2015 November Calendar

Emerson College

The Tavern Club and Emerson have continued discussing an agreement about the dormitory that Emerson plans to build at # 1, 2 and 3 Boylston Place, preparation for which proceeds as Members can see. We are close to resolving remaining issues, and the completed agreement will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of the Club on Monday evening November 9, after which Members will be informed. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Brett Donham reports:

ConstructionConstruction, or more accurately, destruction, of the Emerson Dormitory is proceeding on schedule and is nearly complete. The photo to the right from inside the construction site looking towards Boylston Place shows the state of affairs on October 22. In the background is Boylston Place. The plywood covers the portion of the façade at #3 that is being preserved. The brick wall on the right is us, naked as a jay-bird. The bottom of the photo is the basement floor at #3. The new basement for the dormitory will be about ten feet deeper than that. This is very similar to the construction for the State Transportation Building next to #6 Boylston Place.

Early November Special Event
Charades Night

Thursday, November 5

The Team Charades Evening on Thursday, November 5 has been opened to FIVE more members and their guests, (55 limit). Please sign up soon – and if you have signed up and now are not able to come, please call Tony to cancel. The evening depends on having a full quota, and there are still a few places for additional players. ALL will play!

Cocktails at 6.00pm, Charades at 7.00pm sharp, and Buffet dinner follows. All sexes should dress decently. Questions? Ask James Houghton, Impresario, at 617-416-9806.

Arts Round Table Lunch

Tuesday, November 10
Belinda Rathbone has arranged for 25 Taverners and guests to visit the Museum of Fine Arts for a guided tour of the new exhibit Class Distinctions: the Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Roni Baer, Curator for the exhibit, will lead us. Meet at 11.45am at the MFA tour entrance, start at Noon. Entrance fee $20, seniors $18, followed by lunch if desired, at the Museum. This tour is more or less sold out, and if you need to change your plans call Tony Fay and tell him, as there are people who will take your place. Call and tell him if you wish to be on that list.

Committee on Elections

Monday, November 16
5.30 pm, Library

Taverners are reminded to check the Book in the Library for new names which are added.

History Lunch

Wednesday, Nov 18
12:00 — talk begins promptly at 12:15

Oceans, Tides, Shore: A conversation between two lay-friendly scientists, MIT-Atmospheric Meteorologist, Kerry Emmanuel and Northeastern Marine Biologist, Don Cheney, led by NOVA consultant and prolific author Bill Sargent, will discuss the effects of sea-level rise due to storm surges/hurricanes on greater Boston Harbor. Particular attention will be given to the salt marshes on the North Shore and the impact of acidification on shellfish. Many Taverners know these waters and marshes intimately, so we are counting on your questions and observations to enrich the program. Please bring guests.

This is the first of a four-part, history-oriented, environment series, which will run sporadically over the next nine months. Our aim is to explore local hazards and opportunities that the larger environmental crisis presents for New England. Upcoming sessions include agriculture, investment/divestment, and urban design.
Guests welcome. Call Tony Fay to reserve: 617-338-9682 or email.

Musical Event on a Special Day

Tuesday, November 24
YES, two days before Thanksgiving – we have Special Musical Visitors to the Tavern.

Paula Robison, legendary flute player and teacher is coming to the Tavern with her long time friend and often collaborator, the young Finnish Pianist Paavali Jumppanen.

They will play Bach and Debussy and Copland, and this is a unique evening of music, just for the Tavern.

Please sign up soon, and bring friends and family, at 6.00pm for drinks with which to listen to the Concert at 6.30, followed by Dinner and Conversation at 7.30 or so.

Both Paula and Paavali have visited us before, and we have always had a wonderful time with them. We are honored that they are willing to play for us again. Call Tony Fay to reserve: 617-338-9682 or email.

In case you missed it!

The Tavern Halloween Plays competition kicked off the Tavern’s Play season on October 29t. The cast, crews and directors worked tirelessly under a shortened schedule to perform this year’s trio. The plays in order of performance were:

Honor Bound, written by Brian Rosborough and directed by Sam Dennis. The cast included Belinda Rathbone, Peter Williamson, Stephen Score, Mary Scott and Anson Wright. Humpty Dumpty, also written by Brian Rosborough, and directed by Vivian Spiro with Elaine Woo, Elliot Davis, John Paul Britton, John Finley IV and Andrew Doherty as cast.

And finally the winner of this year’s competition, #roomies penned by Mary Rhinelander, directed by George Meszoly, supported by Bill Truslow, Staffan Ericsson, Tweed Roosevelt and Susan Ricci-Stebbens. Mary took home a coveted Bruin for her efforts.

Backstage was manned by Brian Rosborough, John Sullivan, Deb Bornheimer, Jane Shaw, Nancy Maull and David Chanler. Jane Manopoli made her debut on lights.

Long Run

A full December includes:

Tuesday, December 15 Poetry Lunch: discussing the poetry of the 13th Century Persian poet Rumi, with some special guests present.

Wednesday, December 16: History Lunch, guest Robert Pennoyer

The Tavern Book Club Bear is napping for the Season, but returns fresh and eager in the New Year – see Longer Term …

Wednesday, December 16 – Rehearsal Night for Christmas Play – Guests of Cast

Thursday, December 17 –The Night!

Christmas Feast and Barclay Tittmann’s The Curious Case of the Perfidious Valet, lyrics by John Bethell, music by Jim Terry, directed by Bob Osteen – an episode of Downton Abbey you all missed, in which Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson come to the aid of Lady Mary Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, and other familiar inmates of Downton Abbey.

Monday, December 21 – Tavern Carols (initiated by Tom Kelly and including the MeistUrsingers) for Members, Families and Guests, followed by Club closing for Christmas.

…and The Longer View

Monday, December 21

Christmas Carols Evening, with Tom Kelly and MeistUrsingers.

Tuesday, January 14, 2016,   MidWinter Feast – The Club plans to give a Dinner to Jim Terry, accompanied by Maudie, who has graciously lent him to the Club for well over forty years. The Dinner will attempt to remind us in our own fumbling way how much we owe to Jim for our life here at 4 Boylston.

We may tell stories as is our wont, and even sing a song or two, but mostly we are gathering to remind ourselves how lucky we are in so many of our members, and in no-one more than James L Terry.

Members Only: more to follow in good time.

January and February Book Clubs:  The Tavern Book Club returns, and devotees should read Louis de Bernieres’ Corelli’s Mandolin, set in World War Two Cephalonia, in which Ionian waters our hosts Ed Tarlov and Bob Osteen have just been sailing.
And for the February Book Club, please prepare by reading our own Clive Foss’s Tyrants,  a discussion of 2500 years of your favorite Tyrants.

Photo Directory:  Thanks to Keeper of the Rolls Jim Terry the new iteration of the Tavern Photo Directory is now available. If you need an updated copy of the Photo Directory, Tony Fay will hand one over if you destroy your old copy.

PPeterRandolpheter Randolph

Peter came home this past Tuesday, checked his mail, had a nap, and is now looking forward to continuing his physical rehabilitation. Still a little early to start dropping by.

Frank Igo is back home after some stays in hospital, and he too is having physical therapy, but will welcome a call.

Roger Warner (06/15)
Born raconteur, journalist and author, expert on culinary advantages of invasive green crabs, sea coast aficionado, and photographer

Martha Eddison Sieniewicz
Community organic gardener, leading voice in local politics, speechwriter, Shakespeare enthusiast, Costuming wizard, and pie maker

Christopher Smallhorn

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