2015 July Calendar

Report on Emerson College Project

Brett Donham has become Chairman of the Club House Committee, and replaces Brian DeLorey as primary representative of the Club with Emerson College. The Club remains very much in debt to Brian as well as to David Lawrence, who have been the Tavern emissaries through the various stages of the our relationship with Emerson. While others including Harry Lodge, Tony Fay and Ernst von Metzsch have had much direct involvement, Brian and David have been the constant, and we are most grateful to them. Brian will continue his contact along with Brett, but Brett will be our informant and negotiator.

Brett reports after his latest meeting with Emerson, at which Brian was also present, that he is reasonably confident that the Emerson construction to replace Numbers 1, 2 and 3 Boylston Place with a Dormitory will be completed on time for occupancy in August 2017.

The covered and lighted shelter from Boylston Street to 4 Boylston is finished and asbestos remediation and interior demolition has started. This should be complete by Labor Day this year, and foundation work will be underway. The Arch and the Tavern Bear at the top of Boylston Place will be protected in a plywood enclosure. Rear access to our building will be eliminated shortly, other than for scheduled deliveries, and some parking space for the Club is being arranged, but no one should assume that parking is available and should check with Tony if planning to drive to the Club.

Emerson has agreed to construct a code-compliant exterior fire stair that will connect the third floor of the Club with the second and to the ground. Design for this is almost complete and will be available to Members.

Brett feels that the reputation of the contractor, Suffolk Construction, as well as the management of the project at Emerson, and the fact that Emerson sorely needs the Dormitory, give us reasonable confidence that schedule dates will be met, and he will continue to monitor and to report.

Tavern Annual Fête Champêtre
Thursday July 16
304 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island

Come early and gambol in gardens and pools; Cocktails;  Clambake at 7.00pm.

The Club moves to Rhode Island for the final event of this Tavern year at Ron Fleming’s lovely Bellevue House and Gardens, with pools and overnight accommodations for the select who plan ahead. There will be a bus both ways from the Club for those who would prefer not to drive, but we must know numbers, as buses vary in size and cost. Those who wish to stay overnight should call Ron Fleming at 617 491 8952, or email rfleming@townscape.org, but do so soon as there are “only” 20 beds, and some are already booked.


Ron suggests you might like to wear your Edwardian whites to stroll the grounds, and don’t forget your swimsuit if you feel like a dip in the two stunning new pools. You might need to rinse off after the clams and lobster …

PLEASE don’t wait till the last minute to reserve but call Tony Fay NOW – 617 338 9682, or tavern.club@verizon.net to tell him how many will attend, and who would like to travel on the bus.


The Elections Committee will not meet again until September, but Taverners are welcome to continue proposing new Members, and Candidate proposals and letters are encouraged. Keep in touch with ElectionsChair, Sandy Righter, srighter@earthlink.net.

History Lunches will be held monthly starting again in September. Carol Bundy and Jock Herron welcome your thoughts and ideas, carolbundy@gmail.com and jock-herron@comcast.net

The Art Committee has no immediate plans for another exhibition but please continue to look at the selection of legendary Tavern Posters hanging in the Gallery. New show planned for September.

The Poetry Lunch will start again in September, and thanks to all who have participated.

Billiard players have been sighted playing (we presume) Pocket Pool at Lunch, a revival of a long-standing Club tradition.

The Boylston Place Foundation reports that there has been excellent response to the Fund Raising effort, outcome of which may perhaps in time enable Club Members to enjoy those July Monday Night Dinners while wearing jackets and stoles. Thank you to all who have given, and we shall report periodically.

MeistUrsingers may sing to themselves for the time being, but look for a full Fall schedule to come.

The Tavern Book Club will hold its usual August overseas meeting in Nahant on Wednesday, August 26, and will go whaling. Plan is to have a group reading of chapters from Moby Dick. Several editions including the Lakeside Press three volume Moby Dick in a Can illustrated by Rockwell Kent, Frank Stella’s Moby Dick, and annotated editions will be on hand, all adding further literary and artistic dimensions. But it is mainly the words, most evocative when read aloud slowly. Melville’s masterpiece, written when literacy was not widespread, is ideally suited to reading aloud. We shall take turns reading and discussing selected chapters; we probably all missed so much when we first read the book, when we were all perhaps too young.

Please inform Ed Tarlov if you will be there: edward.c.tarlov@lahey.org.

