2015 September Calendar

Emerson College and The Tavern Club

From Ernst von Metzsch :

Emerson College

Taverners who arrive at the Club on Tuesday, September 8 will find that the Gerakaris gate and Bear are swathed in plywood and that the alleyway has covered walkways leading to the Club and to the Transportation Building. We must accept that this is how Boylston Place will look for the next two years, and be prepared to approach the Club with some care, especially at night and in inclement weather. Guests will also need instruction by their host.

In mid-September the destruction of numbers 1, 2 and 3 Boylston Place will begin in earnest. There will be noise and dust and debris that will affect the Club in various ways, but we plan to continue with normal Club activities throughout the two years.

There are a few outstanding issues under discussion between the Club and Emerson, and we expect resolution soon. It is important to remember that Emerson is willing to ameliorate our suffering by committing funds to future construction needs at the Club. The greatest inconvenience to Club members will probably be access from the rear, as periodically our right of way and parking area may be restricted by construction activities.

Don’t assume parking will be available, and call ahead to Tony Fay for permission to park behind the Club, or wherever alternative parking will be available. We are working with Emerson to ensure this parking space will be as convenient as possible, but as a general rule be advised to take public transportation or a cab to Boylston Place. We need to accommodate staff first.

There will be some inconvenience, but the Club and Emerson are doing as much as possible to reduce this to a minimum. As soon as our Agreement with Emerson, which covers construction and parking, is complete, we shall report to you.

Arts Round Table, Weds. Sept. 9

The Arts Round Table will travel to Gore Place in Waltham, to view the newly restored and relocated Carriage House, complete with restored carriages. We shall also tour the Mansion. Picnic Lunch in the grounds, weather permitting (bring your own sandwiches). Farm Stand with organic produce from Gore Place is open for business.

Convene at Gore Place at or soon after Noon and do call Tony Fay 617 338 9682 to say that you will attend. Guests are very welcome.


Smokin' Bear

Thursday, September 17
The Tavern will cut loose as Chris Whitlock returns with his “All Star Rhythm and Blues Review”. A special buffet of appropriately themed food will complement the evening as Taverner’s shake, sway, or swagger to an evening of Blues, Motown, and Funk.

Open to members and guests, more details to follow. RESERVE NOW! 617-338-9682, tavern.club@verizon.net.

Committee on Elections Meeting
Monday, September 21, 5:30 p.m., Library

Fall is a good time to think about introducing a good friend as a new Club member, so here’s how:

  • Bring your friend around to various events to make sure it seems a good fit, and that he/she is known and liked by others.
  • Send a proposing letter (email is fine) to Sandy Righter, Chair, Committee on Elections, giving interesting information about your friend, why this person would make a fine member, etc., and then have another Taverner send a seconding letter at the same time.
  • Name in your letter at least four other members whom our Committee may call for verbal references and for letters. A candidate needs a total of six letters and plenty of good will.

We will try to move things along swiftly and with tact. Courage! – Sandy Righter; srighter@earthlink.net.

History Lunch
Wednesday, September 23

Evan Thomason Becoming Nixon: A Man Divided accompanied by The Animals: “I’m just a soul whose intentions are…” (just joking) – Evan will be soloing…. Reserve early as we expect a packed house!



Thursdays, (dates below), 12:20 p.m., followed by lunch for those who get their bids in with Tony Fay

  • September 24
  • October 8 and 22
  • November 12 and 19
  • December 3 and 10
  • December 21:  Christmas Caroling Evening (initiated by Tom Kelly and including the MeistUrsingers)

Gallery Opening
Monday, September 28, 5:30 p.m.

The current exhibit of Tavern Posters and other memorabilia from the walls of the Club, removed as part of our preparation for any moving and shaking from the Emerson construction, will remain in place until Monday September 28,when a new exhibit of Paintings and Drawings by Brigid Williams and John Tittmann will open. These works are from the week of study under Catherine Kehoe enjoyed by Brigid and John in Provincetown this past Summer. Cocktails at 5:30. Guests welcome, but Monday Night Dinner at 7:00 p.m. is Members only.

Book Club


No September book Club, but read The Gentry  by Adam Nicolson ready for October  21.

Poetry Lunch

Date and details forthcoming.

Halloween Plays

All Halloween Playwrights should be finishing and polishing their plays and preparing to send them in BY September 8. Members should brace yourselves for the call from Chris Whitlock inviting you to show your talents on or back stage in these Halloween Plays…


Submit your entry under an assumed name. Submissions can be emailed to halloweenplays@gmail.com. The sender’s email address is stripped from the file and submission to maintain anonymity. Then in a classic envelope send a letter with the name of the play and the author’s real name to the Tavern Club, attention Plays Committee. Submit by Labor Day Sept. 7.

Long Term

Monday October 5, 5:00 p.m.
Boylston Place Foundation Board Meeting

October 14 or 15
Tina Packer revisits the Tavern, Guest Evening, details to follow

Wednesday, October 21
Book Club: The Gentry by Adam Nicolson

October 28, 29
Halloween Plays!

… and Longer Term

Thursday, November 5  (Guy Fawkes Day)
Special Event: Charades Evening

Tuesday, November 10
Arts Round Table: Visit to Museum of Fine Arts for Dutch Old Masters Exhibit, with Roni Baer, Curator

Tuesday, November 24
Special Event Evening: Return engagement by the brilliant young Finnish pianist Paavali Jumppanen, who has thrice delighted Tavern audiences; he will be joined at this unique evening performance by the legendary American flute player, Paula Robison.

December 16, 17
Christmas Feast and Play

Monday, December 21
Christmas Carols Evening, with Tom Kelly and MeistUrsingers

Many already know that Peter Randolph is in intensive care at MGH for a head injury incurred after a fall on August 21. If you wish to be added to the list to receive email bulletins, let Anne Carter know at anneaitken4@gmail.com.

Christopher Smallhorn

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