2015 October Calendar

Emerson College and The Tavern Club

From Ernst von Metzsch:

We have made some more progress in having an Agreement with Emerson regarding their construction of a dormitory for students next to our Building, 4 Boylston Place. We hope to let you know soon how it came out.

Occasionally there will be inconvenience for a couple of years, yet the Tavern Club will continue and prosper. Most activities will not be affected. Members may find that parking behind the Club is not always available, but alternatives will be provided. There occasionally will be more noise than usual during the day. Undoubtedly there will be surprises. We believe that what Emerson offers us in return, including the underwriting of costs of improved fire egress from the Club, will support us in our efforts to improve the Tavern in coming years.

Many thanks for everyone’s patience.

Halloween Plays

OCTOBER 28 and 29
The Annual Halloween Plays Competition is one of the major events of the Tavern year, and this year will be no exception. The three plays are:

  1. “HumptyDumpty” by Angie O’Plasty, directed by Vivian Spiro.
  2. “#Roomies” by Ann Rind, directed by George Meszoly.
  3. “Honor Bound” by XiHungUp, directed by Sam Dennis.

As Members undoubtedly know, on Thursday evening we vote to award to the author of the best play the Tavern Oscar, the much coveted Bruin. Losers weep privately and bitterly before going  to the post-Bruin Dinner of Welsh Rarebit and liquid fortification if needed. Many beyond the Playwrights and the Players and the Directors and the Stage Hands (as well as the Plays Committee) contribute mightily to these memorable evenings, and those whose plays were not selected are all among the many who make these evenings truly Special Events.

All Taverners are greatly appreciative of those who participate, and it is possible that some may still receive a call from Chris Whitlock, Plays Committee Chair, asking for their participation. At this late stage, the answer had better be “Yes”.

Performance dates are:

Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday, October 28, for cast friends and family (as well as a straw poll) followed by the World Premieres of these three minor masterpieces on Thursday, October 29.

Cocktails at 6.00pm, Dinner at 7.00 and Curtain soon after 8.00pm followed by Secret Ballot. Members only on  October 29, Black Tie, no medals.

Monday, October 5, 5:00 pm, Perry Room

Boylston Place Foundation Board Meeting

The Board will meet at 5.00pm in the Perry Room prior to Monday Night Dinner.

Tuesday, October 6, Noon
New Members Lunch

Sandy Righter, Vice President of the Tavern as well as Chair of the Elections Committee, and Chris Smallhorn, Secretary, welcome all those inducted as Members in the past year to an informal Lunch at which the many dangers and hazards of Club membership are freely discussed. Members of longer exposure are welcome too. Gather at Noon and Lunch at 12.30pm.Please confirm to Tony Fay that you will attend.

Monday, October 12
Columbus Day – Club Closed

No Monday Night Dinner.

Analyze Election

Wednesday, October 21
History Lunch and Arts Roundtable Collaboration
Noon for Lunch at 12.30pm.

Analyze This: Got to be crazy to run for president? Is the electoral process a psychological journey like the five stages of grief? Can Trump be shrunk? Or is the problem with “We, the Electorate”? Join our special guest, Chris Lydon of WBUR’s Radio Open Source for a conversation on the couch. And if you have time check out http://radioopensource.org/trump-this/ and also http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/09/frank-rich-in-praise-of-donald-trump.html.

Thursday, October 22
Book Club
Noon for Lunch at 12.30pm.

Devotees of the Tavern Book Club will have been reading,or should soon begin to read the third book by Adam Nicolson that we have considered. This prolific and original author wrote The Gentry in 2011, and it is a work of social history that is not only entertaining but concerns a stratum of English society that played a huge role in the development of the tiny island nation starting in the late Middle Ages, and continuing, though somewhat less of a force, still distinctly extant to this day.

Chris Smallhorn, not a member of the Gentry, will monitor the discussion, as Ed Tarlov  is still navigating the Ionian Sea in search of Odysseus. Guests are most welcome, but make your calls to Tony Fay soon.

Monday, Oct. 19, 5:30pm, Library
Committee on Elections Meeting

Thursdays, (dates below), 12:20, followed by lunch (sign up)

October 8 and 22
November 12 and 19
December 3 and 10
December 21:  Christmas Caroling Evening

(initiated by Tom Kelly and including the MeistUrsingers)

Thursday, October 29
Poery Lunch
Noon for 12.30pm

Albert La Farge will shortly announce  the Poetry Lunch Program for October. He apologizes to all for the late start to the Tavern Poetry program this Fall, but his teaching schedule is interfering with his availability on Mondays, and we are trying to find alternative days until the New Year, when we hope for his return to our normal schedule. Meantime, hold the date.

In case you missed it …

Blues Night at the Tavern

Thursday, September 17, the Tavern rolled and rocked into the new Tavern year with a raucous evening of Music and Singing and some wild dancing to the Music of Chris Whitlock and his Merry Young (younger than most Taverners anyway) Band. Food and Libations were plentiful and portable, and a good crowd had a very good time.

Advice to Members

Reservations for Special Event Dinners and Lunches:

Please call to reserve a seat at a Thursday Dinner, including both  Plays and Special Events with  guests; kindly call the Club by the previous evening. For Special  Lunches, History, Arts Round Table and so on, please also call by the previous evening.

For Monday Night Dinners please call by Noon that Monday, and if you wish to bring a guest, remember to ask the Secretary before inviting a guest. Also note that Monday Dinners are for Members and their guests, but not Members’ spouses.

Parking behind the Club may be restricted during the Emerson project, and the Parking area is generally needed for staff and or Members with particular needs, and we request that anyone wishing to park a car behind the Club first call Tony Fay.

Thanks to all for patience and toleration with these requirements.

Art Gallery – ongoing

Drawings and Paintings by Brigid Williams and John Tittmann.  These works are from the week of study under Catherine Kehoe enjoyed by Brigid and John in Provincetown this past Summer.

 … and Longer Term

Thursday, November 5  (Guy Fawkes Day)

Special Event : Charades Evening

Tuesday November 10

Arts Round Table: Visit to Museum of Fine Arts for Dutch Old Masters Exhibit, with Roni Baer, Curator

Tuesday November 24

Special Event Evening: Return engagement by the brilliant young Finnish pianist Paavali Jumppanen, who has thrice delighted Tavern audiences; he will be joined at this unique evening

performance by the legendary American flute player, Paula Robison.

December 16, 17

Christmas Feast and Play

Monday December 21

Christmas Carols Evening, with Tom Kelly and MeistUrsingers.


For those not current on Peter’s condition, he is now in Spaulding, making a steady recovery, and beginning the arduous task of physical therapy. (No visitors yet). He and Helen are grateful for all the support and good wishes that members of the Club have sent.


Frank Igo, our revered former Steward and Honorary Taverner, is unwell, and in and out of hospital. We shall keep you informed and Frank knows that he is in all our thoughts.

Christopher Smallhorn

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