2016 June Calendar


Brett Donham, intrepid House Committee Chair, looks after our interests with energy, diligence, and imagination. He sends the picture at the bottom of page 3 to aid those coming to the Club who become lost out on the Common. Brett also observes that “construction continues swiftly, and will shortly be rising at the rate of one floor a week, to twenty, which is going to tower over us. Our building is stabilized, all damage (to date) is cosmetic, and Emerson has pledged to make us whole.”

On May 22nd Brett led the House Committee and Messrs Osteen, Smallhorn and Fay on a tour of the Club’s premises, top to bottom, a useful reminder that our buildings on Boylston Place are old and were not always built with longevity in mind, and that they need and receive constant attention beyond the Emerson activities.


Thursday, June 16th at 6.00 pm Summer, whose lease hath all too short a stay, is almost upon us. Do not miss the twelfth annual SUMMER SHORTS … three short plays performed before Dinner. Where else will you find three such crises: a unicorn denied entry to Noah’s Ark, a desperate search for the right order in a restaurant, an agent mutilating the script of Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Why nowhere but the Tavern. The little known secret society which creates Summer Shorts is meeting even now at the Tavern to prepare these treats, so plan now, call up Mr. Fay at 617-338-9682 (or use his new email manager@tavernclub.org) and plan to bring guests. Apart from the Fete, this is our last Special Event of the year, and please note, convene at 6.00, Plays at 6.30 pm and Dinner at 7.30 pm or so.

And another thing, as the air-conditioning is still malfunctioning, Gentlemen attending are encouraged to wear shorts (shirts and ties too.)


Opening on Monday, June 6th, 5.30 to 6.30 pm

The Club is most honored to welcome Katie Ongaro and some of her work to the Tavern.

Katie Ongaro
Katie writes: “The forms and patterns of nature fascinate me with their elegance and diversity. From the very beginning with botanical form as the vehicle, my work has aimed to serve as a conduit between the present and time-honored traditions of ancient Asian and European porcelains. As a ceramicist, I am enchanted by the incredible plasticity of clay and I continually push it to extremes in the creation of both realistically rendered forms and large compositions.

Guests are very welcome.

Monday Night Dinner at 6.30 pm Members Only.



Wednesday, June 15th Noon for 12.30 pm Lunch

We expect to welcome special guest speaker, Nan Wolverton, Director of the Center for Historic American Visual Culture, to talk on the subject “Learning to Look: How Historians Read Visual Information”. Nan Wolverton will talk about the value of visual information for the historian; what images can tell us about aspects of the past that are otherwise poorly documented. It is not just paintings or prints that are informative, but dinner plates, advertisement, sheet music, newspapers, and a huge “ephemera” from playing cards to envelopes: all offer insights into the social, economic, cultural and political tenor of history. Nan’s slideshow will show us a new way to look at the quotidian objects that surround us as they did our forebears.

Please note this History Lunch , and by all means reserve a place at the table, and do bring guests; we shall confirm that Nan Wolverton will join us just as soon as we can.

The Arts Round Table and the Poetry Lunch will not meet in June, but both have many plans for next year. Another thing we are considering for the future is opening Art Exhibits before Tuesday Lunches, allowing all who attend the Opening to stay for Lunch at the Club. More to follow…


We are in recess until the Fall, when the beat will start again. Our Evening of Song in Jazz planned for Thursday the 26th May was postponed and we hope to bring Elaine Woo’s singing group, Boston Jazz Voices back to the Club next year.


Wednesday, June 22, Noon for 12.30 Lunch

We shall meet to hear Peter Rand lead our discussion of his book “China Hands: The Adventures and Ordeals of the American Journalists with the Great Chinese Revolution”, which vividly describes the legendary journalists who covered China during the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s. These include Edgar Snow, Harold Isaacs, Theodore H. White, Agnes Smedley, and Peter’s father Christopher Rand. The book traces their methods of gathering material, and their individual perceptions of the political turmoil in the country, and grippingly recreates the period and the experience of these journalists.

Our gathering will include Taverners with first-hand experience of China. Please sign up soon, and by all means bring guests.

NB. For those who are still to purchase the book, Peter notes that there is another “China Hands”, by James Lilley, and on Amazon type in the title next to Peter’s name.

Ed Tarlov adds: “It is a special pleasure for all who know Peter to appreciate his writing, which like his speaking is trippingly packed with witty insightful passages which make his book a delight.”

The Book Club without Borders will meet in August and devotees should be reading “The Origin of Species”. Details of the Book Club meeting to come.



The Committee on Elections will meet for the last time this Tavern year on Monday, June 20, at 5.30pm,but work will continue through the Summer so please keep applications coming.

No One Should have Missed It


The Annual Meeting convened Monday, May 9th at 5.30pm, and with appropriate tribute to our retiring and long serving Keeper of the Rolls, Jim Terry, approved the minutes of the 2015 Meeting.

Reviews of the past year followed, by the Vice President, the Secretary, and our retiring Treasurer, David Scudder. Each Speaker paid tribute to the gifts and services the Club has received over many years from Jim Terry. The Chair of the Boylston Place Foundation also spoke. Unanimous approval sounded to the recommendations of the Nominating Committee, and Robert Osteen was elected President, Deborah Bornheimer Treasurer, Miguel de Braganca Assistant Treasurer and Carol Bundy Keeper of the Rolls. Serving Officers were re-elected, a new Nominating Committee
appointed and a couple of new Directors.

Silver Medals for 25-year membership were then bestowed, with the usual laudatory poems read by the President, upon Jim Crisman, Eli Newberger and Dan Oliver, and with a reading by the Secretary, on Ernst von Metzsch.

The meeting then adjourned for drinks and Dinner at 7.00 pm, during which the the Gold Medal for 50 year membership was awarded to Lawrence Perera. New member medals were also given to Lawrence Coolidge, Nick Greville, and Susannah Tobin, followed by the Perry address read by Mr. von Metzsch. He then gave his valedictory speech with his usual affable and self-deprecatory manner, thanking many and reaffirming our gratitude to the retiring heroes.

There being no deaths among Club members this year there were no memorials, and with three cheers for the President’s six years of service, the meeting adjourned, relatively early for a change.


FETE CHAMPETRE July 14th The Annual Fête Champêtre, and traditional end to our Tavern year, will take place at “Wellesley”, house of Mrs. Louisa Hunnewell, cousin of Elizabeth Hunnewell, on the Hunnewell estate in Wellesley.

Kindly note for your calendars, more details in good time. Members and Spouses.

CLUB CLOSES for the Summer after the Fête.

TAVERN REOPENS on Tuesday, September 6th for Lunch.


The year long drive to raise funds for the Foundation ended May 9th.The value of gifts and pledges received was $801,632. Many thanks again to everyone who supported this effort

From the Secretary:
Members are respectfully asked to contain their need to communicate with fellow Members through mass mailings, as the Secretary and the Assistant Secretary do send out much information about events and happenings at the Club, as well as numerous exhortations to attend these, and your Secretary while in no way wishing to inhibit First Amendment rights, aims to reduce the sheer number of times we address everyone about everything.

Many thanks to all for their support and consideration.

Christopher Smallhorn


To download a printable copy of the calendar, TC Calendar 06 June 2016.

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