson,
Peter Gunness, Sandy Righter, Jim
Terry), and reminiscences from Jim Storey,
Harry Lodge and Brian DeLorey. Henry Lee
himself regaled the appreciative audience with
memorable anecdotes, and the extraordinarily
appropriate Tavernly evening ended
with a rousing and fitting “For All the Saints.”

Flamenco Night:

Bill Russell, aka Guillermo Lorca, and
his friends in El Arte Flamenco used
pieces of the set for The Costa Fabula Curse,
Sergeant’s painting, and lighting by David
Lawrence to transform theTavern stage into
a Spanish taverna. The audience was fascinated
by the plaintive songs of Fernando de Malaga
and dazzled by the dancing of Susana de las
Flores and La Lira. The complex rhythms of the
hand clapping and dancing, combined with right
and left hand castanets with different pitches
and clicked with different beats, all done to a
vocal line intertwined with two guitars, left Taverners
who have trouble marching to 4:4 time
with “how do they do that?” looks. A capacity
crowd was treated to an unforgettable evening.

From the Keeper of the Rolls:
Tracking Down Silver Medals:
Silver Medals are intended to come back to the
Tavern upon the passing of the holder …
but not all do. If anyone can help in the
recovery of missing medals given to these Taverners,
please contact Jim Terry.

Bill Barnes
Don Belin
Chuck Getchell
Mason Hammond
George Hurd
Herb Kenny
John McAleer
Dan Nyhart
Roger Prouty
Howie Warren
Dick Wheatland
Gordon Willey
Abe Zaleznik

March Special Events.

Thursday, March 1: Taverner Anne
Hawley will be our guest speaker to talk about
news from The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum,
of which no Taverner
can or should be unaware. We believe
that by then Anne will have begun to
recover from the whirlwind of events that
surrounded the opening of the new wing.

On Thursday March 15 we welcome the
distinguished Harvard Art Historian and Teacher
Joseph Koerner, to talk about
his anticipated major opus on
Hieronymus Bosch.

Dates to Reserve :
Narrenabend: March 27, 28
MeistUrsingers Concert: TUES. April 24
Annual Meeting: May 1
Retrospective (Hutchins) : May 3


Jessica Despard Warren
(former member of the Tavern and mother of
Hugh and Henry Warren)
January 26, 2011
Essex, MA


John Crocker
December 30, 2011
Cambridge, MA


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