2015 August Calendar

For those who missed it:
Tavern Annual Fête Champêtre
Thursday July 16
Newport, Rhode Island

Fete Champetre

The Annual Fête Champêtre was held at Ron Fleming’s lovely Bellevue House in Newport on Thursday, July 16, and Taverners journeyed from far and wide by bus and automobile to enjoy the lovely gardens, swimming pools, and all the architectural and landscape designs developed by Ron since our last visit three years ago. The traditional Lobster and Chowder Dinner was served; and among many pleasures was the unexpected and delightful singing of Ute Gferer-Wald; of course La Marseillaise was rendered as usual, and those who did not stay to enjoy Ron’s overnight hospitality left sunburned and sated. Many thanks to Ron Fleming for his generosity, and to Tony Fay and Crew for their usual fine service and arrangements. image

Emerson Project

There is not much to report other than that the removal of Numbers 1, 2 and 3 continues apace, and that we are hoping to see Emerson provide protection for The Gate and Dimitri Gerakaris’s Bear SOON.

The Tavern Book Club

The overseas meeting of the Book Club Without Borders will meet Wednesday, August 26 at noon in the Tarlovs’ garden at 35 Cary Street, Nahant. We will have lunch and take turns reading and discussing chapters of Moby Dick. We will have several unusual editions on hand including annotated versions, the Lakeside Press Edition (Moby Dick in a can) illustrated by Rockwell Kent, and the Frank Stella Moby Dick.

Please let Ed know if you will be on board!  Edward.C.Tarlov@lahey.org.

The Book Club will return to quiet, individual reading until later in October, but urges readers to include Adam Nicolson’s book Gentry to the beach reading pile.

Save the Date! Thursday September 17 – the Tavern will cut loose as Chris Whitlock returns with his "All Star Rhythm and Blues Review². A special menu of appropriately themed food will complement the evening as Taverner¹s shake, sway, or swagger to an evening of Blues, Motown and Funk.

Open to members and guests, more details to follow.



Thursdays, (dates below), 12:20, followed by lunch for those who get their bids in with Tony Fay

  • September 24
  • October 8 and 22
  • November 12 and 19
  • December 3 and 10
  • December 21:  Christmas Caroling Evening

Committee on Elections

The Elections Committee will not meet again until September, but Taverners are welcome to continue proposing new Members, and Candidate proposals and letters are encouraged. Keep in touch with Elections Chair, Sandy Righter, srighter@earthlink.net.


Halloween Plays – Call for Entries!

Plays Committee Chair Chris Whitlock writes that Halloween is getting close.

Why here it is July! The long hot days of summer are upon us and it is time for me to encourage the Tavern membership to fill their idle time by writing a one-act play. I am very confident that all of you have a story or two to tell. And what better way to tell it than on the stage?

For those of you who are so inclined, here are the simple guidelines:

  1. Runtime: Submissions should be about 10 minutes in length. A good rule of thumb is a page of typed dialogue equals about a minute. So if your submission is 3 pages or 30 it won’t qualify.
  2. Number of Actors: The plays committee has decided to relax this a little. Cast should be no more than five and no fewer than two. Ideally four. And it helps if the dialogue is distributed among them. The greater the burden of memorization you put on any individual, the less likely they are to remember all the lines!
  3. Production requirements: Please, no volcanoes. Excessive make-up and special effects require time and stage changes that are prohibitive due to the short production schedule.
  4. Submit your entry under an assumed name. Submissions can be emailed to halloweenplays@gmail.com. The sender’s email address is stripped from the file and submission to maintain anonymity. Then in a classic envelope send a letter with the name of the play and the author’s real name to the Tavern Club, attention Plays Committee. Submit by Labor Day Sept. 7.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this Tavern tradition.

Christopher Smallhorn

For a complete, downloadable copy of the August 2015 calendar click here.

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