2016 September Calendar

Tavern Club re-opens Tuesday September 6, for lunch


Brett Donham writes:

The House Committee is very pleased to report that the Tavern has a signed agreement with Emerson College, which among other things obligates the College to build the Tavern a new fire escape that ties together all floors in #4, #5, and #6 Boylston Place. This fire escape will not require anyone to climb over a window sill or shinny down a ladder. We can descend in regal fashion as in a Busby Berkley film.

There may be a few occasions in the coming year when access to our parking lot is blocked for a day or two. Emerson has promised to reimburse the members their garage parking costs if proper documentation is submitted to Mr. Fay.

Emerson’s dormitory, by dint of both daytime and evening construction 6 days per week, has now assumed near final form on the exterior. Most loud noises and shaking are behind us. Final completion and occupancy is on schedule for 11 months from now.



Blues Night at the Tavern

Thursday, September 15 – the Tavern will cut loose as Chris Whitlock returns with his All-Star Rhythm and Blues Review Blues Night to kick off the season with a special welcome to new and old members. Hugely successful last year, Chris’s musicians are back for an informal evening of music and café-style dining. And what’s more, the Tavern Billiards Committee will host billiards during the cocktail hour.  Play, practice, demonstrate, or learn how. A special buffet of appropriately themed food will complement the evening as Taverner¹s shake, sway, or swagger to an evening of Blues, Motown, and Funk. The event starts at 6:00PM with cocktails, buffet, and billiards. 7:00PM concert in the theater followed by coffee and dessert on the second floor. Guests welcome – Reserve now!

Halloween Plays

Make a  PDF of  your play, with pen name and title,  and send it to the Halloween Plays email: tchalloweenplays@gmail.com.    The Halloween Plays secretary will acknowledge receipt of the play.

The Halloween Plays account is managed by a non-partisan (non-Tavern) secretary who will gather and occlude the original email source, and forward the plays to the Plays Committee email.  Anonymity preserved, yet the original source trackable.

Questions?  email John Tittmann, Chair of the Plays Committee, johnbtittmann@gmail.com.

Committee on Elections Meeting
Monday, Sept. 19, 5:30pm, Library

History Lunch
Wednesday, September 21, 12 noon for lunch at 12.30

Nigel Hamilton will speak on volume two of his three-volume investigation of FDR as the Commander-in-Chief. Volume 1, The Mantle of Command, covered the years 1941-42. In Volume 2, Commander in Chief, Nigel writes about 1943 during which FDR’s struggle with Churchill over the timing and the location of America’s entry into the war was at its most intense. To give you a foretaste: “Winston Churchill’s insistence on abandoning the D-Day plan – even coming to Washington to persuade Senators and Congressmen to turn against their president (airbrushed out of his memoirs) – posed a terrible challenge to FDR. How to work effectively with our coalition partners and hold to a steady, common objective, inspired by a moral American vision enshrined in the Four Freedoms: this was the great challenge for President Roosevelt in leading the Allies in 1943. Without FDR’s steady hand, his reliable temperament and his ability not only to marshal the forces of democracy but keep them united and lead them to victory as Commander in Chief, many of us might not be here today.”

Guests welcome – Reserve soon!

Thursday, September 22, 12.20

The MeistUrsingers’ first fall gathering is on Thursday, 22 September, 12:20 in the theatre, under the baton of Maestro Tom Kelly.  ALL Taverners, old and new, are invited to come and give us a try.  We tend to meet on alternating Thursdays for an hour or so, followed by lunch (sign up with Tony Fay, please).

Poetry Lunch
Tuesday, September 27, Noon for 12.30pm

Albert LaFarge will lead us in discussing In Memoriam A.H.H, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s elegy for his great friend Arthur Henry Hallam. Originally named The Way of the Soul, Tennyson’s requiem is considered one of the great Victorian poems. Please join us, and please call Tony Fay in good time to reserve a place. Guest of course very welcome.

Art Gallery:  

See some of your favorite old posters of Tavern Shows, selected by Joe Barbieri, in the gallery in September.

Book Club:

The Tavern Book Club will next meet on Weds. Oct. 26

Early notice is here provided so readers have time to obtain the book which is generally not stocked.

Brett Donham will lead our discussion of Iris Origo’s classic WW 2 war diary War in Val D’Orcia. La Foce , the Origos’ 6000 acre estate in southern Tuscany, is sheltering escaped British and American POW’s when the invading Allied armies roll over them with the Germans resisting every inch of the way. The terror of war contrasted with one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world is the background for this riveting memoir.

Put this in your calendar for October. Guests welcome.

Arts Round Table

The Arts Round Table had a planned September Lunch with David Amory as guest, but David has contracted Lyme disease and has had to cancel. Our best wishes to David – and ART has many plans for the coming Tavern year!



MeistUrsingers will meet and rehearse October 6 and 20

Art Gallery: Monday, October 3, 5pm: Exhibition of paintings by J. B. Greenway (wife of David), and paintings by their daughter.

2nd Annual Charades Night: Thursday, October 6, 6pm
Drinks, dinner and fierce competition for members and guests. Please call James Houghton at 617-488-9279 with questions and/or call or email Tony Fay to reserve.

Halloween Plays
Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday, October 26
The Night: Thursday the 27

The Book Club will not convene until the New Year as Thanksgiving and Christmas intervene, but readers should prepare by finding copies of Paul Fussell’s The Great War and Modern Memory which will be discussed in January, and Siddhartha Mukherjee’s The Gene, another subject for 2017.


Christmas Feast and Play
Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday, December 14
Feast and Play: Thursday, December 15
Christmas Carols: Monday, December 19

Bob Turner and Bobo Devens are the new Co-Chairs of Food and Wine; we wish them well, and look forward to seeing them in their toques blanches and aprons as they begin this important Tavern responsibility. Many thanks to RJ Lyman for his prior service to the Club in this role.  Note:. It is now the Food and Wine, not Wine and Food Committee.

Please inform Tony Fay if you wish to park behind the Club, as he anticipates that in September Emerson activities may restrict use of our parking space. There is convenient alternative parking available, and Members will be reimbursed by Emerson whenever necessary on delivery of receipts from approved parking spaces. Thanks for your patience.

Christopher Smallhorn

For a complete, printable copy of the 2016 September Tavern Club calendar, click here.

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