The Book Club will reconvene in October, and we plan to read Adam Nicolson’s book Gentry, an account of ten English families who were each prominent for one hundred years or so over the centuries. Gentry is a great summer read and good background for reading Jane Austen, Trollope and so on. Details will be in the September letter.

In Case You Missed It …

Wednesday, June 3 – The Tavern Terriers met the St Botolph Saints on the banks of the Charles River to defend the Longest Winning Streak in Sports History in the Annual Softball Game.

The Club’s usual ineffable confidence and superiority seemed warranted and secure until ten minutes before the game’s end, the Tavern ahead 8 to 2, when the St Botolph batters appear to have scored 7 runs, with the final score St Botolph 9, Tavern Club 8.This score was a surprise at least to the Tavern players, as the rule concerning runner at first with bases loaded who is tagged out before or after the runner from third crosses the plate may have been overlooked. If the series continues as we all hope, more and sharper umpires are needed.

Bob Turner was the Club’s star pitcher, Nick Clark, Ben Cox, Sam Dennis, Jim Dineen, Albert LaFarge, RJ Lyman, Charlie Storey and Rusty Tunnard were the heft of the order with Joe Barbieri, John Lannon and George Meszoly in support and designated runners Frinde Maher and Ernst von Metzsch, all managed by Impresario Casey Tarlov, the whole game enlivened by Eli and Carolyn Newberger providing continuous music, and Eli led off the batting Tuba up.

The Saints carried off the newly minted Challenge Cup Trophy, unveiled at the Gala Dinner following the game at the St Botolph Club.


More In Case You Missed It …

On Thursday June 4, a houseful of Taverners and their guests attended and enthusiastically enjoyed what appears to be the Annual Summer Shorts Evening.

Three plays were performed, two new to the audience by Garrison Keillor and by Frank Higgins, and one a repeat performance of Anne Carter’s Bruin winning Halloween Play from 2005, Home(r) Again. All three plays tested knowledge of Classical History, and while easier to comprehend than Homer, Aeschylus or Sophocles, passed any test in farce and irony. Players in innumerable parts and costumes were Peter Aitken, Anne Carter, Nancy Maull, Bob Osteen, Jeff Peters, Peter Randolph and Brigid Williams, with Jeff supplying incidental music, Peter and Jeff again special effects, Brigid the program, and Anne a bunch of especially Foolish Virgins. Perhaps thanks to coaching and encouragement from Christopher Randolph, by Tavern standards the acting was extraordinary, the sets mobile and delightful, and the miscues if any neither heard nor seen.

Dinner followed and the crowd departed sated and well pleased.

The Arts Round Table gathered for lunch on June 10 for a spirited discussion of design and layout problems at the Museum of Fine Arts. Three architects and one Curator as well as a number of regular Museum visitors offered a variety of proposals, some more costly than others, and it was agreed that new Museum Director Mathew Teitelbaum should be invited as soon as possible to Dinner at the Club. (Special Events please note).

Halloween Plays

Plays Committee Chair Chris Whitlock writes that Halloween is getting close.

Call For Entries!

Why here it is July! The long hot days of summer are upon us and it is time for me to encourage the Tavern membership to fill their idle time by writing a one-act play. I am very confident that all of you have a story or two to tell. And what better way to tell it than on the stage?

For those of you who are so inclined, here are the simple guidelines:

  1. Runtime: Submissions should be about 10 minutes in length. A good rule of thumb is a page of typed dialogue equals about a minute. So if your submission is 3 pages or 30 it won’t qualify.
  2. Number of Actors: The plays committee has decided to relax this a little. Cast should be no more than five and no fewer than two. Ideally four. And it helps if the dialogue is distributed among them. The greater the burden of memorization you put on any individual, the less likely they are to remember all the lines!
  3. Production requirements: Please, no volcanoes. Excessive make-up and special effects require time and stage changes that are prohibitive due to the short production schedule.
  4. Submit your entry under an assumed name. Submissions can be emailed to halloweenplays@gmail.com. The sender’s email address is stripped from the file and submission to maintain anonymity. The in a classic envelope send a letter with the name of the play and the author’s real name to the Tavern Club, attention Plays Committee. Submit by Labor Day Sept. 7.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this Tavern tradition.

Welcome to newly elected:

Nick Greville
Painter, Golfer, Investor, Writes Plays

Natalie Wolcott Williams
Art History, Reader, Tri-athlete

Many thanks to everyone, and especially Anne Carter. Enjoy the Summer when it decides to stay, and have a Wonderful Fourth of July!

Christopher Smallhorn


For a complete, downloadable copy of the July, 2015 calendar click here.

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